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The Czech Republic is a Central European country bordered with Slovakia, Austria, Poland, and Germany. The country is quite famous worldwide for its geographical location. If a traveler wishes to explore some European countries, the Czech Republic becomes a hub for them. You can reach its popular neighboring countries within a few hours from its metropolis. Moreover, you can soak in some incredible views along your road trip to its neighboring countries.


You may travel the world to experience beaches, view skylines, and modern lifestyle, but if you wish to visit the historic land with the marvel of architecture, medieval towns, quaint villages, and mighty castles, then the Czech Republic is your destination. This country is culturally rich, and you will find amazing historic carved statues placed in the streets. This medieval land is stuffed with beautiful monuments and many UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


The Czech Republic is home to more than 2,000 castles. Some are in perfect condition and have become a center of attention for tourists, whereas many are crumbling and ruins. The country is also blessed with beautiful landscapes with jaw-dropping natural attractions of Bohemian Paradise, national parks, and over 2,000 caves, including the Dolomite Cave.


The country's landscape offers amazing outdoor activities such as hiking and trekking. While you spend your precious time exploring this incredible land, look out for various breweries and sample its popular beer. You may also head towards the various lush vineyards in quaint villages of Moravia


Top Destinations


The Czech Republic is mostly popular for displaying more than 2,000 historic castles, medieval towns, and mesmerizing architecture. The magnificence of this country can be found throughout the country, and it encourages tourists to explore the unspoiled historic sites of the Czech Republic. From nature, architecture, towns, people, and food, the Czech Republic has a wide variety of perfection to offer. The Hollywood movie industry has also availed the best of this beautiful land and filmed numerous movies here.


  • Prague


Prague is the capital city of the Czech Republic and a major reason for this country's popularity. This incredible city is just out of a book. Unlike the skylines of modern cities, Prague is scrapping its sky with uncountable spires. This city is a gallery of architectural marvels and more than millennials' old castles. The city will provide you spectacular views of beautiful dome churches, narrow streets with pastel-hued buildings, gothic and renaissance architecture, and decent public areas with graceful locals. 


Start your travel journey with the most visited attraction known as Prague Castle. Once a Bohemian King's home, it is a residence of the country's President. It is the largest castle complex in the world with many historical sites such as Old Royal Palace and St. Vitus Cathedral.


Another prominent tourist attraction is the 631 meter-long Charles Bridge, and strolling on it is a favorite activity of tourists. You may also visit their magnificent building of the National Library and National Museum


The Czech Republic has been promoting their language and culture in its National Theatre. You can witness some amazing ballet dances, opera songs, dramas, and traditional performances. 


  • Karlovy Vary


Karlovy Vary is a perfect addition to your trip's destination list. The city with neoclassical structures, cathedrals, and churches may seem a small version of Prague, but its main highlight is its spa culture. You can soak yourself in steamed spas of 14 springs in this city. The favorite spot for a spa is Mill Colonnades, with five springs, and it is decorated with numerous sculptures.


You may dawdle in its streets and observe the spa-inspired architecture, or you can overlook the entire city by visiting the Diana Lookout Tower. Climb up the stairs of this 35-meter tall structure to reach its observation deck, and you will obtain a breathtaking view of Karlovy Vary. 


Top Airports


The Czech Republic is a popular country for tourism, but it also sees passengers arriving for different purposes. Many visitors often stay for a while, then move into another country by road. Moreover, due to its geographical location, its airspace is crowded with overhead flights. Therefore, the Czech Republic has five international airports to accommodate its annual arriving and departing traffic. 


The country serves millions of tourists every year, and there are three major cities famous for tourism, and certainly, their airports are the busiest. 


Prague Vaclav Havel International Airport          PRG          Prague
Brno-Turany International AirportBRQBrno
Karlovy Vary International AirportKLVKarlovy Vary

Luxury Hotels


The Czech Republic boasts about its castles and medieval architecture to draw tourists from all over the world. The country has seen a significant rise in its tourism. When it comes to a tourist's perception of a country, everything counts from landing at the airport to transportation, people, food, and atmosphere. One major factor that counts the most is hotel accommodation.


The Czech Republic has a wide variety of incredible hotels in its every city. However, if you are staying in its major cities, your windows will provide you a wide glance of the city's medieval architecture, and it is a charming sight to remember.




Top Castles


The Czech Republic is known for providing a centuries-old view of magnificent architecture and incredible castles. The country holds a world record for having the most number of castles in the world. The castles in perfect condition provide a sensational view of royal history, whereas the crumbling castles and its ruins provide a brief and exciting history. 


The country has mesmerizing and unimaginable castles worth visiting. It would be hard to visit all 2,000 castles, but visiting the best among them would be a brilliant idea. We recommend the following:





Your journey to the Czech Republic isn't complete until you try their traditional food. There is no way you could refrain from savoring the deliciousness of this land. Year-round you can try a variety of gravies and sautéed locally grown vegetables with flavorsome wines, but when winters arrive, their soups steal the show. 


Czechia dishes are comforting, delicious, and fulfilling. Among a huge variety of traditional dishes, you should try the most recommended ones that fill not only your belly but also your exhilarating travel journey. 


  • Beef with Cream Sauce
  • Chimney Cakes
  • Beef Steak Tartare
  • Kulajda
  • Svickova
  • Roast Duck
  • Schnitzel with Potato Salad        
  • Goulash
  • Fried Cheese
  • Fruit Dumplings

FAQs about hotels in Czech Republic

Find answers to commonly asked questions about Czech Republic hotels

what are the best rated hotels in Czech Republic?

The best rated hotels in Czech Republic are the Hotel Kampa Garden, also the Botel Racek and the Hotel Otakar.

what are the top budget hotels in Czech Republic?

The hotels where you will find the best rates in Czech Republic are the Sir Toby's Hostel, also the Club Hotel Praha and the Hostel Rosemary.

what are the most luxury hotels in Czech Republic?

The most luxury hotels you will find in Czech Republic are the Hotel Josef, also the The Emblem Hotel and the Art Deco Imperial Hotel.

what are the top airports to flight to in Czech Republic?

what cities are worth visiting in Czech Republic?

The most popular cities in Czech Republic are Prague.

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