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At some point in your life, visiting the fantastic beaches of Hawaii is a must. Who on this marvelous planet is not inspired by this amazing archipelago? It is the only US state that is located way into the Pacific Ocean.


You can collect the most beautiful moments of your life in this state. Hawaii, with its tropical weather and vibes, offers plenty of sensational beaches that comes with a plethora of water sports. Be it scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming, kite surfing, or whatever you are fond of. Moreover, you can just lay down on the sand and soak up some sun.


Hawaii is also home to one of the most famous volcanic mountains in the world. It is enormous, and it has a miraculous natural carving that attracts the tourists. This state has a diverse and beautiful landscape. You will find volcanoes, mountains, beautiful valleys, huge waterfalls, lush forests, and vivacious blooming flowers. This also makes Hawaii the perfect spot for adventure lovers with an abundance of outdoor activities like hiking and trekking.


You may interact with the amazing locals, popular for welcoming tourists wholeheartedly, and it will be more fun if you join them in their world-famous festivals. Hawaii also possesses some living memories of World War 2, and you can find much of it in their museums.


Top Destinations


Hawaii is a group of islands, and it has various cities to visit. Each of its cities is famous for something apart from its beautiful beaches. The majority of tourists prefer to visit Honolulu and Maui. If you are more into volcanic mountains and the magnificence of nature, you have a whole state to explore. These popular destinations possess some remarkable tourist attractions.


  • Honolulu


Honolulu is the capital city of Hawaii, and it is one of the most favorite destinations of globetrotters. It is also a primary gateway to Hawaii. From natural attractions to the fun-filled destinations, all can be found in Honolulu. Stroll the city, and you will find a beautiful downtown and historical spots.


One of the most highlighted attractions of Honolulu is its largest natural harbor known as Pearl Harbor, which is still an active naval base. This national historic landmark is home to battleship rows, USS Arizona Memorial, and USS Oklahoma Memorial.


Waikiki holds a lot of fun for you with its Waikiki Beach Walk and International Market Place.


  • Maui


Maui is the second-largest island of Hawaii, and it is popular for its tropical climate, classic sceneries, dazzling beaches, and a variety of outdoor activities. One of the incredible adventurous activities is to reach the summit of Haleakala Volcanic Mountain that is around ten thousand feet high and enjoy a panoramic view of the entire island.


You can also visit the amazing Maui Ocean Center that houses a wide collection of marine species. They have a tunnel through the water tank where you can sit and admire the beautiful marine life, including sharks, stingrays, unique colorful fishes, and green turtles.


Top Airports


Millions of tourists flock towards the sensational islands of Hawaii and spend their vacations on postcard-beaches. Its tropical weather and diverse landscape draw tourists from all over the world. Since Hawaii has also attained a popularity for its vivacious culture, they have started exhibiting it in their international airports to greet the tourists.


This state has multiple international airports on different islands that make it more convenient for a traveler to land directly on the desired destination. Since its tourism is booming and direct flights from all continents are landing on its airports, they have upgraded their airports with modern technology and fantastic services. You can take a direct flight to any of the three international airports of this state.


Daniel K. Inouye International Airport          HNL          Honolulu
Hilo International AirportITOHilo
Kona International AirportKOAKalaoa

Luxury Hotels


Hawaii has been a favorite tourist destination and a preferred vacation spot for a very long time. People from North America and South America tend to fly into this state very frequently. Today, this state is attracting tourists from all corners of the planet. Its cities are fascinating, and the beaches are sensational.


Hawaii takes pride in providing one of the best travel experiences for all travelers. Having perfect tropical weather, natural attractions, charming people, and vibrant culture, Hawaii has built remarkable luxury hotels that compliments all the features of this state. Whether you want luxury accommodation in an inland city or an ocean-front resort-style hotel, Hawaii offers both of them. Since there are many of them, you can choose the best from the following list.




Top Beaches


Hawaii is mostly popular for its islands, beaches, nature, and vibrant culture. However, its fantastic beaches are prime attractions that draw tourists from all over the world. It is a favorable destination for family vacations, a weekend getaway trip, and a group of friends. Romantic honeymooners also tend to visit these islands. You will find unique beaches with white, golden, and black sands and turquoise clear waters.


  • Waikiki Beach


Waikiki Beach is the most crowded beach in Hawaii. The beach is backed with palm trees, cafes, restaurants, and hotels. If you are a surfer, this is your place, but if you are not, it is the perfect spot to learn it.


  • Hapuna Beach State Park


Hapuna Beach State Park is the largest white-sand beach of Hawaii on the Big Island. It is a perfect picnic spot for families where you can also swim in sparkling water under the surveillance of lifeguards. If you wish to see a lifetime sight of migrating whales, better make your visit in January or February.


  • Punalu'u Black Sand Beach


Located on Big Island, Punalu’u Beach is unique and impressive for its black sand. The shimmering clear waters striking the black sand backed by numerous palm trees is an awesome sight to behold. The best time to visit this beach is during sunrise and sunset to view a unique reflection off the sand.


Top Festivals


The locals of Hawaii are full of life, and their fascinating culture is embedded with festivals and events. Along with all the attractions you want to visit in Hawaii, you should attend their fantastic and lively festivals. Their festivals vary from food festivals, cultural festivals, coffee festivals, chocolate festivals, marathons, competitions, and various celebrations.


Diving deep into local communities and immersing yourself into their fascinating culture is an experience of a lifetime. Hawaiians enjoy an abundance of events and festivals, and while you plan your visit, look out for upcoming delightful festivals to attend. You can also choose the ones from the following list of the most popular festivals.


  • Honolulu Marathon
  • Hawaii International Film Festival
  • King Kamehameha Celebration
  • Hawaii Food and Wine Festival
  • Annual Kona Coffee Cultural Festival
  • Kauai Chocolate & Coffee Festival