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South America has various countries famous for its tourism, yet we hardly hear about Bolivia. Although bordered by five famous countries—ChileBrazilPeruArgentina, and Paraguay—Bolivia has remained an unexplored country of South America. In contrast to that, the silver lining is that the country is less crowded and extremely budget-friendly with attractions, activities, and accommodations.


Bolivia may be one of the less-visited countries, but it is home to an array of natural wonders, like the Andes Mountains, Atacama Desert, and bordering a small part of the Amazon Rainforest. These natural wonders are spread wide across many South American countries, and Bolivia is one of them that holds some part of these three alluring natural tourist attractions. Straddled with Peru, Bolivia also has the largest lake of South America known as “Lake Titicaca.”


Bolivia is home to much more mind-blowing natural attractions and offers a variety of activities such as hiking, climbing, trekking, kayaking, and mountain biking. Death road is one of the most dangerous roads in the world, and biking on death road adds sufficient thrill to your adventurous journey.


From the Cordillera Real, lakes, and national parks to historical attractions in the metropolis, Oruro carnivals, and the world’s largest landscape of bright-white salt flats, Bolivia can amaze you with its unexplored, incredibly unique natural attractions.


Bolivia might be an unexplored country, but it still takes quite enough time to explore every bit of it. Since tourists are always short of time, make the best of your trip to Bolivia in your limited time by visiting these tourist destinations and attractions.


Top Hotels


Since Bolivia is a very budget-friendly country, you can find pocket-friendly accommodation at every tourist destination. The fact of the matter is that even the luxurious hotels don’t put stress on your wallet.


While you are in Sucre, there is no better place than Hotel Independencia to stay. This budget-friendly hotel will put you in the heart of Sucre, and you will be only steps away from tourist attractions like Plaza 25 de Mayo and a few hundred meters away from Sucre Cathedral.


Although Santa Cruz is the most bustling city among others in Bolivia, its top-notch hotels are even more economical than budgeted hotels of famous countries. Some of the 4-star and 5-star hotels are Los Tajibos Hotel and Convention Center, Camino Real Hotel, and Marriot Santa Cruz De La Sierra Hotel. These luxurious hotels feature some amazing amenities like an outdoor pool and a full-service spa.


Top Airports


Factually less-visited country, Bolivia still has three major international airports, among which Viru Viru International Airport is a primary airport of Bolivia in the city of Santa Cruz. El Alto International Airport belongs to La Paz, and Jorge Wilsterman International Airport is situated in Cochabamba.


These airports are frequently used by airlines of North American, South American, and European Airlines. However, Viru Viru International Airport of Santa Cruz is the busiest airport among them, with over 60 international flights and around 190 domestic flights per week.


Bolivia also has several domestic airports in cities like Trinidad, Copacabana, Oruro, and Potosi. Sucre has two domestic airports, whereas Santa Cruz also has one domestic airport.


International Airports of Santa Cruz and La Paz have maintained their international standard services and accommodates every individual with their utmost facilities.




Top Destinations


Among all cities in Bolivia, we’ve compiled a list of the most fascinating and unique cities, with stunning natural wonders that are famous worldwide. Unlike other expensive countries, Bolivia is so budget-friendly that exploring the whole country may not make a huge dent in your wallet. Gather your excitement and dive into the beauty of the glorious nature of Bolivia.


  • Uyuni


Uyuni is a city of Bolivia where one of its many natural attraction cannot be found anywhere else on earth. Covering the area of around 11,000 square km, Salar de Uyuni is the world’s largest landscape of bright-white salt flats. There used to be a lake that dried out leaving behind this huge land of salt flats. Just wish for a rainfall before you visit Salar de Uyuni because it turns this massive land into largest miraculous mirror on earth. Standing on a complete white land under dense white clouds seems a dream sight of heaven.


  • Sucre


Sucre is the capital, and most beautiful city of Bolivia, enriched with the history of Spanish Colonials. Founded in the 1500's and located at an altitude of 2,810 meters, Sucre is the highest capital city in the world. Aimlessly roam around the city to observe white stone architecture and parks. Look out for beautiful churches and national libraries during the day and make your way to clubs and bars to experience the nightlife of Bolivia.


Casa De La Libertad is the most significant historical building in Bolivia. You may also visit Museo Universitario Charcas to witness some amazing religious artifacts and contemporary art or shop from Sucre Central Market. Parque Bolivar is a city's bustling park with fountains and events.


  • La Paz


Located at an altitude of 3,500 meters with a population over 8 million, La Paz is one of the most beautiful cities of Bolivia. Besides its other modern attractions like museums, national parks, zoos, and ski resorts, La Paz is famous for its special transportation system. The whole city has cableways called Teleferic. It is so convenient that a distance of one-hour traveling only takes 10 minutes, along with a soothing panoramic view of the city, and a complete trip of 6-mile cableway costs no more than $4.


Apart from riding the famous Teleferic, you can choose to hike and trek or make your way to the Musical Instrument Museum of Bolivia, Open Air Museum, and Museum of National Revolution. If you feel like shopping, Witches Market is a place you need to visit, which is also a famous tourist attraction of the city.


  • Santa Cruz


Santa Cruz is the largest and fastest-growing city in Bolivia. This city displays a perfect combination of their traditional values with a modern lifestyle. With a tropical climate, unique culture, incredible wildlife, and amazing nightlife, Santa Cruz becomes a primary destination for the majority of travelers. From churches and museums to fabulous entertainment, Santa Cruz is a bustling city that keeps you entertained with its graceful attractions. Santa Cruz’s variety of attractions include Sacred Art Museum, Amboro National Park, Santa Cruz Zoo, Arenal Park, Aqualand, and Franco Aleman Cultural Center.


  • Copacabana


Copacabana is a town in Bolivia famous for the largest lake of South America known as Lake Titicaca, and this incredible blue lake also touches Peru. The town contains red roof houses and Moorish basilica decorated with colorful ceramic tiles and whitewashed dome. This pilgrimage site is also known for religious festivals. You can spend the whole day at the brink of Lake Titicaca and watch the beautiful sunset or experience boating on the lake.


FAQs about hotels in Bolivia

Find answers to commonly asked questions about Bolivia hotels

what are the best rated hotels in Bolivia?

The best rated hotels in Bolivia are the Panamerican Hotel, also the Hotel LP Santa Cruz Centro and the Las Americas.

what are the top budget hotels in Bolivia?

The hotels where you will find the best rates in Bolivia are the San Bartolome.

what are the most luxury hotels in Bolivia?

The most luxury hotels you will find in Bolivia are the Paulistania Casa Blanca, also the Marriott Santa Cruz de la Sierra Hotel and the Suites Camino Real.

what are the top airports to flight to in Bolivia?

what cities are worth visiting in Bolivia?

The most popular cities in Bolivia are La Paz.

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