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During the last five years, Colombia has appeared to be very peaceful, and one of the most visited countries in South America.


Today, Colombia reflects a megadiverse country with unique landscapes and cities. It has the mighty Andes Mountain range, and the Amazon Rainforest covers 41% of the land. Its unique ecosystem and wildlife, including the majority of endangered habitats, make it popular among globetrotters.


Colombia is also famous for its beaches, and with its large Caribbean and Pacific coastline, it gives you the luxury to choose between a Caribbean beach and a Pacific beach. These beaches offer a fantastic opportunity for watersports such as kitesurfing, waterskiing, and snorkeling to gaze at the beautiful reefs. If you are lucky enough, you may also experience a whale-watching activity in the Pacific.


Its diverse landscape, including beautiful snowcapped mountains and a total to 59 national parks, offer a magical sightseeing opportunity and amazing outdoor activities, such as hiking on long and adventurous trails. One of the famous hiking trails in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta leads you to the “lost city” of Ciudad Perdida, an abandoned village older than Machu Picchu.


Colombians are quite famous for their hospitality and friendliness. During your trip to Colombia, you must visit their quaint colonial villages and learn about its fascinating history. You should also admire Colombian architecture. You may head into their nightclubs to experience Colombia’s finest nightlife with lively singing and dancing.


Top Destinations


Colombia has a long list of wonderful cities enriched with an interesting history of colonization and crime. While you learn about its history, you will be amazed by the splendid Colombian architecture and cobbled streets. You can reach out to cities located on coastal lines or explore the mighty nature of numerous cities.


  • Bogota


Bogota is the very large capital city and one of the high-altitude metropolia, being 2500 meters above sea level. Usually, Bogota is a primary destination for the majority of tourists, and this city offers intriguing sites with a fascinating history and amazing architecture to gaze. 


The first and foremost sites to visit are its gorgeous museums, and the popular ones are Museo Santa ClaraGold Museum and Botero Museum, and National Museum. While you stroll through the city, you will come across the mesmerizing Colombian architecture of the Church of San Francisco and Plaza de Bolivar. If you wish for a panoramic view of Bogota, then reach the top of Monserrate Mountain


  • Cartagena


Cartagena is one of the most visited cities in Colombia, located on the Caribbean Coast. Its highlighted tourist attraction is a historic yet charming site of Walled City. With beautiful architecture, street-side live singing, and dancing, Walled City has an authentic Colombian atmosphere.


Cartagena is a bustling city with lively Colombians and an amazing environment, and you can observe it at Bolivar SquareSanto Domingo Square, and Aduana Square.


Boquilla Beach is a favorite destination for adventure lovers. You will find an abundance of kite-surfers and a variety of restaurants around this beach. If water seems congested or you are a new kite-surfer, you can head towards Manzanillo Beach, which is very less congested.


  • Medellin


From the most dangerous city in the world to the most innovative city on earth, Medellin is one of the highlighted cities popular for tourism. This second-largest city of Colombia draws tourists from all over the world for its amazing tourist attractions, cliff-hanging neighborhoods, and delicious coffee.


Botero Square Sculpture Park is the most popular tourist attraction among travelers with incredible sculptures donated by Fernando Botero. His finest and famous painting of “Death of Pablo Escobar” is in the Museum of Antioquia. You may also visit a unique attraction of Cisneros Square with 300 light poles. These 24-meter high light poles draw people for its uniqueness during the day and its magnificence during the night. 


Top Airports


Colombia is quite famous worldwide, and it has seen a significant increase in its tourism during the previous five years; although, there are few airports preferred for international flights.


Millions of travelers have been departing and arriving in Colombia for more than five decades, but since it has caught the attention of globetrotters, the international airports have been upgraded with fantastic passenger facilities and guaranteed services. If you plan to visit Colombia, you can land on the following international airports with amazing customer services and all the facilities you need.


El DoradoBOGBogota
Jose M. CordovaMDEMedellin
Rafael NunezCTGCartagena
Alfonso BonillaCLOCali
Ernesto Cortissoz          BAQ          Barranquilla

Luxury Hotels


With accelerated tourism, Colombia is working day and night to increase and upgrade its hotel accommodation for tourists. The country has added a large number of luxury hotels with deluxe rooms and soothing amenities for its guests.


You can find such amazing hotels in every city in Colombia. Since tourists prefer to explore the major cities of the country such a Bogota, Cartagena and Medellin, Colombia has state-of-the-art luxury hotels in abundance in these cities.






Colombia has a diverse culture and tradition with a variety of carnivals and festivals throughout the annual calendar. Such carnivals and festivals exhibit the authenticity of the country’s culture. Colombia hosts some multi-hued festivals, and you may attend them to experience this once in a lifetime journey. Some carnivals are hosted only for a day, while many others last for a few days. While you plan your visit to Colombia, search for upcoming carnivals and festivals to attend.


  • Carnival of Barranquilla


Carnival of Barranquilla starts in the first week of February, but you can observe its preparation from Mid-January. It is the second-largest carnival celebration in the world. You will enjoy their traditional music, dances, theatrical performances, and rowdy street celebrations.


  • Carnival of Blacks and Whites


This carnival originated during the Spanish Rule, and it is from January 2nd to January 7th. It is one of the oldest festivals that happen in southern Colombia, and it is a cultural exhibition of different races in the country. During this carnival, people tend to mask each other with black and white colors.


  • The Flower Fair


Taking place in Medellin, it is a 10-day flower festival participated by people of all ages. Starting in the first week of August, this flower fair exhibits an array of locally grown vivacious flowers and their cultural association with such flowers.


Best Time to Visit


Colombia has a tropical climate due to its geographical location near the equator with the Caribbean and Pacific coastlines so that the country can be visited at any time of the year. With no extreme weather, Colombia still has some dry and wet months. Since the dryer months are the preferable months for tourism, you can visit Colombia during peak months of December and March to enjoy the best of this country’s landscape, cities, and beaches.


Moreover, you can have an amazing experience of humpback-whale watching in the Pacific Ocean.

FAQs about hotels in Colombia

Find answers to commonly asked questions about Colombia hotels

what are the best rated hotels in Colombia?

The best rated hotels in Colombia are the Zuetana 106, also the Blue Cove and the Hotel Barlovento.

what are the top budget hotels in Colombia?

The hotels where you will find the best rates in Colombia are the Interamericano, also the Hotel Casa Isla de Manga .

what are the most luxury hotels in Colombia?

The most luxury hotels you will find in Colombia are the Grand Hyatt Bogota, also the Charleston Santa Teresa Cartagena and the NH Collection Medellín Royal.

what are the top airports to flight to in Colombia?

what cities are worth visiting in Colombia?

The most popular cities in Colombia are Cartagena, also the Medellin .

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