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South America

South America is one of the top-rated continents for tourism. Whether you are on a weekend getaway trip or a long holiday, this 4th largest continent on the planet has various attractions and activities for you.


South America is stuffed with vibrant countries and a lively population, seeking any reason for festivals and carnivals that draws tourists worldwide. Moreover, its natural magnificence will stun you, including the world’s largest salt flats to the Glacier Mountains at the southernmost tip of the continent.


This continent is widely popular for its diverse landscape and wildlife, amazon forest, deserts, world largest waterfalls, and volcanos. You may also witness the world’s tallest palm trees and experience the most thrilling safari tours. It is a continent for celebrations, carnivals, festivals, and awe-inspiring dances.


South America has some extraordinary modern cities with beautiful high-rises and glorious beaches. The majority of the continent is extremely budget-friendly, and their variety of delicious cuisines are finger-licking good. It also has a long history that leaves us with historic culture and ancient sites.


Whether you stroll the modern cities, unwind on beaches, climb mountains, delve into foods, dawdle the forests or ride a bike on death road, South America has got every attraction and activity to provide a larger-than-life travel experience.


Top Destinations


South America has a total of 12 sovereign countries, and it’s sufficient to say that all of them deserve to be explored for their incredible natural wonders and tourist attractions. This continent has some magnificent attractions that couldn’t be found anywhere else on earth. Even on a long vacation, you cannot explore this continent completely. So you better list down the most popular countries of South America and visit for the trip of a lifetime.


  • Brazil


Brazil is the largest country in South America and one of the most beautiful in the world. Brazil is known for many reasons such as FIFA World Champions, FIFA World Cup host, Olympics hosts, Carnivals, and extremely colorful cities. It is also a popular country for tourism. It is a tropical paradise on the planet with its exotic beaches, parks, gardens, lush mountains, rainforests, and massive rivers.


It provides an abundance of adventure and thrill with its outdoor activities of hiking, surfing, trekking, hang gliding, and fishing.


  • Argentina


Argentina is amazingly diverse with its culture and nature. It ranges from Glacier Mountains to deserts with lush forests in between. Its architecture, art, and cultural influence is popular around the globe. Its diverse nature and long coastline provide a variety of outdoor activities such as hiking, trekking, water sports, and skiing.


  • Peru


Starting your journey in Peru is not a difficult choice to make due to its cultural, natural, and modern tourist attractions. From its popular ancient city to electrifying metropolis and Andes Mountain range, the Amazon Rainforest to the largest lake of South America, Peru offers a large variety of tourist attractions. You can opt for an adventurous, yet scenic, hikes or lookout for architectural treasures of this country.


  • Chile


Chile is a longitudinally stretched country of South America located on the brink of the South Pacific Ocean. It is mostly popular for its large variety of outdoor activities that make it a perfect destination for adventure lovers. Chile is all about its diverse landscape, national parks, and dazzling beaches. From the Andes Mountains to Torres Del Paine and from lush forests, dramatic beaches, active volcanoes, and flaming hot geysers, Chile is a paradise for thrill lovers.


Top Cities


South America has one of the most visited and most popular cities in the world. These vibrant cities provide incredible travel experiences with huge options for natural and historic tourist attractions.


  • Rio de Janeiro


This city might be the second major city in Brazil, but it is the most popular city on the continent. Rio de Janeiro hosts the best and exhilarating carnivals in the world. You can start your journey by visiting the mighty Sugarloaf Mountain and then head on to the staggering beaches of Copacabana. While you stroll the city, you may reach out to beautiful churches of Sao Francisco Convent and Sao Bento and admire their golden interior.


  • Buenos Aires


Buenos Aires is the second-largest city of South America and a political, cultural, and economic hub of the country. The city is stuffed with mesmerizing cathedrals, churches, theaters, and art galleries. Before you delve into a wonderland of steaks, make sure you visit Plaza de Mayo, Casa Rosada, Metropolitan Cathedral, Colon Theater, Caminito Street Museum, and Recoleta Cemetry.


  • Cartagena


Cartagena is one of the vibrant cities of Columbia that boasts its fabulous attractions and draws tourists from all over the world. Their primary attraction is their Walled City that offers bright sites of its vast history. You may stroll in their crowded streets or take a carriage ride and dine in their beautiful restaurants for a scrumptious meal. Some not-to-be-missed tourist attractions are Cartagena Cathedral, Santo Domingo Square, Zenu Gold Museum, and Cartagena Museum of Modern Art.


Top Airports


South America is the perfect land for your next travel destination. Your fabulous travel journey will start the moment you step foot on their upgraded international airports. The continent takes pride in its international airports that are well known for friendly staff, incredible facilities, and amenities with comfortable lounges and cafes, shops, and restaurants. While you plan to make a trip to South America, you can choose your airport from the list of the best international airports on this continent.


Rio de Janeiro International AirportGIGBrazil
Buenos Aires EzeizaEZEArgentina
Bogota El Dorado International Airport          BOG          Colombia
Montevideo International AirportMVDUruguay
Santiago International AirportSCLChile

Luxury Hotels


Few of the South American countries are already flooded with tourists, whereas very few of them are emerging tourist destinations. One thing that is common in all countries is their fabulous upgraded hotels that provide a luxurious stay. Competing on an international level and providing the best rooms and services, South American luxury hotels are equally contributing to promoting their tourism. Some of the incredibly luxurious hotels are:




Top Landmarks


Iguazu Falls (Argentina & Brazil)Salar De Uyuni (Bolivia)
Cristo Redentor (Brazil)Torres Del Paine (Chile)
Machu Picchu (Peru)Amazon Rain Forest (9 Countries)
Angel Falls (Venezuela)Easter Island (Chile)
Perito Moreno Glacier (Argentina)          Sugar Loaf (Brazil)

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