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Without a shred of doubt, traveling and exploring famous countries all over the world is a wishful experience for everyone. No wonder there are more than enough countries famous for tourism in every continent; exploring an unexplored country is a more fun thing to do. Starting with Europe, countries of the Balkan Region are off the beaten path. However, Serbia is not a new name to hear.


Serbia is a landlocked country of the Balkan Region bordered by the many Balkan States. It has a long war-torn past, but after more than a decade of independence in 2006, Serbia has emerged as a fascinating land to visit. Among all the natural and historical wonders, entertainment, and activities it has to offer, Serbian nightlife is one of the highlights of this country.


Despite cultural and historical museums, fortresses, majestic nature, and monasteries, Serbia is one of the cheapest countries in Europe. You will be stunned by its vibrant cities and glorious nature. With its amazing and diverse landscape, it is a perfect destination for adventure enthusiasts. From skiing in winters to hiking and trekking in summers, its Kopaonik Mountain is an all-year-round tourist destination and also the highest mountain of the country. Serbia takes pride in offering an amazing travel experience from rowdy and lively urban attractions to a calm and peaceful village with the splendid countryside.


Having talked about its attractions, the people of Serbia are known for their wonderful hospitality. They welcome tourists with warm and hearty greetings. It is worth mingling with cheerful Serbians who seek the way to happiness. Serbian festivals are year-round entertainment. Their festivals of entertainment, music, traditional dances, and variety of Serbian food are joyful events to attend.


With such amazing tourist destinations and attractions, Serbia is a country worth visiting and exploring. As delightful as it sounds that Serbian attractions are widely spread throughout the country, it becomes equally difficult to visit every place within a short period. However, a trip to famous urban destinations, nearby villages, and some top attractions will suffice to make a memorable travel experience.


Top Hotels


While you explore magnificent Serbia, accommodate yourself into their finest hotels. Since this country is one of the cheapest destinations, affording luxury hotels is not a thing to worry about. Moreover, your pleasant stay in these extraordinary hotels will encourage you to explore the best of Serbia.


Among all, the finest hotels of metropolis include Hotel Bali Paradizo, Nova City Hotel, and Vila Bulevar. These hotels come with your favorite amenities, such as spas, body massage, indoor pool, and fitness centers.


Novi Sad and Nis are competitively forefronts with their fabulous hotels and amazing amenities you could wish for. Novi Sad’s list of luxury hotels include Garni Hotel Garson Lux and Prezident Hotel, whereas Nis has no better option that their 5-star hotel named Best Western Hotel My Place.


Top Airports


Among other European countries, Serbia is less popular for tourism, but it has the potential to grow. If you plan to explore Serbia while the majority is focusing elsewhere, you’ll be doing yourself a huge favor. Apart from the attractions it offers, Serbia has two splendid international airports that will take you directly to their urban cities.


Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport is a primary airport serving a capital city, and it makes it a primary destination for the majority of foreign travelers. Then you have another international airport named “Nis Constantine the Great Airport.” Belgrade International Airport takes pride in providing ultimate customer services and guaranteed comfort in their lounges, whereas Nis International Airport has sophisticated cafés and restaurants for passengers.


While these are the top airports in the country, there are various domestic airports located in different cities. You can fly to other cities of Serbia or choose ground transportation to capture some spectacular views.



Top Destinations


Since it is one of the unexplored countries, Serbia will surprise you with its magnificence. You will be stunned by the vivid, heavenly sights of nature, the marvel of historical architectures, and fascinating monuments. With legendary nightlife, countless museums, lush parks and decorated galleries, the city of Belgrade, Novi Sad and Nis are top destinations for you.


  • Belgrade


Located at an intersection of Danube and Sava Rivers, Belgrade is the capital and proud city of Serbia. It is a prime destination for glamorous attraction seekers. This large urban city has a blend of modern and historical culture. From stunning daylight experience at fortress, museums, galleries, to rowdy nightlife, Belgrade is an undiscovered gem for tourists.


Romantic for couples, recreational parks for families, and informative for history lovers, Kalemegdan is a prime attraction for tourists. Its picturesque fortress holds a fascinating history, and its romantic view of the sunset is a fabulous sight to behold. During your visit to Kalemegdan Park, learn about their war history at the Military Museum.


Another prime attraction to witness is one of the biggest Orthodox temples known as St. Sava. Visible from every corner of the city, this humongous church is a sacred symbol of Belgrade dominating the skyline of Serbia.


Belgrade has an array of tourist attractions such as:



Moreover, Avala Tower is a must-visit place for tourists located 10 miles south of the city. It offers an eye-catching panoramic view of Belgrade.


  • Novi Sad


Another land with a blend of modern and historical culture, Novi Sad is the second-largest urban city of Serbia. Novi Sad is famous for hosting an Exit Music Festival held in Petrovaradin Fortress. This city is also called “Serbian Athens” for quite justifying reasons.


Its prime tourist attraction is its largest church known as “Church of the Virgin Mary”. If you are even slightly fond of museums, then Vojvodina Museum is a perfect tourist attraction for you with its three Roman Helmet from 4th century AD.


Take a little break from urban attractions and head towards Fruska Gora National Park located thirty minutes southeast of Novi Sad. You will find a vast land of grape production, vineyards, and a couple of orthodox monasteries in its woodland.


  • Nis


Nis is the third-largest city that is famous for the birthplace of the Roman Emperor Constantine. It possesses a unique tourist attraction known as “Skull Tower.” It used to be decorated with 952 skulls of fallen Serbian rebels, but less than 100 skulls remain today. While you photograph the skulls, head towards Nis Fortress, a monumental stone structure constructed in the 18th century.


Among all other tourist attractions, the finest ones are:



FAQs about hotels in Serbia

Find answers to commonly asked questions about Serbia hotels

what are the best rated hotels in Serbia?

The best rated hotels in Serbia are the Balasevic Centar, also the Hotel Lav and the Hotel Rex.

what are the most luxury hotels in Serbia?

The most luxury hotels you will find in Serbia are the Metropol Palace, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Belgrade, also the Saint Ten Hotel and the Hotel Royal Inn.

what are the top airports to flight to in Serbia?

what cities are worth visiting in Serbia?

The most popular cities in Serbia are Belgrade, also the Novi Sad .

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