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Montana has provided enough reasons to be referred to as the Big Sky Country. Bordered with Canada to the north and the 4th largest US state, Montana is home to majestic natural wonders that allures people from all over the world, and it is a paradise of outdoor thrilling and adventurous activities. Montana’s mighty nature varying from the high peaks of rocky and snowcapped mountains to flat-head lakes, you will be amazed by the treasure trove of natural wonders in this state.


This western state also boasts about its beautiful cities possessing exciting and impressive attractions and offer many fun things to do. The biggest draw for travelers is its enchanting nature and diverse landscape offering heavenly sights. You can experience a long drive on the Going-to-the-Sun Road and soak up some breathtaking scenery. You may visit the enticing Glacier National Park and Bighorn Canyon or explore various state parks and astonishing lakes. Montana offers a lifetime travel experience.


Such a wide range of natural attractions also brings along exciting opportunities for various outdoor activities, including hiking, climbing, cycling, swimming, kayaking, and canoeing. Its marvelous lakes offer a delightful activity of fly-fishing. Strolling in the wilderness shared with Canada is also a favorite activity of explorers. Montana is also a hotspot for winter vacations, and families are drawn to its dense snowy ski-resorts offering opportunities of snowmobiling, snow-shoeing, skiing, and various winter sports.


Top Destinations


The majestic natural wonders of Montana are so highlighted that its cities are masked behind its magnificence. Since these cities are a gateway to this state, travelers love exploring them, and they are stunned by the beauty.


  • Missoula


Missoula, once a small trading post, is now the largest city of Montana with a blend of natural and urban tourist attractions, and it offers a pleasant travel experience to its visitors. The Historical Museum at Fort Missoula is by far the most visited tourist attraction of Missoula, and it features 20 historic buildings along with historic structures and artifacts. You can also visit the Missoula Art Museum to observe the beautiful art collection of American Indians and a marvelous collection of artwork by Montana artists.


A favorite tourist attraction of Missoula for all ages is the Lolo National Forest offering a vast land of timber to explore, and it also includes the fascinating Rattlesnake National Recreation Area that attracts families with children.


  • Billings


Billings is a charismatic city of Montana possessing a rugged rocky landscape along with many natural attractions and downtown entertainment for its visitors. It is home to incredible sightseeing spots of sandstone cliffs carved by the Yellowstone River. You may encounter several wild habitats while exploring its wilderness. Still, for a thorough interaction, you can always visit ZooMontana to see mesmerizing wildlife, including grizzly bears, gray wolves, and owls.


Spelunking in Pictograph Cave State Park is one of the exciting activities to do in Billings. You may stroll in downtown Billings and visit the splendid Yellowstone Art Museum or savor some natural treats by exploring Yellowstone National Park and Bighorn Canyon Recreation Area shared with Wyoming.


Top Airports


Montana is one of the alluring states that attracts millions of domestic and international passengers annually. Its natural wonders and urban attractions are so charismatic, and they have built various international airports located in metropolitan cities and around the most popular natural attractions. The Glacier Park International Airport is used to land directly into Flathead County. You can also visit Great Falls by landing at Great Fall International Airport located in Cascade County.


Missoula International Airport and Billings International Airport are the two largest airports of Montana, accommodating the most number of domestic and international passengers and also recognized as the primary gateways to Montana.


Top Ski Resorts


Montana is open for tourism all year round, and regardless of hot or chilly weather, you will always find an abundance of adventure sports and thrilling activities to do. Montana is also one of the favorite vacation destinations for families. While summer season offers lush mountains with trails and sparkling lakes with opportunities of watersports, the winter sports of Montana are one of the biggest draws for families and sports enthusiasts.


Montana offers a long list of ski resorts, and apart from skiing, you can also experience snowboarding, snow-shoeing, snowmobiling, and much more. Expert or beginner, Montana is home to various snowy mountains for all difficulty levels. An expert can find the most challenging and adventurous steep slope, and families with children or beginners can discover the easier hills. You may choose any ski resort for your visit to Montana from the following list.



Luxury Hotels


Montana is open for tourism all year round and sees millions of tourists annually, but never has it ever faced a shortage of accommodation. Montana’s luxury hotels equally contribute to making a remarkable travel journey. Getting tired from a whole day of exploring Montana’s natural wonders and unwinding in a comfortable bed is all a traveler wants.


Montana boasts and encourages visitors to stay in its luxury hotels because the finest accommodations go hand in hand with your incredible travel journey. We have got you covered with some of our favorite luxury hotels listed below.




Top Hiking Trails


Montana is famous for its charismatic natural wonders, and it allures millions of travelers by offering a plethora of outdoor adventures and thrilling activities. A favorite activity that everyone craves for is hiking, and the mountains of Montana are home to incredible trails. This state possesses a wide variety of trails for hiking throughout the state. From professional climbers to families with children, Montana offers an abundance of hiking trails with varying difficulty levels.


Nature brings along a variety of attractions, jaw-dropping sceneries, and breathtaking views, but with staggering trails and hiking opportunities, the travel experience becomes even more delightful. From urban cities to small towns and wilderness, Montana has uncountable trails for hiking. For your convenience, we have listed down the best trails this state has to offer for your perfect travel experience.