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Portugal is a small European country bordered with Spain and has a 948-kilometer long coastline on the Atlantic Ocean. This country is a treasure trove with diverse tourist options, and you will be fascinated by its urban cities and quaint villages.


Portugal is brimming with fantastic 16th and 17th-century architecture and cultural attractions that draw tons of tourists. Wandering in the streets of its urban cities and exploring its quaint villages brings a pleasurable experience. While you stroll, delicious Portuguese snacks or a quick bite to eat is the best company you can have. Most importantly, you don’t want to regret missing out on sampling its flavorsome wine in Douro Valley.


This country is safe, budget-friendly, and its stunning beaches offer a fantastic opportunity for snorkeling and scuba diving. Portugal also has some defining landmarks, mesmerizing monuments, and beautiful castles. If the adventure-bug bites you, you can hike on lush mountains located in the remote Minho Region.


Top Destinations


Portugal might be a small country with a total population of slightly more than 10 million, but its astonishing cities are worth visiting. Unlike many historic monotonous towns, Portugal offers a variety of historical buildings, temples, and castles with 15th and 16th-century mesmerizing architecture. The more you explore it, the more you will be amazed.


  • Lisbon


Lisbon is a cosmopolitan city and one of the enticing cities in Portugal. The city is so diverse with its attractions, and you will want to visit every building, monument, castle, national park, aquarium, and museum. Like every tourist in Portugal, you will also start your journey by witnessing the prominent landmark of Castle of Sao Jorge.


Another highlighted landmark of Lisbon is the Jeronimos Monastery of the 16th century, which reflects the great significance of Portugal’s history and culture. You can also visit some amazing, attractive, and impressive museums, including the National Museum of Ancient Arts, the National Archaeological Museum, and the National Museum of Azulejos. If you are traveling with family, treat your kids by visiting the Lisbon Oceanarium, which is one of the largest and most beautiful aquariums in the world, and it contains a wide variety of fish and exotic marine life.


  • Porto


Porto is another enchanting city of Portugal brimming with cultural attractions. The moment you step in this city, you will be under the radar of the incredible 75-meter tall Clerigos Tower, and if you climb its 240 steps to reach the top, your effort will reward you with a breathtaking view of this city. You can also savor the bird’s-eye view of fabulous Porto by riding in a cable car right above the Douro River.


You will love visiting the Music House and observe its cultural performances, or you can wow yourself at the Soares dos Reis National Museum and Church of Sao Francisco.


Top Beaches


Portugal is home to a plethora of beaches located along its vast coastline. From postcard-perfect crowded beaches to secluded beaches, Portugal offers a long list. You can find all kinds of beaches that fits the best to your requirements. The beaches have powder-soft white and golden sand along with rugged and calm tides. You may indulge in kite-surfing or gear up for snorkeling and scuba diving.


Every beach is backed with a variety of charming landscapes, including beautiful golden rock formations, rusted cliffs, lush hills, and sandstone-rock cliffs. Moreover, Portugal has warm weather for most of the months, and the beaches are crammed during the summer season. Portugal has uncountable beaches throughout its coastline, and you can have the best beaching experience of your life by visiting the following beaches.



Top Airports


Due to its geographical location and warm climate, the country sees a massive flock of tourists reaching out to Algarve’s dazzling beaches. Moreover, the Portugal tourism industry is booming substantially, and travelers from Asian and European countries are flocking to its glistening cities of Lisbon and Porto.


Portugal has a total of 3 international airports. Humberto Delgado Airport serves the capital city of Lisbon, and it is the busiest airport in Portugal. Even with 2 terminals, this airport gets crowded during months of peak tourism. Porto Airport serves the city of Porto, and it has more capacity than other international airports in the country. It doesn’t see massive crowds and offers all the necessary facilities for passengers. Lastly, Faro Airport is also a bustling airport, especially during summers, when tourists travel to Algarve for the beaches.


Luxury Hotels


This country offers a fantastic range of accommodation. Your incredible travel journey gets even better with a stay in Portugal’s most beautiful luxury hotels.


With multiple alluring cities and breathtaking beaches of Algarve, you will be on the move from one city to another, and you can find opulent hotels in every city of Portugal. This country is considerably cheaper than the majority of European cities, and certainly, it's luxury hotels. After a long day of traveling, roaming and exploring, a traveler only asks for a deluxe room with a comfy bed, and you will find them along with amazing facilities in Portugal’s luxury hotels. Below are our picks for luxury hotels in Portugal.






Portugal offers a gastronomic treasure with its variety of delicious food. Previously masked behind the culinary giants of Spain, Italy, and France, Portuguese cuisine is now emerging worldwide. With an influence on the Atlantic coast, Portuguese food is a blend of Mediterranean and European taste.


Traveling to any country and exploring its attractions is the best way to escape your monotonous routine, and it becomes even more exciting when you savor your palate with delicious local food. Gladly, Portugal offers a great deal of deliciousness. You will find an abundance of fresh seafood, but Portuguese people also love to eat beef, and they have frequent use of olive oil. You may grab a snack at a street-side kiosk or dine in a gourmet restaurant, but you must savor the native flavor and stimulate your taste buds with the best Portuguese dishes mentioned below.


BacalhauArroz Doce
Calco VerdeCataplana de Marisco
Cozido a Portuguesa          Frango No Churrasco
Pasties de NataQuiejo da Serra
Sardinhas AssadasBifanas

FAQs about hotels in Portugal

Find answers to commonly asked questions about Portugal hotels

what are the best rated hotels in Portugal?

The best rated hotels in Portugal are the Park Hotel Porto Aeroporto, also the Vanguarda and the Santa Catarina Algarve.

what are the top budget hotels in Portugal?

The hotels where you will find the best rates in Portugal are the Paraíso - Touristic Apartments, also the Mirachoro II and the Vigia Resorts - Parque Da Floresta Golf & Leasure Resort.

what are the most luxury hotels in Portugal?

The most luxury hotels you will find in Portugal are the Avenida Palace, also the InterContinental Porto - Palacio das Cardosas and the Quinta Das Lagrimas.

what are the top airports to flight to in Portugal?

what cities are worth visiting in Portugal?

The most popular cities in Portugal are Albufeira, also the Lisbon and the Portimao.

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