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Balkan states don’t often get popularity. Regardless of how exciting these countries are, they are still unknown to many tourists. Croatia was also one of the unknown Balkan states until they made it into the FIFA World Cup finals. Moreover, Game of Thrones added a cherry on top by shooting their episodes. As for now, Croatia is booming with tourism.


Located on the Adriatic Sea, Croatia has emerged as one of the most popular Balkan states worldwide. It is a perfect opportunity to explore an unexplored country and enjoy beautiful unspoiled Adriatic beaches. You will be amazed by Croatia’s impressive nature and amazing offerings.


The Greek and Roman colonization resulted in a rich history, some ancient ruins, monuments, beautiful galleries, archaeological sites, a marvel of architecture, and various museums. On the other hand, their rich and strong culture is exhibited in festivals such as the film festival, summer festival, and Split festival.


Croatia has a diverse landscape with beautiful terrains, waterfalls, and 11 national parks that provide perfect opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking and trekking. Once you are done with heights, you may now land into the sparkling clear waters of the Adriatic and enjoy activities of scuba diving, snorkeling, water skiing, and windsurfing.


Croatia’s temperate climate and shopping variety is one of the major contributing factors in drawing tourists. If you are on the verge of experiencing a lifetime travel journey, Croatia has got your back.


Top Destinations


Croatia has many cities, and every city is known for its unique attraction. Since it is not a small land and tourists are always short of time, visiting top destinations with an array of incredible tourist spots is an ideal way of making a successful travel experience.


  • Zagreb


Zagreb is the capital city and political heart of the country. Besides so many tourist attractions, Zagreb is still thriving to improve and promote tourism in Croatia. There is no better place to start your journey than Upper Town, also known as Gornji Grad. Walk over cobblestone pavements, observe beautiful tiled-roofs of building and keep strolling because Upper Town has most of the city’s popular tourist attractions like Croatian Parliament buildings, Zagreb Cathedrals, St. Mark’s Church and Zagreb City Museum.


Zagreb has a huge variety of tourist attractions, and not-to-be-missed ones are Stone Gate, Croatian Museum of Naïve Art, Museum of Mimara and Archaeological and Ethnographical Museums.


  • Split


An urban city located at the brink of the Adriatic Sea, Split is the second-largest city of Croatia, and it one of the most vibrant cities for solid reasons. You can stroll in an urban area of the city, spend quality time on its beaches, or join an organized tour to learn about the shooting set of Game of Thrones.


Since many civilizations ruled the city, their remains have now become popular tourist attractions, including Diocletian’s Palace, Ivan Mestrovic Gallery, and Archeological Museum. Another awesome tourist spot is Klis Fortress, built on limestone cliff with the tallest point at 385 meters. Fans of Game of Thrones know this place as the “City of Meereen.”


  • Dubrovnik


Dubrovnik is a spectacular city of Croatia, and its highlighted tourist attraction is Old Town Walls. You’re able to ride in a cable car and see the breathtaking sights of this magnificent Old Town. Another fabulous attraction is the Pile Gate, which brings you a glimpse of old civilization’s lifestyle and their royal entrances on horses.


You might love walking on the fantastic street of Stradun or visit Franciscan Monastery and Onofrio’s Fountain.


Top Airports


Croatia has a strong significance in international airports, and this country has 7 of them. With substantially increasing tourism, Croatia rapidly improved its airports as these play a vital role in portraying the overall perception of the country. This Balkan State is thriving to improve, become better, and promote its tourism industry worldwide. The treasure trove still needs to be explored by the majority of tourists, and its airports with their professional staff are waiting to greet them.


  • Zagreb International Airport


Zagreb International Airport is the primary and busiest airport in the country, and it is handling around 3 million passengers annually. This airport has every top-notch facility a passenger could ask for. It possesses a variety of duty-free shops, coffee bars, restaurants, and alcoholic bars.


  • Split International Airport


Split International Airport is another wonderful airport in Croatia, handling over 2 million passengers annually, and they offer a fabulous business/VIP lounge. Split also offers all kinds of facilities, and many European low-cost airlines travel to this airport.


  • Dubrovnik International Airport


Dubrovnik International Airport is the third busiest airport with direct international flights from Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. The city is famous for a quick getaway trip due to which many charter flights also land at this airport. Handling over 1 million tourists each year, this airport is also known for its amazing services.


Luxury Hotels


A magnificent travel experience asks for magnificent accommodation. A comfortable night and deep sleep are essential for an electrifying day ahead. Croatia has some incredible luxury hotels with their deluxe accommodations that help you make your travel experience even more pleasurable. The country has put an extensive focus on improving its hotels and provide a quality sleep with fantastic amenities to unwind.


Hotel ASAdriana Hvar Spa Hotel          Palmon Bay Hotel & Spa
Panorama Zagreb HotelHotel Sveti KrizApartments More Dubrovnik
Best Western Premier Hotel Astoria          Tifani Luxury RoomsDubrovnik Luxury Residence

Budget Hotels


Hotel Rebro               Hotel Slavija               Apartments Raic
Hotel SliskoHotel PeristilApartments Klara
Hotel JardanHotel AdrianaApartments Plaza


Top Beaches


With an amazing and vibrant urban land, Croatia has a very long coastline, and it brings along a variety of sandy beaches. Its temperate climate intrigues and provokes the tourists to head towards the beaches with sparkling blue and clear water. Adventure lovers can indulge in water sports of jet skiing, water skiing, snorkeling, and much more.


The shimmering beaches of Croatia are the best places to unwind yourself and relax on the beach. While there are numerous beaches along the coastline, it’s best not to miss these 10 beaches to make your travel experience more fun and refreshing.


FAQs about hotels in Croatia

Find answers to commonly asked questions about Croatia hotels

what are the best rated hotels in Croatia?

The best rated hotels in Croatia are the Hotel Mediteran, also the Apartmani Kelam and the Hotel Dubrovnik.

what are the top budget hotels in Croatia?

The hotels where you will find the best rates in Croatia are the Apartmani Bilusic, also the Apartments Astra Plava Laguna and the Design Hostel 101Dalmatinac.

what are the most luxury hotels in Croatia?

The most luxury hotels you will find in Croatia are the Hotel Esplanade Zagreb, also the Falkensteiner Hotel & Spa Iadera and the Hotel More.

what are the top airports to flight to in Croatia?

The most popular airport in Croatia is the Split, Croatia (SPU), also the Dubrovnik, Croatia (DBV) and the Pula, Croatia (PUY).

what cities are worth visiting in Croatia?

The most popular cities in Croatia are Dubrovnik, also the Privlaka and the Zadar.

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