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Romania is a nation found in the southeastern part of Europe. Romania is known for its forested Transylvanian districts encompassed via the Carpathian Mountains. Romania is famous for its saved medieval towns, medieval town structures, and strengthened holy places like the Sighisoara town and the prominent grain stronghold, which connects with the Dracula legend. The Communist-time Palatul Parlamentului government working in Romania are in the nation's capital, Bucharest.


Aside from being the home of the fiction legend Dracula, the nearness of antiquated and point by point town structures, skiing resorts and strikingly developing craftsmanship network makes Romania one of the universes best traveler goal.


Top Attractions


Evidence of distant history is something very abundant in Romania. Medieval mansions spread around the nation – remarkably in Sighişoara, busy with memorable structures and Gothic-period, cobblestoned old quarters. In Brașov, where – you'll locate the fourteenth century Bran Castle to become familiar with Dracula the off chance that you are keen on knowing something other than legends in Bucharest, you'll be enchanted by the noteworthy medieval engineering, excited by the curious structures of the Communist period. Some of the tourist attractions in Romania are:


  • Corvin Castle - Where: Strada Castelului 1-3, Hunedoara 331141, Romania


  • Poiana Brasov - Where: Poiana Brasov, Brasov, Romania






Luxury Hotels


Romania is a nation to discover a lot of lavish inns; if your decision of convenience is a luxury hotel, you shouldn't be stressed as you will get all that could be needed relying upon your goal in Romania.


Here is a rundown of top luxury hotels in Romania.








Top Destinations


Here are the top destinations in Romania; these destinations are perfect examples of Romania's varied regions and vast cultures.


Sibiu - Once part of Hungary, going back to the mid-twelfth century. The city is in Transylvania, a zone that was related to vampires, including Dracula, however, it's far-fetched that guests will run over any in this age and time. Instead, travelers will locate the Grand Square, been in presence since the fifteenth century, and Baroque structures, including Brukenthal Palace, home to probably the most established exhibition hall on the planet. 


Brasov - Situated in focal Romania, Brasov gloats of everything from vibrant present-day city life to old-world appeal and intriguing landscape. Encompassed by the renowned Carpathian Mountains, the city is known as a mountain resort with skiing and ice-skating offices. A significant sight is the Black Church, a Gothic house of God so named because smoke from an enormous seventeenth-century fire darkened the stones. Guests likewise might need to go for a walk down Rope Street, which is the tightest road in the nation.


Sighisoara - During the twelfth century, German specialists and vendors, The Transylvanian Saxons, were welcomed here by the King of Hungary to settle and safeguard the wilderness. They built up a flourishing exchanging town here, and the bastion guests see today. It was later broadened and developed in the fourteenth century. Each July a Medieval Festival happens in the old bastion. The milestone of the city is The Clock Tower, a 64 meter (210 foot) high pinnacle work in 1556.


Sinaia - A mountain resort town that sprung around a religious community that was named for Mount Sinai. The religious community, which contains a duplicate of the principal Bible imprinted in Romania, is a renowned site today with voyagers, who appreciate climbing in the mid-year and some quite enormous downhill skiing in the winter.


Bucharest - A city that is comprised of both the old and the new. Guests may run over a centuries-old structure, a cutting-edge skyscraper, and a Communist-style construction all in a similar square. This modernizing European capital flaunts the biggest Palace Of the Parliament working on the planet with 3,100 rooms and 12 stories high. Voyages through this enormous structure, developed in 1984, are given now and again for the day. Likewise, not to be missed in Bucharest, the Romanian capital, is the old town focus with its thin roads and ancient structures, including old holy places.




Romania is a country so rich in Folklore and unique traditions; the countryside has a strong medieval lifestyle and traditional villages. In the last week of December, the "Festivalul Datinilor de Iarna" (Winter Customs Festival) takes place. The festival is full of folk dance, longhorn instrumental music; people dress into traditional gorgeous clothes; they play some unique games. The idyllic mountain scene and the chilly weather makes this event one of the most unique in Romania.


The Romanians are also very crafty; It is common to see the easy-recognizable painted eggs, kick-wheels Ceramic, gorgeous art of woodwork in Maramures, Embroidery textiles, flat-weave kilims rugs, masks, and glasses.


If your next holiday happens to be in Europe, most likely the southeastern part, then Romania is undoubtedly an outstanding focus in Southeastern Europe. You can consider adding Romania to your travel bucket list.

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The best rated hotels in Romania are the MA Hotels, also the Hotel Herastrau and the Egreta.

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The hotels where you will find the best rates in Romania are the Hello Hotels Gara de Nord.

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The most luxury hotels you will find in Romania are the Radisson BLU Bucharest, also the JW Marriott Bucharest Grand Hotel and the Sheraton Bucharest Hotel.

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The most popular cities in Romania are Bucharest.

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