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Paraguay is a country located right in the center of South America masked behind the neighboring countries. It is a landlocked country bordered with Colombia, Argentina, and Bolivia. Paraguay is one of the least visited countries, which is also an opportunity to explore the unexplored magnificence of this land.


The country encourages travelers to explore its natural reserves and absorb the real wind of South America. With turbulent history, the country is poor economically but enriched with natural wonders of Chaco wilderness, Caverna Kamba Hopo, and several waterfalls, including Iguazu Falls, Monday Falls, and Nacunday waterfalls.


The Gran Chaco covers 60% of the land in Paraguay, and it possesses intriguing wildlife with over 500 species of tropical birds. You can also visit the famous UNESCO World Heritage Site of Jesuit Ruins in Paraguay and learn about the history of the Jesuit Colonies and Guarani War in 1756. With its diverse landscape, you will find amazing national parks with lakes and caves perfect for spelunking.


Paraguay boasts its culture with many festivals all year round. Attending their festivals provide a delightful experience where the locals exhibit their traditional dresses, music, food, and national drink “terere.” You may also meet the friendly locals and make some new friends or visit their beautiful markets and shop for your favorites.


Top Destinations


Paraguay is a small underrated country unspoiled of tourism, and it is mostly famous for its natural wonders. Travelers are often unaware of the tourist attractions and beauty Paraguay contains, so it is often overlooked as a vacation destination. However, if you visit Paraguay, you will experience a genuine trip you won’t soon forget. 


  • Asuncion


Asuncion is the capital and largest city of Paraguay. Asuncion is a charming capital city with fantastic tourist attractions of neoclassical buildings, historical museums, and beautiful, bustling markets. You can stroll its beautiful coastal boardwalk at Asuncion Bay and Independence Square to observe some striking architecture of pastel-hued buildings and the Asuncion Cathedral.


The most prominent and highlighted tourist attraction is a neoclassical structure of Palacio de Los Lopez, and this iconic building serves the seat of government. The city also offers a variety of museums to visit, including Casa de la Independencia Museum, Museum of Natural History, Museum of Sacred Art, and the Museum of Fine Arts. You can also visit its Municipal Theater to witness some traditional performances or observe the local culture in Mercado 4 and look out for traditional crafts.


  • Ciudad del Este


Ciudad del Este is another city in Paraguay with a few fantastic attractions that draw travelers to it. First and foremost, the top-rated attraction is the incredible natural wonder of Iguazu Falls shared with the borders of Colombia and Argentina. Iguazu Falls provide an astonishing view.


Another favorite activity is to walk on the Friendship Bridge that connects Ciudad del Este to the Brazilian city of Foz do Iguacu. You can also stroll in the city and view the beautiful architecture of San Blas Cathedral.


Top Airports


Paraguay is one of the least visited countries in the world. Most visitors often fly from Argentina or a few other South American countries. Paraguay hardly serves 1 million travelers in a whole year, and they don’t feel the need to upgrade their airport facilities. However, like every country, Paraguay also has several airports, among which only 2 are international airports, including the Asuncion International Airport and the Guarani International Airport. The remaining are regional airports, and very few of them have scheduled flights.


Asuncion International Airport serves the largest and capital city of Paraguay, and it is a primary gateway to this country. The airport provides a large number of facilities, including VIP Lounges, cafes, restaurants, duty-free shops, and transportation.


Luxury Hotels


The country is visited for multiple reasons, including business, education, recreation, and tourism, and the basic necessity of any traveler is accommodation. Paraguay may not have the utmost luxurious atmosphere and tourist attractions, but it certainly has impressive luxury hotels with spectacular facilities and amenities. Since you will be roaming in its capital for most of your trip, you can choose any luxury hotel from the list below.






One intriguing factor associated with Paraguay is its cuisine. Paraguayan cuisine is full of colors and flavors. Its irresistible aromatic set of dishes speaks for the fantastic culinary techniques of Paraguay. The country is famous in South America for the high-quality beef it exports. After Argentina, Paraguay becomes the country with more annual beef consumption per individual.


Paraguay offers a tasty treat for your palate. The Paraguayan cuisine reflects historical times of Spanish invasion and colonialism. The ingredients are also quite similar to European dishes, but their taste is out of this world. Savor the local food to intrigue your taste buds and dive in the best traditional Paraguayan dishes from the list below.


Bori BoriLomito
Pira Caldo          Chipa
PucheroGuiso Popo

Best Time to Travel


Paraguay has a mixture of tropical and sub-tropical climates. The Gran Chaco has a tropical climate, whereas the remaining 40% of the land has a temperate climate. With very moderate rainfall throughout the year and pleasantly warm temperature, you can visit this country at any time of the year.


The summer season goes from November until late March with a maximum temperature of 34 degrees Celsius and a minimum of 22 degrees Celsius. Most travelers tend to visit Paraguay in the summer season, where a little rainfall results in cool gusty winds and a dramatic drop in temperature. If you are not comfortable with high levels of humidity, you better avoid visiting during these months.


Another great time to visit Paraguay is from April to September when temperature varies from slightly warm weather to cold weather with no rain at all. Weather is very comfortable during these months, and you will also witness the most number of festivals. With a few warm clothes and light jackets, you will be set to visit incredible sightseeing spots.

FAQs about hotels in Paraguay

Find answers to commonly asked questions about Paraguay hotels

what are the best rated hotels in Paraguay?

The best rated hotels in Paraguay are the Hotel Bristol, also the Gran Hotel Armele and the Portal del Sol.

what are the most luxury hotels in Paraguay?

The most luxury hotels you will find in Paraguay are the Sheraton Asuncion Hotel, also the Aloft Asuncion and the Granados Park Hotel.

what are the top airports to flight to in Paraguay?

what cities are worth visiting in Paraguay?

The most popular cities in Paraguay are Asuncion.

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