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When it comes to geography, Argentina is an incredibly multiform country; it includes everything from humid jungles to harsh deserts — starting from the Patagonia subtropical north to the south sub-antarctic regions.


Argentina is also rich in architectural heritage, artistic and cultural, that has drawn upon numerous impacts from around the globe. Argentina has many exotic and colorful neighborhoods, like vogue areas in Buenos Aires, and Palermo, which has one the most European feels, and it is perhaps the best place you can begin your visit. It is also one of the best spots to learn the famous Tango.


The country's cultural attractions and natural wonders are the main draws, as Argentina borders the world's largest group of waterfalls, the beautiful Iguazu Falls, which also borders Brazil, and the vast glaciers of the snow-capped Andes.


Top attractions in Argentina


Thousands of tourists have been discovering Argentina. The country gives the best to all tourists—from spectacular diverse terrain, including breathtaking coastlines and soaring mountain peaks, exciting cities, wine country, and thriving nightlife to charming historical villages. It will be a bit hard to decide what to put on your itinerary with so much to do.


●       Perito Moreno Glacier - Location: Santa Cruz Province


●       Puerto Madryn and Valdés Peninsula - Location: Chubut Province


●       Mar del Plata - Location: Buenos Aires


●       Bariloche and Argentina's Lake District - Location: Río Negro



Luxury hotels in Argentina


It’s always a good idea to treat and pamper yourself in a luxury hotel. There are a lot of luxury hotels in Argentina, and each of the hotels offers a luxurious stay complete with sought-after activities, gorgeous views, and high-class facilities. There is nothing better than having a great time in Argentina and pampering yourself in one of the best luxury hotels.


Below is a list of top Luxury Hotels in Argentina.


●       Nh Buenos Aires Tango Hotel

         Cerrito 550, C1010AAL CABA, Argentina


●       Viamonte Buenos Aires Apart Hotel

         Viamonte 1373, C1053 ACA, Buenos Aires, Argentina

●       Nh Buenos Aires 9 de Julio Hotel

         Cerrito 154, C1010AAD CABA                                                            

●       Park Hyatt Mendoza Hotel

         Chile 1124, 5500 Mendoza


Top Destinations


Your trip to Argentina won't be complete without visiting these beautiful destinations. These cities will give you the best experience you will ever have on your holiday to Argentina. Below is a list of the top destinations' hotels.


Buenos Aires                   El Calafate               Mendoza                  Tunuyan                El Bolson                 


Top Events in Argentina


Argentina is a vast country with amazing cities that will brighten up your holiday; there is much to see and do in this beautiful South American country. Not only is there incredible scenery and great food, but there are also spectacular events that will leave you with incredible memories.


If you are traveling to the South America country but haven't made a decision on the best time to go, read on to see the full list of the top events in Argentina.



When:  February and March

Bariloche a La Carta

When: first half of October

El Lúpulo al Palo

When: Mid-February

Bienal de Escultura

When: Third week of July

Fiesta Nacional de Doma y Folklore

When: First weekend of January

Fiesta de la Cereza

When: Second weekend of January.

Fiesta Nacional del Chivo

When: First weekend in January

Fiesta de Nuestra Señora del Valle

When: December 8

Parade Marcha de Los Bombs

When: Last week of July


When: First two weeks of October

Desafío Ushuaia

When: August and duathlon in March.

Fiesta Nacional de la Nieve

When: August

Fiesta Provincial de Trucha

When: Early November

Semana de la Bandera

When: June 20

Carnaval de Gualeguaychú

When: Mid-January to late February

Fiesta Nacional del Sol

When: Last weekend in February                        

Festival Nacional del Folklore

When: Last week of January                                   

Fiesta Nacional de la Rosa Mosqueta

When: May 3



Best Time to Travel


Traveling to Argentina is exciting, as there are an array of landscapes for you to explore. Depending on the activities you wish to partake in, and the sites you'd like to see will depict which months you travel. To avoid peak season prices and tourist crowds, you should visit in the Spring (October to mid-December) and Autumn (April to mid-June). Continue reading for regional weather information split by Central, North, and South Argentina.


●       North Argentina


There are three climate zones in Northern Argentina. A great place to visit during warm and humid weather is Iguazu Falls; this area is very tropical. The landscape will become arid when you travel into the west towards Salta. You can go more into the west where you will experience the world’s driest desert, Atacama. During the winter, you will experience a chilly evening and downright cold nights in the desert. The temperature during the day time in the winter is more pleasant than summer with 40°C temperatures.


●       Central Argentina


In Central Argentina, the average daytime temperature is a very comfortable 18°C, and the region's warmest months are January, February, and December. If you plan to visit Buenos Aires (Central Argentina) during this period, make sure you bring along an extra jumper to wear.


If you are visiting Mendoza and you are a wine lover, the best time to travel is in February or March when they harvest the grapes. There is a Mediterranean climate in Mendoza, which makes it perfect for traveling all year round.


●       South Argentina


Do you want to travel to Tierra del Fuego and Argentine Patagonia in the South? The best time to visit is from December to March. During this period, the temperature will be at 5°C. At this time of the year, you will experience longer days, which will give you more time to enjoy the floating icebergs and glaciers.


Going during the winter months, July and August, will be a bad idea as the southern region will experience freezing weather. This might make some stores shut down, and buses are less frequent. Visiting during the moderate months of April, May, and September will let you experience a variety of more favorable weather conditions.

FAQs about hotels in Argentina

Find answers to commonly asked questions about Argentina hotels

what are the best rated hotels in Argentina?

The best rated hotels in Argentina are the Solans Presidente, also the Sierra Nevada and the Hotel Costa Rica.

what are the top budget hotels in Argentina?

The hotels where you will find the best rates in Argentina are the Marcopolo Inn Iguazú, also the Hotel Mundial and the Hostel Inn Iguazu.

what are the most luxury hotels in Argentina?

The most luxury hotels you will find in Argentina are the Hotel Claridge, also the Alvear Art Hotel and the Llao Llao Hotel & Resort Golf-Spa.

what are the top airports to flight to in Argentina?

what cities are worth visiting in Argentina?

The most popular cities in Argentina are Buenos Aires.

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