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Bulgaria is a European country known for mothering seas, rivers, lakes, small deserts, mountains, thermal springs, and other natural features. The country is popularly known as Land of Roses. It is the biggest producer of the world’s rose oil and lavender oil that is used by big brands to manufacture perfumes, colognes, and more. The world’s 85 percent of rose and lavender oils are found in Bulgaria.


The country boasts of the natural features in all the beautiful cities. The capital city, Sofia, has almost everything that a traveler may think of. Sofia offers a vibrant night with lively bars and restaurants. Adventurous sites are also a stone throw away from the city. There are Rila Mountains where you can be bold and experience hiking. Lake Pancherovo closer to the central business district, and there are a variety of activities that can amuse and entertain all ages. Rowing, fishing, and picnicking are some of the events that can keep people enjoying their stay in the city. Sunny Beach and Golden Sanda are some of the places worth your while.


There is also a big city such as are Varna and Plovdiv that entertains with its cheap and magnificent beaches. Dairy products in Bulgaria are unique. Yogurt is the country’s national food. It comes in different mouth-watering flavors that will keep you longing for more. The country has exciting people who love football. Friendly people, affordable resort areas, top scent oils, different natural features delicacies, all in one! Bulgaria is the best place to be.


Top Destinations


Bulgaria is home to beautiful natural sites that are worth visiting. Its historical monuments are unique. The Bulgarian parliament is unique in its architectural design. The Cyril and Methodius National Library of Bulgaria and Ivan Vazov National Library of Bulgaria are every book lover’s delight. There are natural wonders that can keep your eyes glued to them. The country boasts of its outstanding architectural designs with Bulgarian St. Stephen Church in Nessebar worth visiting. Mountains, museums, stadiums, rivers, beaches remain to make tourists fall in love with the country. The tourist places are packed with affordable activities.


  • Sofia


Sofia is the capital city sandwiched with museums, mountains, lakes, beaches, and theatres that keep the travelers marveling. Those who love history can enjoy visiting the National History Museum and see gold treasures. Other museums that can edutain visitors are; National Archeology Museum, National Museum of Natural History, Museum of Socialist Art, and the National Art Gallery. The oldest building is also in Sofia, Bulgarian Church of Sveti Georgi, an orthodox church.


There is also American University in Bulgaria, located in Blagoevgrad, 100km away from Sofia. Adventure lovers can hike and ski at the nearby mountains, Vitosha and Rila. Sunny Beach is a vibrant place to visit, especially at night. There are great music and water games. Visitors can pamper themselves with affordable high quality scented oils and perfumes. Winery services in the town are a must-visit.


  • Varna


Varna is another city with amazing activities during the summer. Travelers who love summer vacations can be spoilt rotten in Varna with various events and festivals. There is a music festival, ballet competitions, folklore festivals, and more. Visitors can walk and marvel the nature with a touch of the architect at Sea Garden. The massive park entertains families and individuals with zoos and casinos. History fans can visit marvelous human-made caves, Battle of Varna Park Museum, and Stone Forest Desert. Golden Sands Beach hosts visitors with bars and hotels nearby.


  • Shumen


Shumen is a small city with beautiful attractions. There is an outstanding building, Founders of the Bulgarian State, also known as 1300 years of Bulgaria. The artistic monument was built on a plateau above the city of Shumen. It was designed and constructed by sculptures. Touring this monument enriches travelers with the formation of Bulgaria as a state. There are beautiful and affordable hotels and restaurants nearby the statue offering immeasurable hospitality.


  • Seven Rila Lakes


Seven Rila Lakes is found in the country’s largest park, Rila National Park. The gorgeous lakes offer tourists beautiful visuals. Nearby are lovely mountains that can be hiked.


  • Sozopol


Sozopol is a summer destination that hosts visitors with massive entertainment of festivals. Those who like arts can enjoy to the fullest. There are unique golden beaches where visitors can relax and rejuvenate.


  • Smolyan and Snezhanka


Smolyan and Snezhanka offer excellent mountain views. Those who admire heights can hold their breath as they use the chairlift to Snezhanka Peak. At the top, people can enjoy the complete look of the Rhodope Mountains. The Mediterranean Sea can be seen if the weather permits a clear day.


  • Ruse


Ruse is a city with magnificent architectural buildings. People who are fond of architects’ designs can view beautiful buildings with neoclassical styles. There are old churches that are recognized by UNESCO. There is a Danube river where you can catch a boat and explore the place.


Top Airports


The busiest airport is Sofia International Airport in the capital city. It is also the primary airport that hosts more than 7 million passengers yearly. It has a VIP lounge; passengers can entertain themselves with magazines, newspapers, and television.


Airport Burgas is the country’s second-largest international airport. It offers excellent rest zones, hotels, internet connection to passengers.


Sofia International AirportSOFSofia
Airport BurgasBOJBourgas
Gorna Oryahovitsa Airport          GOZ        Gorna Orechovitsa
Plovdiv AirportPDVPlovdiv
Stara Zagora AirportSZRStara Zagora
Varna AirportVARVarna

Top Hotels


The country has luxurious hotels which are also affordable. The highly-rated hotels include Park-Hotel Stara Zagora, Forum, Best Boutique Hotel, and Apartment Casa Sport. These hotels are nearby attractions such as museums and ruins. Luxurious hotels offer amenities that accommodate different visitors with different agendas. Hotels have a hair salon, spas, gift shops, internet, laundry services, computer stations, parking, and shuttle.


Hotels have restaurants and bars that offer different tasty meals that cater to all the visitors. Visitors can spoil themselves with various types of wines, coffees, salads, meats, and more delicacies. Bulgarians offer a variety of local and Asian dishes.


Most hotels can be booked online without a hustle. They also convenient transport; visitors can get a shuttle to airports and other destinations of choice.





The country enjoys a variety of dishes ranging from dairy, vegetables to meat. Yogurt is the national food in Bulgaria. The country makes the best yogurts with various flavors and blends. They also make high-quality cheese. The environment contributes to the diet of Bulgarians. Those who are closer to the sea eat seafood, those in the mountains consume dairy foods. Those who have plenty of land rely on vegetables.


Other traditional dishes that they like making include Shopska Salata, Chushka Biurete, Palacinka, Tarata soup, and more. Banista is the national dish, a pie prepared with white cheese, whisked eggs, and phyllo dough.


Wine tasting is something to add to your bucket list. The country has a strong brandy called Rakia that they take as a national drink.




The country treasures its culture and history. Bulgaria culture is a mixture of civic Slavic, Thracian, and Bulgarian traditions. They are also religious people with Eastern Orthodox Church being a dominant church. There are Roman Catholics, Muslims, Judaism, and Protestants.


The country observes different holidays for different cultures such as Christmas, New Year, Ramada, Easter, and many more. They still perform ancient traditions such as Thracian fire dancing, Kukeri. Kukeri is a festival meant to chase away evil spirits, and men play it. They also welcome the spring with a tradition called Baba Marta.


Bulgarians speak the Bulgarian language. The younger generation mix Bulgarian language with English. Bulgarian remain a medium of instruction in schools and business places.


The country has an influential folklore culture, highly demonstrated in its music, art, and literature festivals. Folklores are a way of showcasing the Bulgarian lifestyle. It's also a way of educating the younger generation and passing on traditional methods. Some of the folk shows include the Zheravna Festival for showing off national costumes. Festivals attract international audiences, and these include the Rose Festival, Varna Summer International Music Festival, and the Sofia International Film Festival.


The country also makes pottery and other artifacts such as vases, bowls, plates, cups, and more. These artifacts originate from the town of Troyan. They also make souvenirs like dolls dressed in Bulgarian traditional colors and clothes.


The Bulgarian customs and norms are showcased in museums. The past experiences are reserved in various ruins and museums. Travelers can learn more about Bulgaria history from historical institutions.

FAQs about hotels in Bulgaria

Find answers to commonly asked questions about Bulgaria hotels

what are the best rated hotels in Bulgaria?

The best rated hotels in Bulgaria are the Hotel Mura All Inclusive, also the Orhideya Complex and the Longosa Garden.

what are the top budget hotels in Bulgaria?

The hotels where you will find the best rates in Bulgaria are the Grand Montana, also the Pop Bogomil .

what are the most luxury hotels in Bulgaria?

The most luxury hotels you will find in Bulgaria are the Sense Hotel Sofia, also the Regnum Bansko Hotel & Thermal pools in Banya and the Sol Nessebar Palace - All Inclusive.

what are the top airports to flight to in Bulgaria?

The most popular airport in Bulgaria is the Sofia, Bulgaria (SOF), also the Bourgas, Bulgaria (BOJ) and the Varna, Bulgaria (VAR-Varna Intl.).

what cities are worth visiting in Bulgaria?

The most popular cities in Bulgaria are Nessebar, also the Pomorie .

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