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Quite less famous Central American country, Nicaragua might sound like a new name to most. Despite its excellent geographical location where Costa Rica borders in the north, the Caribbean on the east, and the Pacific Ocean on the west, this country remains unrecognizable to the majority of travelers. Nicaragua is a perfect getaway destination for people seeking a nature full of calmness and serenity.


Nicaragua is ruled by Spanish Colonial for over many centuries and left behind their fabulous colonial architecture in their major cities. The country has a variety of museums exhibiting graffiti art by natives and displaying historic fighters and their struggle in times of revolution. The picturesque colonial towns of Granada and Leon also house some ancient ruins and host vibrant local festivals.


It is a very less crowded land with a population a bit shy of 7 million. Since it is a less popular tourist destination, you can explore the whole of Nicaragua in a very minimal budget. Whether it is food, shopping, lodging, tourist attractions, activities, or transportation, you can easily bear the expense of all.


Nicaragua has islands of its own, and it is home to the largest freshwater lake in Central America, covering an area of over 8,000 square km. The marvelous landscape of jungle and active young volcanoes makes it a dream destination for adventure enthusiasts. With over 550 miles stretched coastal line, primary-grown rainforest, and six active volcanoes, Nicaragua is a hot spot for adventure lovers. Its small islands, less populated and calm surf towns, and sandy beaches make it a perfect destination for leisure travelers and honeymooners.


If you plan to visit Nicaragua, better make it in the summer season, which is pretty much favorable for tourism. During the winter months of May to November, you will find daily rainfall. The tropical storms during September and October struck the Caribbean coast. Summers are suitable to relax on their sandy beaches and soak some sun.


Top Hotels


Accommodation plays a vital role in shaping the overall travel experience of tourists, and it takes only a moment to ruin it. Nicaragua owns fabulous hotels and resorts to surplus the travel experience with additional pleasure. Since Nicaragua is an extremely inexpensive country, the 5-star and 4-star luxury hotels also come with very nominal rates.


No one in their right mind would prefer a mediocre hotel over luxury yet cheap hotels. Fabulous hotels with variety of amenities includes Hilton Princess Managua, Crowne Plaza Managua and Real Intercontinental Managua at Metrocentro Mall.


Among all state-of-the-art hotels of Granada, you have the amazing Casa Xanadu, La Gran Francia and Jicaro Island Lodge. On the other hand, Leon has no better spectacular hotels than Hotel La Perla and Hotel La Recoleccion.


Top Airport


Nicaragua is not a frequently visited country by travelers. Even with slow emergence as a tourist destination, its primary International Airport is enough to cater to the inflow. Though Nicaragua has many airports serving domestically and privately, it has only one international airport located in the capital city of Nicaragua known as Augusto Cesar Sandino International Airport.


Since the majority of tourists prefer to visit the western area of Nicaragua, Augusto Cesar Sandino International Airport is a primary destination for foreign travelers. Ground transportation and domestic airports are used to travel to other vibrant cities of Nicaragua. Despite a moderate flow of traffic, Nicaragua International Airport has a restaurant and cafes for its visitors.



Top Destinations


Among all the cities of Nicaragua, you need to visit only four amazing towns that this country is all about. These cities are home to not only natural tourist attractions, but they also have preserved culture, tradition, and historical displays in their museums and cathedrals. The tourist-friendly destinations of Nicaragua will turn your visit into one of your best and unique travel experiences. The famous towns of Nicaragua are Managua, Granada, Leon, and Masaya.


  • Managua


Despite being a capital city of Nicaragua, travelers used to skip this city and head straight to colonial cities of Granada and Leon. However, times have changed substantially. Managua has taken enough time to bloom after a severe earthquake in 1972, but it has lately become an addition to the list of top tourist destinations of Nicaragua.


Managua is now home to modern malls, impressive infrastructure, and fabulous parks along the lake shore. Explore Managua with a visit to Loma de Tiscapa National Historic Park. It is situated at the highest point in the city at Tiscapa Hill. Take a picture with a giant silhouette of national hero General Augusto Calderon Sandino and learn about its historic fight to free his homeland from the US invasion. You will surely love the panoramic view of Tiscapa Lagoon.


Alongside, you can visit the Managua Cathedral or learn about Nicaraguan culture at Managua Cultural Center. Puerto Salvador Allende is a prime promenade for tourists to freshen up and grab a bite to eat of Nicaraguan authentic street food.


  • Granada


Granada is a deserving name on the tourist destination’s bucket list. This city possesses a history of Spanish colonial ruling for centuries and repeated pirate invasions. Along with Spanish colonial landmarks, Granada offers fascinating tourist attractions.


The primary tourist attraction is a Granada Cathedral, which is also known as “Our Lady of the Assumption Cathedral.” You need a fully charged camera to capture the beauty of this stunning neoclassical Catholic Cathedral.


The Central Park and La Polvora Fort and Museum are the must-visit tourist attractions. You can also observe the private collection of more than 15,000 pieces of Pre-Columbian Ceramics at Mi Museo Granada Collection.


  • Masaya


Located in Western Nicaragua, Masaya is home to the most active volcanoes and craters of Nicaragua. You will find a variety of churches in this small town. Moreover, you can loosen up your mind and body at shining Apoyo Lagoon.


Folklore Museum is a fascinating place to visit where they focus on dance, local myths, cultural values, and traditions. You can also shop from Masaya Old Market, where you will observe their local culture very closely.


  • Leon


Leon is one of the favorite and most visited cities of Nicaragua, and its plentiful tourist attractions will keep you entertained. Before you start your journey in Leon, it is preferred to observe a magical panoramic view of the city and its surrounding active volcanos by climbing to the roof of Leon Cathedral.


The city has Ruben Dario Park and Ruben Dario Museum dedicated and named after their historic poet who had a great influence on Spanish literature and Journalism of the 20th century. You will be amazed to see the eye-catching artwork displayed at Ortiz Guardian Foundation Art Center.


You can also try your luck for a fortune at La Perla Casino or lay down on sandy beach of Las Penitas


FAQs about hotels in Nicaragua

Find answers to commonly asked questions about Nicaragua hotels

what are the best rated hotels in Nicaragua?

The best rated hotels in Nicaragua are the Best Western Las Mercedes, also the Hotel Europeo and the Hotel Plaza Colon.

what are the top budget hotels in Nicaragua?

The hotels where you will find the best rates in Nicaragua are the Airport Inn Managua.

what are the most luxury hotels in Nicaragua?

The most luxury hotels you will find in Nicaragua are the Real InterContinental Managua at Metrocentro Mall, also the Hilton Princess Managua and the Hotel Globales Camino Real Managua.

what are the top airports to flight to in Nicaragua?

The most popular airport in Nicaragua is the Managua, Nicaragua (MGA-Augusto C. Sandino Intl.).

what cities are worth visiting in Nicaragua?

The most popular cities in Nicaragua are Granada, also the Managua and the Montelimar.