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Slovakia might be famous for many reasons, but tourism is not one of them. Although, all the reasons have naturally become a contributing factor to its emerging tourism. This country is centrally located in Europe bordered with five countries, such as Czech Republic, Ukraine, Hungary, Austria, and Poland. This land has been conquered and ruled by many empires like Hungarians, Ottoman, Mongols, and Czechs. Before Slovakia came into being in 1993, this land was a part of Czechoslovakia, which was divided into two constituents of Slovakia and the Czech Republic.


This brief history is the reason we see some delightful attractions like medieval towns, deteriorating yet awesome castles, historic sights, cultural landmarks, and scenic views for sore eyes. This independent nation has lately been drawing tourists to their vibrant cities, majestic mountains, and glacier lakes. Its varied landscape includes low mountains in the center, hill area in the west, high mountains in the north, and Danube River in South. Slovakia is a paradise for outdoor activities and adventure lovers.


Although Slovakia is enriched with its diverse landscape and castles, its alluring cities with amazing tourist attractions are drawing the attention of many travelers. They have been promoting their fascinating local culture by highlighting folk traditions that include folk dance groups, pottery, woodcarving, lace embroidery, and traditional art and craft.


The energetic and zestful individuals are encouraged to hike up the summits for the glorious bird’s eye view or Cycle at Danube Cycle Path and observe ancient castles alongside. Once you are done with adventures, head to the Southern Slovakia to taste locally produced flavorsome red wines and popular goat cheese.


Be the first one to explore this untouched and unexplored unique land and make the best of your trip to less crowded, peaceful destinations. The High Tatras Mountains, Mount Krivan, and Tatra National Park are waiting for you with various spots of hiking, rock climbing, and trekking. Whereas in winters, these majestic mountains provide perfect opportunities for skiing enthusiasts.


Buckle up for an incredible journey because Slovakia’s offerings are more than you can imagine.



Top Hotels


No matter how great a travel experience is, it is always tiring, and you need a comfortable stay with amenities that soothes out your body and recharges your energy. Slovakia has splendid luxury hotels for you at every tourist destination. While you visit this land of castles, spend your nights like a king and queen.


Bratislava’s luxury hotels include Grand Hotel River Park, Hotel Zochova Chata, and Art Hotel William. These 4 and 5-star hotels offer amazing amenities like body treatment, massages, spas, and rooftop views.


Kosice offers a fabulous accommodation for its tourists with its luxury hotels like Doubletree by Hilton Hotel, Boutique Hotel Bristol and City Residence Apartment Hotel.



Top Castles


Slovakia is stuffed with various castles due to its vast history of being ruled by different empires and civilizations. Among all, here are four top castles to visit for any tourist in Slovakia.



Bojnice Castle was a home of kings and aristocrats built in the 12th century. It was reconstructed in the 17th century due to its crumbling condition. Its romantic vibes have already attracted many honeymooners and love birds.


Trencin Castle was built in the Bronze Age and used by different tribes to live hundreds of years ago, such as Germanic, Celts, and Slavic. Its museum exhibits the collection of medieval weapons like swords, oriental guns, and rifles.


Devin Castle is located right on the junction of Danube and Morava River. Its easy access from historical center of Bratislava has made it frequently visited tourist attraction.


Cachtice Castle used to be a home of a notorious serial killer Elisabeth Bathory who is also known as “The Blood Countess.” Today, it is a perfect spot for mystic lovers.



Top Airports


From a total of five international airports of Slovakia, Bratislava International Airport, and Kosice International Airport are the major airports of the country. Since Bratislava is the capital and largest city of Slovakia, its International Airport is a primary airport.


The majority of flights from whole Europe lands at Bratislava International Airport. The airport is recognized for its modern transportation infrastructure, which is technologically advanced, and they ensure pleasant customer services to both domestic and international passengers.


Kosice International Airport is the second biggest airport in Slovakia. They ensure ultimate passenger services, and more than 500,000 passengers fly from this airport every year.





Top Destinations


Slovakia is a small country with a vast variety of natural and historic tourist attractions. Therefore, you don’t have to roam all over the country. Instead, explore the capital city along with other major cities and head towards renowned travel destinations. Some of the famous tourist destinations of Slovakia include Bratislava, Kosice, and Nitra.


  • Bratislava


Bratislava is not just the capital and largest city of Slovakia, but it also has been an international city of nations like Romans, Austrians, Turks, Hungarians, Jews, Germans, and Czechs who left their mark. The fascinating symbol of this capital city is its hilltop Bratislava Castle that can be seen from far distances.


Reach out to Bratislava City Museum in Old Town Hall and climb the narrow stairs to the top for a stunning panoramic view. Attractions like Primate’s Palace, Blue Church, and Slavin Monument are must-visit places to understand the history of Slovakia.


When you are done with roaming in streets, make your way to UFO Tower across the Danube River and reach out to observation deck at height of 95 meters to enjoy breathtaking view of this fabulous city.


  • Kosice


Kosice is the second largest city of Slovakia with medieval styled homes and Gothic styled Cathedrals. Among all churches, St. Elisabeth’s Cathedral is the largest Gothic-style church of Slovakia.


One of the exciting tourist attractions is Miklus Prison. Miklus Prison today serves as a museum, but it has served as a prison for 300 years. Tourists love to visit this museum and learn about all horrifying torture techniques and tools used by executioners.


Kosice has the largest Botanical Garden in Slovakia, which is home to more than 4,000 plant species. It is a perfect spot to dwell into nature and admiring hundreds of cacti plant species.


  • Nitra


Located in Western Slovakia, Nitra is the 5th largest city in Slovakia. It is one of the oldest cities in Slovakia, and its name was the same since the 9th century when it became the capital of the Principality of Nitra. Nitra is a religiously strong city, and you will find much religious structure, including Nitra Synagogue.


One of the famous tourist attractions of the town is Nitra Castle. It is a dominant symbol of Nitra and a national cultural monument. You may also visit the Nitra Agricultural Museum located on an area of 30 hectares where you will learn agricultural processes from soil preparation to seeding, yielding, and harvesting.


FAQs about hotels in Slovakia

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what are the best rated hotels in Slovakia?

The best rated hotels in Slovakia are the Club, also the Hotel Grand Matej and the APLEND CITY Hotel Michalska.

what are the top budget hotels in Slovakia?

The hotels where you will find the best rates in Slovakia are the Art-Hostel Taurus.

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The most luxury hotels you will find in Slovakia are the Marrol's Boutique Hotel, also the Sheraton Bratislava Hotel and the Roset Boutique Hotel.

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what cities are worth visiting in Slovakia?

The most popular cities in Slovakia are Bratislava.

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