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Everyone wishes to travel the world, and Italy is almost always on top of their bucket list. This boot-shaped peninsula has more than enough reasons to attract tourists from all over the world. Surely a traveler cannot visit all of Italy’s attractions in a single visit. Italy is a favorable country for all kinds of travelers, especially families and couples. Italy is enriched with the history of ancient times when it used to be a homeland of Romans and metropole of the Roman Empire. This resulted in the creation of several museums in Italy, and they are worth paying a visit. Italian cuisine has a huge contribution to the food industry with some of its amazingly famous cheesy dishes and wines.

Home to one of the seven wonders in the world, Italy has some incredibly attractive cities that offer engaging and exciting attractions. Soccer is a sport with the greatest number of fans in the world, and if you are a soccer enthusiast, you have landed in the right country, which has been a FIFA World Champion, and it has two famous football clubs known as A.C. Milan and Inter Milan. From renowned car manufacturers, gelatos, arts to fashion, food, literature, Italy has all the attractions you could wish for. Factually, a single visit is not enough to experience the whole of this magical country. However, you should experience the best of your trip in your limited time.

Top Destinations

Out of all the cities of Italy, 3 cities are a must-visit destinations no traveler should miss out.

  • Rome is on top of the list with its historical symbol of Imperial Rome called the Colosseum. The concrete structure is also the world’s largest amphitheater. Apart from the Colosseum, this city is the most visited and first stop for any traveler. You will have some dazzling sights and experiences at almost every turn in the city. The roads and streets are decorated with eye-catching ancient monuments, churches, ornate medieval, stunning fountains, and art museums.

  • Venice is a wonderful city located in the middle of the lagoon where everybody should visit and have a life-time experience on a gondola ride. With its romantic vibes, it is also a favorite destination for couples and honeymooners. During the gondola ride, you will observe the vivid beauty of Venice, and you can also dine on fresh seafood.

  • Florence is one of the three most visited cities in Italy. The magnificent sight of Piazza Del Duomo itself commends the magical engineering behind its construction, or you may experience a breathtaking panoramic view from Piazzale Michelangelo. Along with the stunning views that Florence offers, you can visit remarkable museums of paintings and sculptures, including the famous “David” and “Birth of Venus.”


Luxury Hotels

A trip to Italy is a lifetime experience for any traveler, whether traveling with family, partner, friends, or solo. With its three most visited cities like Rome, Venice, and Florence, Italy knows that it offers amazing experiences at every other turn, and you will receive luxury vibes even just by walking the elegant streets. Italy wants its travelers to experience luxury in every breath. Thus it offers some luxurious hotels to stay with all the amenities you could ask for.



Top Attractions


It is not so surprising that the birth place of the Roman Empire and Renaissance has numerous tourist attractions enriched with masterpieces of art and architectural marvels.

  • Colosseum is one of the archeological wonders in the world, which is the largest amphitheater of the modern world. It was a venue built by the Roman Empire to host shows and performances for the public. Before natural disasters, like earthquakes, broke it, it used to host the audience of around 50,000 people who entered through 80 entrances. A trip to Italy is never completed without witnessing this amazing concrete wonder, and in most cases, travelers start their trip making Colosseum as their first destination.

  • Pisa La Torre Pendente, more commonly known as The Leaning Tower of Pisa, standing on Piazza dei Miracoli, is one of the most popular tourist attractions of Italy. Unlike other attractions complimented for its brilliance, The Leaning Tower of Pisa is widely known for its flaw. The tower took 177 years of life, and it started to lean after its third story. However, a combination of Piazza dei Miracoli and the flawed tower is a sight to capture in the heart.

  • Venice offers a very distinctive experience to its travelers, which makes it unique. Traveling on Gondolas over canals as main streets within a city is simply magical. The colorful buildings alongside canals, beautiful overhead pedestrian bridges, and smooth Gondola rides create a romantic moment.

  • Do a favor to yourself with the incredible experience of five lands known as “Cinque Terre.” It consists of five small charming villages of Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, and Riomaggiore. This beautiful coastal region is a natural wonder of Italy with hills and cliffs offering a scenic beauty of Mediterranean.



Italian cuisine has extensive contributions to the world’s food industry. Although Italian cuisine has a wide variety of dishes, its pizzas and pasta are exceptionally amazing, loved by every individual, and favorite fast food of the majority in the world. When it comes to proper dishes, this Mediterranean land takes pride with its popular delicacies and sweet and savory dishes. Just like pizza, lasagna is also said to be originated in Naples. The lasagna pasta baking sheets layered with tomato sauce, some veggies, ground beef, and oh-so-delicious cheese is a mind-blowing treat. If you are on the verge of exploring Italy, visit Naples to try out their extremely authentic and original pizzas and lasagna. A few more world-famous Italian dishes include Risotto, Fiorentina Steak, Arancini, Prosciutto, and Saltimbocca. Treat yourself with Italian delights like Tiramisu and Gelato or sip up a refreshing Italian Coffee in breakfast to start your day.


Best Time to Travel


Just like every other country with extensive tourism, Italy also has its high, mid and low season for traveling but it also depends on traveler’s preferences. Climate plays a major role in Italy’s travel season. Winters (November to April) are mainly a non-traveling periods of Italy due to its cold weather and there are almost less to no activities. Similarly, July and August are the scorching months of year where Italians prefer to stay within their air-conditioned rooms.

The best travel months in Italy are May, June, September, and October. You will find pleasant weather, more tourists, and more engaging and entertaining activities. On the other hand, Italy becomes the busiest and most expensive in these few months. This kind of weather asks for Italy’s delicious coffee in the mornings and flavorsome wine in the afternoons. You can bask in the sun on a beach or go for a hike on the mountains. This is also the best time to experience gondola rides with your family or soul mate. If you are the kind of person who wants some activities with a moderate crowd and less expensive, then you should visit Italy in April until mid-May or October till mid-November. During this period, you can hike through lush green mountains or witness the grape harvest and olive harvest and also attend some food festivals.

FAQs about hotels in Italy

Find answers to commonly asked questions about Italy hotels

what are the best rated hotels in Italy?

The best rated hotels in Italy are the A La Locanda di Orsaria, also the Touring & Internazionale and the Hotel Scandinavia - Relais.

what are the top budget hotels in Italy?

The hotels where you will find the best rates in Italy are the Hotel Medici, also the Villa Diana and the Hotel Elite.

what are the most luxury hotels in Italy?

The most luxury hotels you will find in Italy are the Hotel Majestic – The Leading Hotels of the World, also the Hotel Locarno and the Grand Hotel Sitea.

what are the top airports to flight to in Italy?

what cities are worth visiting in Italy?

The most popular cities in Italy are Florence.

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