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Brazil is a popular tourist destination in South America. It is the largest country in South America, located almost fully in the Southern Hemisphere, with a tropical climate for rainforests and budding wildlife and plant species. Brazil is blessed with mineral resources, and its vast Atlantic coast contains some of the most beautiful beaches.


Brazil is one of the most visited countries in South America. The country is an enriching cultural hub with tropical weather, creating the perfect climate for jungle hikes and beach relaxation. You can also find excitement in Rio's Carnival and captivating museums.


Top Destinations


Here are the top destinations in Brazil, these destinations are excellent examples of Brazil's varied regions and vast cultures.


  • Rio de Janeiro


Rio is one of the top destinations you should never miss in Brazil; most visitors enjoy vivid lifestyles nestled between rainforests hills and fabulous beaches.


One top attraction in Rio is the Ipanema Beach; the beach was made popular with the song The Girl from Ipanema. There are a lot of activities on the beach, such as soccer, Brazilian footvolley, volleyball, and many more.


Where to stay in Rio de Janeiro


  • São Paulo


São Paulo is Brazil's center of trade and industry and the largest city in South America. In São Paulo, you will be able to explore art and culture.


If you are also looking to learn Portuguese in Brazil and do some great shopping, then Sao Paulo is the right location.


Where to stay in Sao Paulo


  • Pelourinho and Salvador


Here is a city for history lovers! The city is the old center of Salvador. Pelourinho is at the center around the old slave auction. Some of the top attractions are Old Churches, Museums, fantastic nightlife, pastel-hued buildings luxury restaurants.


If you are looking for a location with a lot of entertainment, food, and where to take ​colorful colonial buildings pictures, Pelourinho is the right place.


Where to stay in Pelourinho and Salvador


  • Recife


Here is another top destination that offers visitors two carnivals a year, plus dance, music, beaches, and Olinda.


The city is intersected by two major rivers leading to the Atlantic Ocean, the Capibaribe, and the Beberibe, located in Pernambuco state.


Where to stay in Recife


  • Buzios


One of the most popular cities in Brazil is Buzios, not far away from Rio de Janeiro (just two hours' drive). Its relaxed hedonistic style and twenty-plus beaches liken it to Saint Tropez.


You will be able to have great fun, as the city is well known for giving life and fun to all visitors.


Where to stay in Buzios

Most Popular Areas in Brazil

Luxury Hotels in Brazil


Brazil is a country with a lot of luxury hotels; if you are looking for a luxury hotel to lodge in Brazil, you shouldn't be worried, as you will get more than enough depending on your destination.


Here is a list of top luxury hotels in Brazil.


Rua São Carlos do Pinhal, 424 - Bela Vista

São Paulo - SP, 01333-000

Rua Pamplona, 83 - Bela Vista

São Paulo - SP, 01405-000

Rua São Carlos do Pinhal, 200 - Bela Vista

São Paulo - SP, 01333-000

Av. Pres. Vargas, 392 - Centro

Rio de Janeiro - RJ, 20071-000

Av. Princesa Isabel, 392 - Copacabana

Rio de Janeiro - RJ, 22011-010

Rua Chile, 20 - Centro Histórico

Salvador - BA, 40020-000

Av. Boa Viagem, 420 - Boa Viagem

Recife - PE, 51011-000

Av. Eng. Domingos Ferreira, 4661 - Boa Viagem

Recife - PE, 51021-040

Top Events in Brazil


You are coinciding your holiday to one of Brazil's towns or cities with an event or cultural festivals a great way to gain more value out of your time and money, enjoying unique perspectives on local customs and beliefs and culture. You will get to experience togetherness and palpable atmosphere. If you are open-minded and full of adventurous spirit, you can create special memories filled with excitement, color, shared joy, music, and balanced life.


  • Festa do Bonfim & Washing of the steps, Salvador                   
When: Second Thursday after Three Kings Day (6th January)
  • Carnival, Rio de Janeiro & Salvador
When: Mid-February
  • Semana Santa, Ouro Preto
When: Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday
  • Amazonas Festival of Opera, Manaus
When: April & May
  • Festa Junina, Northern Brazil
When: Throughout June
  • Festival de Cachaça, Paraty
When: August
  • Oktoberfest, Blumenau
When: Early to mid-October
  • Brazilian Grand Prix, São Paulo
When: Early or mid-November
  • Reveillon, Rio de Janeiro
When: 31st December


Top Attractions


Brazil makes over $1 billion yearly from tourism. The untouched wilderness of the Amazon Rainforest and long white sand beaches of the Amazon rainforest are the significant attractions of Brazil. The historical and cultural importance of the nation is also a side attraction to a large number of foreign tourists. Here are the top 12 main tourist attractions in Brazil.


  1. Sugar Loaf Mountain, Rio de Janeiro
  2. Cristo Redentor (Christ the Redeemer), Rio de Janeiro
  3. Carnaval, Rio de Janeiro
  4. Iguazu Falls, Parana
  5. Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro
  6. Amazon Rain Forests, Amazonas
  7. Brasília's Modernist Architecture
  8. Pelourinho, Salvador
  9. Ouro Preto State of Minas
  10. Pernambuco Beaches
  11. Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais
  12. Art Museums of Sao Paulo


If you are planning your next holiday to be in the South America region, then Brazil is indeed one of the best tourist centers in South America. You can consider adding Brazil into your list before shortlisting which country to go to.

FAQs about hotels in Brazil

Find answers to commonly asked questions about Brazil hotels

what are the best rated hotels in Brazil?

The best rated hotels in Brazil are the Portobello Park Hotel, also the San Marino Hotel & Suites and the The Time Othon Suites.

what are the top budget hotels in Brazil?

The hotels where you will find the best rates in Brazil are the Bee.W Hostel & Bar, also the Hotel Dany and the Bruma.

what are the most luxury hotels in Brazil?

The most luxury hotels you will find in Brazil are the Hilton Copacabana Rio de Janeiro, also the JW Marriott Hotel Rio de Janeiro and the Sheraton Grand Rio Hotel & Resort.

what cities are worth visiting in Brazil?

The most popular cities in Brazil are Porto Seguro, also the Rio de Janeiro and the Sao Paulo.

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