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North America

It would be fair to call North America a "Mini Earth." This continent possesses the sights for sore eyes with its incomparable urban cities and unbelievable landscapes. From Canada to the USA, this continent is a paradise for tourists with its mind-blowing attractions. This continent is so beautiful that you might hallucinate heaven while you are there.


Canada has fantastic vibrant cities and natural wonders, whereas America has marvelous states and cities with incredibly natural and human-made attractions beautiful enough to stun you. This whole continent is proud of its blessed beaches, mountains, canyons, rainforests, landmarks, and all types of seasons.


North America has some oh-so-amazing flashing cities with electrifying nightlife you won't be able to find anywhere else.


Top Destinations


North America has a wide range of fabulous tourist destinations. It's sufficient to say that every destination is a prime travel spot, depending on what you're looking for: From humble people and delicious food to fantastic beaches and elegant high-rises, magnificence is in the wind of this continent.


  • Canada


Canada is the second-largest country in the world. Some wish to make their once-in-a-lifetime visit to this beautiful country, whereas others plan to make it their permanent destination. It is one of the highlighted countries in the world for tourism. The mighty Niagara Falls is its incredible natural wonder worth visiting.


Canada has some electrifying cities, including Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City, and Calgary. These flashing cities are home to incredible tourist attractions such as CN Tower, Royal Ontario Museum, Grouse Mountain, Notre-Dame Basilica, Place Royale, and Parliament Hill.


  • United States of America


You may travel to its North Atlantic and Pacific Coastline, states on borders of the United States of America or its central part. No matter where you go, you will always end up marveling at the magnificence it has to offer. All of its 50 states have unique and astonishing sights, incredible nature, and large cosmopolitan cities.


You can travel the most bustling street of Times Square in New York City, amaze yourself at Yellowstone National Park, which is mainly in the state of Wyoming, with parts in Montana and Idaho, make a visit to the White House in Washington DC, unwind on the sandy beaches of Waikiki in Hawaii and Miami beaches in Florida, have fun at Walt Disney World and stroll on the Las Vegas Strip in Nevada.


Top Landmarks


The North American continent is vast in what it offers. Whatever you can find in this whole world, you can find it in North America. You may think about the rich history, influential culture, tasty cuisine, art and crafts, museums, galleries, entertainment, amusement parks, or national parks. North America offers a better version of anything you see in this world.


Similar is the case with landmarks. From urban cities to countryside landscapes, North America has amazing attractions located all over the continent.


  • Statue of Liberty


The Statue of Liberty is located in New York Harbor and was gifted by France in 1986. This mesmerizing statue is the 3rd most visited place by over four million people annually. You can climb up to the statue's crown and have a panoramic view of NYC from its 25 windows.


  • The Grand Canyon


Located in Arizona, this mind-blowing landmark of North America is one of the 7 natural wonders of the world. You wait for the sun to strike on its red-rock mountains, staring at the shimmering Colorado River at the bottom of the Grand Canyon and imagine if paradise could be more beautiful.


  • Parliament Hill


Parliament Hill is the center of attention in the capital city of Ottawa. Its architecture is so incredible that 3 million people visit it annually, making it one of the most visited landmarks of Canada.


  • CN Tower


CN Tower is the tallest tower in Canada located right in the heart of Toronto. It is a communication and observation tower. Apart from how flashing and beautiful it is, it is also famous for attracting lightning, and it gets hit for about 50 times annually.


  • Mount Rushmore


Mount Rushmore in South Dakota is America's most visited memorial site. This magical landmark was a granite cliff that has faces of four presidents of America carved into it, including George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, and Theodore Roosevelt. Once the sun goes down, these magnificent faces illuminate beautifully.


Top Airports


With two colossal countries, incredible states, and vibrant cities, North America is one of the most visited continents of the world.


Canada and the USA are equally thriving to promote their tourism to the next level. They are continuously improving their tourist attractions, building impressive hotels, revising, and easing visa policies and making their airports more glamorous to greet international tourists.


With fantastic buildings, beautiful interior, friendly staff, glittering shops, cafes, and restaurants along with VIP lounges and relaxing amenities, these 10 international airports are among the best ones in North America.




Luxury Hotels


Whether you wish for resort hotels or hotels centrally located in the city, North America has uncountable luxury hotels throughout the continent. The countries of this continent know how to draw and accommodate more tourists from all over the world. Considering the travelers' utmost priority is comfort and fabulous accommodation. Therefore, North America has come up with uncountable and incomparable up-scale luxury hotels with every facility and amenity one could wish for; Nothing beats the following list of incredible hotels.














Top Beaches


North America is prosperous with amazing golden and white sandy beaches with turquoise blue waters. With North Atlantic and Pacific shorelines, the USA has some of the world's most beautiful and lively beaches. Canada also has stunning beaches worth visiting. These beaches are extremely lively, and you can indulge in water-sports or play volleyball with graceful locals.


You may dip into clear waters or just lay down onto the sand and soak some sun. These beaches also organize rowdy beach parties at night, where you can dance until dawn. While there are uncountable beaches, make sure you visit the following dazzling beaches.









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