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Turkey has more than sufficient reasons to attract tourists from all over the world. Above every other reason, Turkey is geographically located in two continents with its major chunk in Europe and some of it in Asia. With its dazzling tourist attractions and over 35 million tourists every year, Turkey is one of top 10 travel destinations in the world. Enriched with glorified history, this country has seen multiple civilizations rose and fall across its 25,000 years. Some famous civilizations include Hellens, Hittits, Seljuks, Byzantine, Romans and Ottomans. These eras resulted in amazing historical sites, ruins, temples and fantastic museums.


Turkey is very famous for their lively culture and traditions and it has one of the best street foods in the world. This country is friendly, culturally rich, incredibly beautiful and value for money. You will find diversification of tourist attractions throughout the whole country. From amazing historic sites and museum to splendid white sandy beaches with Mediterranean Climate. A combination of old and modern culture along with breathtaking views of stunning scenery at coastlines and secluded beaches is an experience of lifetime.


Ranked in world’s top 10 travel destination, Turkey is also a super economical country that makes it more viable destination for tourists. Turkey has seen their worst time and now they are on the verge of making it a hub of tourism. Turkish cuisine is famous worldwide for its variety of unique, delicious and scrumptious delicacies. Some most loved Turkish fast food includes Doner, Lahmacun, Pide and Durum. Moreover, Turkish tea made of natural herbs is said to be very healthy and it is consumed after almost every meal.


While you are in Turkey, spend most of your time in its fascinating streets, explore fabulous tourist attractions and enjoy authentic Turkish street food. From your first step on Turkish land to comfortable stay and fantastic overall travel experience, this country has got you covered with everything you wish for.


Top Hotels


Fortunately Turkey is a budget friendly country and doesn’t put a stress on your pocket. Since accommodation is one of the major expense while traveling, Turkey saves the day by offering variety of luxury hotels, budget hotels and even discounted motels. Lookout for hotels that fulfill your needs within your budget.


Istanbul has an array of hotels for all kind of tourists. If you want to experience a luxury then you should choose hotels like Divan Istanbul City and Topkapi Inter Istanbul Hotel. On the other hand, some budget friendly hotels in town are Ibis Istanbul West and Style Hotel Sisli.


Antalya  has a wide variety of hotels and motels offered by famous hotel chain accommodations like Rixos Hotels, Paloma Hotels, Robinson Club and Best Western Plus Hotels.


Top Airports


Turkey has a number of 55 total airports against which a number of 8 airports are busiest International Airport. Turkey is also constructing a New International Airport in Istanbul that will be the largest International Airport in the world. Turkey has already gained a fortune from its tourism and it is thriving to attract more tourists in coming years. Therefore, they are improving their current airports to next level and constructing new airport to accommodate more travelers.


Currently there are two international airports serving Istanbul which are Ataturk International Airport and Sabiha Gokcen Airport. Since they are the primary airports of Turkey, they have been successfully accommodating millions of domestic and international passengers with guaranteed top quality and services. Both of these airports provide state-of-the-art services to passengers and ensure an ultimate traveling experience.


The Capital City has its own international airport which is also one of the busiest airports of Turkey called Esenboga Airport. Another two major international airports of country are Antalya International Airport, Antalya and Adnan Menderes Airport, Izmir. These airports also feature first class and business class lounges along with variety of cafes and restaurants.




Top Destinations


From Capital city to largest city to all small towns, tourist attractions are widely spread all over the country. Despite of many attractions in major cities, it is preferred to explore in depth and indulge yourself with activities offered in small towns to collect a memorable experience. The best travel experience is collected in a place where sightseeing and activities are offered parallel and Turkey offers much more than that.


  • Istanbul


It is the largest city of Turkey and a home to glorious museums, markets, streets, mosques and hotels. Aya Sofya or Hagia Sophia is one of most visited tourist attraction in Istanbul. According to its history, it was made as a church that later on was converted into a mosque and now it is a museum. Istanbul is a home to remarkable mosques such as the famous Blue Mosque, Suleymaniye Mosque, Rustem Pasha Mosque and Fatih Mosque.


You may want to visit the Topkapi Palace to witness dazzling Islamic art, sumptuous tile work and decorated walls or visit Istanbul Archaeology Museum and lookout for startling historic artifacts that displays the vast and stretched history of this region. Built in 14th century, Galata Tower is a famous and recognizable landmark of Istanbul. The stunning panoramic view it offers to its tourists on its top balcony is a sight to behold.


On the other hand, you just can’t miss the experience of visiting their huge famous markets called Grand Bazaar and Spice Bazaar. Grand Bazaar is one of the first shopping malls in the world with variety of things to shop whereas Spice Bazaar is a complete market of every spice you can name.


  • Antalya


Antalya is a prime destination for tourists holding a list of fascinating tourist attractions. Along with ancient fortresses, museums and historic sites, Antalya also has incredible sightseeing and white-sand beaches of Turquoise coast with sparkling blue waters.


At the brink of Mediterranean, Antalya Harbor is a staggering place to take sun, sip up your favorite coffee and fill up yourself with sights of shimmering vivid blues of the sea. Since Antalya has also been ruled by various civilizations, you can also witness the famous ruins like Aspendos, Termessos and Phaselis.


You can also choose to visit famous Karain Cave, lay down on white-sand of Konyaalti Beach or reach out to Koprulu Canyon National Park for white water rafting activities in Koprulu River.


  • Cappadocia


This enchanting region is a rocky landscape and holds mind-blowing tourist attractions. It is mostly famous among tourists for its hot air balloon rides that provides a celestial panoramic view of complete landscape of Cappadocia. Little do they know that Cappadocia has other attractions can wow the imagination of anybody. Along with Gerome and Gerome Open Air Museum, Cappadocia has amazing tourist attractions like Kaymakli Underground City, Derinkuyu Underground City, Red and Rose Valleys, Cavusin, Uchisar, Pasabag and Zelve Open Air Museum.


FAQs about hotels in Turkey

Find answers to commonly asked questions about Turkey hotels

what are the best rated hotels in Turkey?

The best rated hotels in Turkey are the Hera Termal, also the Myra and the Emir Royal Hotel.

what are the top budget hotels in Turkey?

The hotels where you will find the best rates in Turkey are the Villamar, also the Alp Hotel and the Holiday Inn Express Istanbul - Ora.

what are the most luxury hotels in Turkey?

The most luxury hotels you will find in Turkey are the Baia Lara Hotel - All Inclusive, also the Venosa Beach Resort & Spa and the Paloma Pasha Resort - All Inclusive.

what are the top airports to flight to in Turkey?

The most popular airport in Turkey is the Dalaman, Turkey (DLM-Dalaman Intl.), also the Istanbul, Turkey (IST-Ataturk Intl.) and the Antalya, Turkey (AYT-Antalya Intl.).

what cities are worth visiting in Turkey?

The most popular cities in Turkey are Antalya, also the Istanbul .

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