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Whatever is scarce, is valuable, and silence and peaceful time for oneself are very rare to find these days. Even frequent travelers often scan their bucket list for a getaway trip to escape their bustling routine life. With an extremely serene atmosphere, Finland has one of the calmest environment, and it has a variety of tourist attractions.


Finland is one of the Scandinavian countries and relatively less popular for tourism compared to other countries in Europe. However, after its 100th Independence Day in 2017, Finland has emerged as a brilliant and wonderful country enriched with natural attractions and wonders, wildlife, and beautiful people.


The country has lately been drawing globetrotter’s attention with its wide variety of tourist attractions. Finland is not as cold as other Scandinavian countries, but it offers an array of winter activities. Vibes of happiness is embedded in Finnish winds.


You can encounter locals by indulging in their Sauna Culture or admire the beautiful designs and strong craft tradition of Finns. Aurora Borealis, also known as the Northern Lights, is the greatest highlight of the country. Experience the best during your fabulous travel journey to a country with the 3rd cleanest air in the world.


Top Destinations


Finland is all about a few urban cities with more small towns and quaint villages. However, the points of interest can be found throughout the country. Since the cosmopolitan metropolises are primary destinations for tourists, Finland has enhanced its vibrant cities with more attractions to promote tourism.


  • Helsinki


Helsinki is the capital and largest city of Finland. It is also a primary gateway to the country and its many fantastic tourist spots. Settled on a granite peninsula in the Gulf of Finland, Helsinki is a wonderful city to stroll and dawdle. From cathedrals, national parks, and public squares to museums, gardens, and zoos, Helsinki is open for tourism for the entire year with amazing attractions to see and activities to do.


The highlighted attractions of Helsinki are its iconic symbol of the huge Helsinki Cathedral overlooking every corner of the city. It also possesses a unique Rock Church known as Temppeliaukio Church along with the largest Cathedral in Europe called Uspenski Cathedral.


If you are on a family vacation, then Linnanmaki Amusement Park, with its thrilling ride and Helsinki Zoo with its astonishing wildlife, are must-visit attractions.


  • Turku


Former capital and oldest city of Finland, Turku is one of the finest destinations of the country to explore and enjoy. It offers breathtaking sights, eye-catching monuments, cathedrals, medieval castles, and a market. Since Turku is a hub of Finnish food, you can delve into the finest gourmet bistros or satisfy your sweet tooth by nibbling pastries.


You must visit the mighty Turku Castle built in the 13th century. Observe several great halls and learn about its history in exhibitions. Moreover, you can visit a prominent symbol of the city known as Turku Cathedral, surrounded by yellow tree foliage.


Turku is home to a variety of museums exhibiting their art, design, and craft tradition. Make your visit to a stunning Turku Art Museum, Luostarinmaki Handicrafts Museum, and Waino Altonen Museum. You can also dive in Turku Market Square to familiarize yourself with local culture up-close.


  • Tampere


Tampere is one of the best destinations in Finland, and it is worth spending a day or two in this fine city. You can indulge in some amazing experiences like public saunas, fun in amusement parks, and delightful fresh donuts.


Whether you are traveling with friends, family, or a soulmate, you can visit the most wanted tourist attractions of Tampere such as Tampere Cathedral, Moomin Museum, and Sarkanniemi Amusement Park.


Top Airports


Finland has some incredible international airports to greet you. Finnish airports are conscious enough to put a fantastic first impression on its visitors. The tourists perceive their first overall perception about the country by their experience at the airport, and Finnish airports nail it with their finest passenger services and amazing amenities.


Helsinki International Airport is the largest and busiest airport in the country. The airport has a beautiful Duty Free zone with a variety of branded shops along with aromatic bistros, cafes, and restaurants.


Tampere International Airport is one of the six international airports in Finland. Since the airport has very moderate traffic, it offers just one gift shop, a few cafes, and free Wi-Fi. However, customer dealing and passenger services are uncompromised.


Turku International Airport is the 4th busiest airport in Finland, and a number of European Airlines use it. It has a comfortable lounge for passengers and offers a great customer experience.


Luxury Hotels


A fulfilling travel experience requires a comfortable deep sleep and a fresh morning to explore most of your travel destinations. A perfect accommodation is as important for a trip as fabulous tourist attractions. Finland leaves no mark of disappointment, and it possesses some of the deluxe accommodation in their luxury hotels. Whether you are in Helsinki, Turku or Tampere, you can find amazing luxury hotels in abundance.


Langvik Congress Wellness HotelRadisson Blu Marina Palace Hotel, Turku          Scandic Eden Nokia
Radisson Blu Seaside Hotel, Helsinki          Kultaranta ResortHoliday Club Tampereen Kylpyla
Hilton Helsinki Airport  


Best Time to Travel


Finland is mostly a cold country, and the warmest temperature of the year reaches a maximum of only 26 degrees. Fear not though, for every season has its offering of activities. Winter season drops to -7 degrees, but it offers opportunities for skiing, ice skating, snowmobiling, and ice diving.


Summer and autumn are preferable seasons to land into this wonderland. It offers the perfect opportunity for sightseeing the lush landscapes. Exciting festivals and events are also celebrated, and you can attend them to experience some Finnish traditions.




Regardless of what kind of trip you are making to any country, it is incomplete until you taste their authentic food. Among the offerings of fabulous tourist attractions, the local cuisine is equally a delightful offering. Moreover, Finnish cuisine presents mouthwatering food. Be it street food, a quick bite-to-eat, or a gourmet restaurant, Finnish cuisine will replenish your taste buds with multiple flavors. Here is the list of some must-try dishes of Finland:


Karjalanpiirakka          Mustikkapiirakka

FAQs about hotels in Finland

Find answers to commonly asked questions about Finland hotels

what are the best rated hotels in Finland?

The best rated hotels in Finland are the Ava, also the Hotel Arthur and the Holiday Club Saariselka.

what are the top budget hotels in Finland?

The hotels where you will find the best rates in Finland are the Eurohostel, also the Forenom Hostel Jyväskylä .

what are the most luxury hotels in Finland?

The most luxury hotels you will find in Finland are the Hotel Kamp, also the Hotel Haven and the Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel, Helsinki.

what are the top airports to flight to in Finland?

The most popular airport in Finland is the Helsinki, Finland (HEL-Vantaa), also the Turku, Finland (TKU) and the Tampere, Finland (TMP-Pirkkala).

what cities are worth visiting in Finland?

The most popular cities in Finland are Helsinki, also the Vantaa .

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