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The reasons to visit Greece are more than just Athens Ancient Acropolis and Santorini. Although the majority of tourists visit Greece for the sake of witnessing these two incredible attractions, Greece surprises them with its countless historical, modern, and breathtaking natural attractions. With over 6,000 islands, Greece is known for its majestic natural beauty, ancient history, and fascinating culture worldwide. With its fine weather, Greece is open to tourism the whole year, but summers are preferable to visit coastal areas and beaches, whereas winters are preferred to visit ruins and historical sites. It is better to travel during mild months to enjoy most of Greece. The reflection of cliffs into sparkling blue waters is a sight to behold.


Greece is all about ancient ruins and historical sites as well as islands and beaches. You can see these kinds of countless impressive attractions and sights throughout the country. You might be thinking about Athens only, but once you get on a ferry to explore the islands, you’ll find it a gateway to heaven. The unbelievable grace of islands and glorious white and blue houses on the volcanic cliff is a sight for sore eyes.


We must not oversee the generosity and overwhelming hospitality of Greeks. The Greeks are so humble and welcoming that you will love to make new friends. You may be gifted with cakes and wines if they like you to that extent.


If you are a night owl and love to party, Greece has a superb nightlife for you. While there are many clubs and luxury bars to dance all night long, Mykonos Island is the best place for awesome beach parties and nightclubs.


Top Hotels


A luxurious travel experience asks for an equally luxurious stay. Whether it is the capital city or one of its numerous islands, Greece has a variety of hotels located at every tourist destination. Even if you wish for a budget-friendly hotel, you will find them in every city with good comfort along with some basic amenities.


With Athens as a primary destination and some must-visit tourist attractions, you need a booking in one of its amazing hotels to stay. Try Novotel Athenes, Titania Hotel, and Piraeus Theoxenia Hotel for a luxurious experience. These 4-star and 5-star hotels feature some delightful amenities.


With Santorini as one of the major stops for tourists, its incredible vibes complement its remarkable hotels. Top-class hotels include Abyssanto Suites & Spa, Archipel Mansion, and Voreina Gallery Suites.


With Mykonos, you might want to be gentle with your pocket. Opt for an economical yet quality hotel with no compromise on comfort. Some of them are Fresh Boutique Hotel, Villa Pinelopi, and Portobello Boutique Hotel.


Top Airports


Millions of tourists travel to Greece each year, and they are increasing significantly. Greece is a wonderland of amazing tourist attractions, and it is focusing more than ever on their airports. Greece ensures a memorable and pleasurable travel experience to its millions of tourists from their arrival to departure.


Athens International Airport is the primary and busiest airport in Greece. This airport is one of the fastest-growing airports in the world. An ultimate passenger handling service and extraordinary facilities are vital to the authorities of the airport. Their airport creates an amazing overall impression of the country, and it makes the tourists more excited to visit all of Greece.


Thessaloniki International Airport is the second main airport after Athens International Airport and also the second busiest airport. This airport is making every effort to provide the ultimate travel experience to its travelers.


As tourism is increasing substantially, airports of popular islands like Mykonos, Santorini, Zakynthos, Heraklion, and Paros are also used. These islands are so amazing that they are attracting travelers from all over the world directly to them.




Top Destinations


Greece has a variety of destinations for tourists, and each destination owns unique tourist attractions worth visiting. Unlike the majority of famous cities in the world, cities of Greece are enriched with exciting ancient ruins and historical sites, majestic mountains and cliffs, and top-notch islands and beaches.


  • Athens


Athens is the capital city of Greece and the heart of Ancient Greece. Its ancient history of powerful civilizations and empires resulted in multiple museums, ancient buildings, and temples. Acropolis of Athens is an ancient rocky structure, which is a symbol of Greece, topped with three temples known as Parthenon, Erechtheion, and Temple of Athena Nike. Tourists tend to move in or around to take pictures and capture the marvel of engineering of ancient times.


Only 300 meters away, Athens Acropolis Museum is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Greece. This giant structure of glass and steel exhibits all findings of the Acropolis along with a wonderful gallery, with displays reliving the ancient times of Greece. Its Archaic Gallery displays amazing sculptures like statues of Goddess Athena, the hippies, archaic Korai, and sculptures of male figures.


  • Santorini


Santorini is the most romantic and magical island of Greece with heavenly sightseeing for tourists. The whitewashed cubic buildings located at the brink of sparkling blue waters is one of the favorite and most visited place for tourists. It is one of the prime destinations for honeymooners, and you might also witness some weddings. You can reach the island by ferries, or you can also fly to its airport. Enjoy swimming in the black volcanic-sandy beach or soak some sun and enjoy wonderful sights.


  • Mykonos


Mykonos provides equal opportunities to night owls and day travelers. During day time, you can enjoy performances at live music venues and dine in for classic seafood. Whereas at night, you can have a lifetime experience of an amazing beach party. Since Mykonos also has an airport, you can fly into it easily, but a ferry ride to Mykonos will give you a sight you can’t imagine.


  • Kalambaka


Kalambaka is a town of Greece and part of Thessaly Plains, which is mostly famous for Meteora Monasteries. This stunning attraction is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and its six monasteries are open to the public for sightseeing. You might need a whole day to visit all six monasteries because it requires quite an effort to hike up the hills, although the effort is worth visiting to witness eastern orthodox monasteries built on top of rocky pillars. You might also learn the history of monks seeking refuge from the Ottoman Empire in these monasteries built in the 14th century.


  • Zakynthos


Zakynthos is one of the many incredibly beautiful islands of Greece, and it is also one of the most visited tourist destinations. The unique attraction of this island is that you can experience this gorgeous island above and under the sea. Zakynthos is the most favorable island for snorkeling and scuba diving. One of the biggest attractions on this island is its pebble and sand beaches. You will also enjoy a trip to Shipwreck Beach and Blue Caves, where the magical glow of blue waters in a cave is truly fascinating.


FAQs about hotels in Greece

Find answers to commonly asked questions about Greece hotels

what are the best rated hotels in Greece?

The best rated hotels in Greece are the Irini, also the Sofia and the Hotel Coral.

what are the top budget hotels in Greece?

The hotels where you will find the best rates in Greece are the Thisvi, also the Popi Star Hotel and the Leonidas Hotel & Apartments.

what are the most luxury hotels in Greece?

The most luxury hotels you will find in Greece are the Aquis Pelekas Beach, also the Electra Palace Athens and the Royal Olympic Hotel.

what are the top airports to flight to in Greece?

what cities are worth visiting in Greece?

The most popular cities in Greece are Athens, also the Hersonissos .

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