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Europe has always been a dream continent for travelers to visit. Located in the Northern Hemisphere, this continent includes 44 countries and various seas. It has the Balkan States, Scandinavian Countries, Mainland Countries, the Baltic Sea, the Aegean Sea, the Black Sea, and the Adriatic Sea. The study of such states, countries, and seas and how the seas divide one part from another is fascinating.


Europe has been a hot spot for tourism and still a dreamland for many people. You may have seen its beauty in movies and pictures, and the greatest thing about it is that Europe’s beauty is as beautiful in reality as it is in pictures.


This continent offers a wide variety of incredible tourist attractions you can only imagine in your dreams, and it provides a larger-than-life travel experience. Europe has many countries, including the Balkan States, that are enriched with a long history of power civilizations and emperors. With a long-range of castles, ancient ruins and monuments, archaeological sites, and museums, Europe welcomes you wholeheartedly.


Top Destinations


Each country of Europe equally deserves to be visited for its distinguishing natural and human-made attractions. From Balkan to Scandinavian and the Mainland, the tourist spots are miraculous and uncountable. However, starting your journey to explore Europe would be best with some of the most popular countries in the world. If you have never been to Europe, it’s going to be your dream-come-true experience.


  • England


It would be fair to say that England is a symbol of sophistication. The country is famous for the Royal Family, Parliament, and conventions instead of constitutes. It is a small country in the United Kingdom with a very long and interesting history that goes back to the Middle Ages. Today’s England is entirely different and new, but cultural institutions, ancient Roman sites, and historic monuments take you back to ages.


London is undoubtedly the most famous city in the country, but other cities like Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Cambridge, and York are equally vibrant, exciting and offer various tourist attractions. Some of the most popular tourist attractions worldwide are Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, Westminster Abbey, and The Tower of London.


  • Germany


Germany has various reasons for being popular worldwide, and tourism is one of them. This country is a complete and perfect package for tourists with a large variety of tourist spots. It is one of the best cultural destinations with a huge range of museums and galleries.


You will be amazed by a series of Gothic-styled houses, beautiful churches, and incredible Cathedrals. It also has a large number of vibrant urban cities. A simple strolling in the streets will be a remarkable experience.


  • France


France is a land of romance, scents, wines, cheese, fashion, patisserie, monuments, and much more. It is also a prime destination for honeymooners. From the vibrant and cultural city of Paris to beaches of Nice, France will stun you with its incredible offerings in every city. Strolling in its metropolis, nibbling delicious delectable, sipping flavorful wines, and observing graceful people is a wonderful experience you can have.


  • Italy


Italy has a very long and fascinating history. Its streets are decorated with ancient monuments and historic sculptures. Italy is one of the most visited countries in the world for its wonder of the world and fantastic tourist attractions. Being the largest peninsula, it provides a wide variety of beaches and the perfect opportunity for watersports. From Rome, Venice, Milan to Florence and Naples, Italy has uncountable, amazing offers for tourists.


  • Greece


Greece is everyone’s favorite, for its wonderful sightseeing offers and fascinating history. While its one city is stuffed with ancient ruins, archaeological sites, and historic monuments, its other cities, and shining islands are out of this world. Athens is popular for containing and preserving a precious history with acropolis and temples. On the other hand, Santorini Island and Mykonos Island are glittering with its turquoise blue shimmering waters and beautiful cities.


Top Airports


Europe’s airports are some of the busiest airports. With such amazing countries and millions of tourists per year, European countries have impressed the world with their amazing international airports that fascinates every arriving and departing foreigner. Not just duty-free, various airports even have an entire shopping mall for passengers. Promoting tourism is their utmost priority, and improving airports is a vital step of it.


There are 44 countries in Europe with various international airports. Following is the list of Europe’s finest international airports.


London Heathrow AirportLHREnglandMunich International AirportMUC          Germany
Zurich International AirportZRHSwitzerland          Copenhagen International Airport          RKEDenmark
Vienna International AirportVIEAustriaFrankfurt International AirportHHNGermany
Helsinki International AirportHEM          FinlandAmsterdam International AirportAMSNetherlands
Barcelona International Airport          BLASpainBrussels International AirportBRUBelgium

Luxury Hotels


Every country of Europe is famous for its distinguishing quality, but a common thing is an ensured luxurious travel experience. Europe has a very friendly population and a massive collection of stunning historical and modern tourist attractions. A wide variety of scrumptious cuisine is a delightful addition to any trip. While you enjoy your luxurious trip to Europe, make sure you book a lavish accommodation to fulfill your dream traveling experience.


Some of the most luxurious hotels in Europe are:



Unique Hotels


Europe has an incredible range of hotel accommodation for its tourists. Whether a luxury hotel, budget hotel, value hotel, or a discounted motel, Europe has made it easier for its visitors to make their stay in a place that fits their budget. With all the stunning offerings it has, Europe has made some of the quirkiest hotels that will blow your mind. These unique hotels provide a unique experience to add thrill to your on-going fabulous travel experience. Some of the quirkiest hotels are listed below.





Top Landmarks


Europe might be the second smallest continent, but it possesses an array of alluring landmarks with enough potential to draw tourists from around the globe. These landmarks also include a couple of wonders of the world. Since there are many of them, you should make your visit to following mesmerizing landmarks of Europe.


Eiffel Tower (Paris)Colosseum (Rome)
The Sistine Chapel (Vatican City)          Leaning Tower of Pisa (Pisa)
Acropolis (Athens)La Sagrada Familia (Barcelona)
Big Ben (London)Red Square (Moscow)
Brandenburg Gate (Berlin)Louvre Museum (Paris)

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