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If you are planning for your next travel journey, and you are deciding between North America and South America, you should opt for the “Middle-Way Philosophy of Buddha.” Make your dream a reality and visit Mexico and Central American countries, and you can thank the philosophy later.


Central America and Mexico will offer you a grandeur travel experience that you won’t expect. Sandwiched between the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean, these countries have a diverse landscape, tropical climate, rain forests, volcanoes, and islands. You can stroll through the jungles, unwind on their dramatic beaches, admire the beautiful wildlife, and make a visit to any of 16 UNESCO World’s Heritage Sites.


This narrow isthmus is a paradise for adventure lovers offering a wide variety of outdoor activities from hiking and trekking to kayaking and diving. Central America & Mexico also have several vibrant cities with a wide range of tourist attractions such as the zoo, botanic gardens, museums, galleries, and rowdy markets. While you dive into majestic sceneries and enjoy the adventures, try to attend their seasonal festivals to understand their culture and interact with graceful locals.


Top Destinations


Central American countries and Mexico make a total of 8 countries in this region, but every country draws tourist attractions equally. A visit to all countries is a game for several months, but you can experience the best travel journey by visiting the most popular and visited countries in this region. They are not just attractive, but they also offer their scrumptious food that appeases your appetite.


  • Mexico


Mexico is very popular for its exhilarating culture, spicy food, sombrero hats, and Mexican music. It has also become a popular tourist destination among globetrotters with its amazing landscape, beaches, and street food. Short vacation or a long one, Mexico is increasingly becoming a favorite tourist destination for people from Europe, North America, South America, and certainly all over the world.


It has white and golden dramatic beaches, colonial cities with wonderful architecture, ancient ruins of Mayan sites, and nonstop dancing traditions. Explore their capital city, Mexico City, and visit the National Museum of Anthropology, Palace of Fine Arts, and Metropolitan Cathedral.


  • Costa Rica


A home of ecotourism and wilderness, Costa Rica will take your heart away with its incredible natural sightseeing. It is a dreamland of natural attractions and adventurous outdoor activities. From all active volcanoes to lush national parks and the vibrant city of San Jose, Costa Rica ensures a travel experience of a lifetime.


Your bucket list must include Arenal Volcano, Manuel Antonio National Park, San Jose National Theater, and Rincon de la Vieja National Park.


As you explore the country, make sure you indulge in adventurous outdoor activities such as hiking, trekking, and zip lining in the national parks and volcanoes. You should also go snorkeling and scuba diving in its sparkling blue sea.


  • Panama


Panama is a small isthmus connecting North and South America. Like all Central American countries, Panama also possesses grandeur natural wonders, but it also has a vibrant and glittering cosmopolitan metropolis, Panama City, that offers plenty of tourist attractions. The city is also a starting point for a marvelous travel journey.


Panama City offers fascinating and intriguing attractions and activities, including the Panama Canal, the old town of San Felipe, the Biodiversity Museum, the Panama Rainforest Discovery Center, and the Plaza de Francia.


Once you are done with Panama City, head on to explore the beauty of Panama and delve into adventure and thrilling activities like kitesurfing at Punta Chame, hike in Boquete, and surf at Santa Catalina.


Top Beaches


The most common thing between South American countries and Mexico is an abundance of remarkable beaches. They are amazingly beautiful with golden and white sand, refreshing sea breezes, and shimmering blue waters. There are numerous beaches in every country, and if you are a beach lover, you should visit these prime beaches.


  • Akumal Beach (Mexico)


Akumal Beach is one of the famous beaches of Mexico located in Riviera Maya, and Akumal means “Place of Turtles.” Along with enjoying your moment on this shimmering beach, you can also witness sea turtles laying eggs. Moreover, if you go for snorkeling or scuba diving, you will encounter a magnificent marine life ecosystem and a variety of fishes.


  • Playa Tamarindo (Costa Rica)


Playa Tamarindo is the best beach in Costa Rica, surrounded by fine dining restaurants and hotels. You can spend your entire day soaking sun and dipping in the sea, or if you are a night owl, you can enjoy the best nightlife at this beach.


  • Starfish Beach (Panama)


Starfish Beach is in Bocas Del Toro, and it is one of the finest beaches of Panama. With such amazing beaches and their rough waves, Panama is called the surfing capital of Central America. You can admire the golden starfishes or scuba dive.


Top Airports


Central America and Mexico are gaining significant attention from tourists, and for that matter, the countries are striving to improve their services and international airports up to an extent where it will complement their beautiful land. These airports are used by many international airlines of North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. Now that you have decided to experience an amazing travel journey to Central America and Mexico, make sure you fly to one of the following airports to make your journey more interesting.


Cancun International AirportCUNMexico
Mexico City International AirportMEXMexico
Panama City International AirportPTYPanama
San Jose International AirportSYQCosta Rica
San Salvador International Airport          SAL          El Salvador

Luxury Hotels


Regardless of what kind of trip a visitor is making, a country has to have a few necessities that every visitor needs, and luxury accommodation is one of them. Moreover, these luxury accommodations contribute to the country’s tourism. Gladly, Central America and Mexico offer great luxury hotels and resort-style hotels. These tropical lands with their awe-inspiring luxury hotels will ensure you a lifetime tropical travel experience. You can select a hotel yourself or choose from the following list of best hotels.




Best Time to Travel


A quality travel experience asks for mild weather because any extreme weather will only spoil it. However, tropical weather is the most favorite among tourists. Fortunately, Central America and Mexico have beautiful tropical weather, and you can treat yourself a visit to these amazing countries at any time of the year.


The best thing about the climate of Central America and Mexico is that they all are more or less the same, and dry seasons are the best season to travel. From November to April, you make the more of your travel journey in these countries. Moreover, during this period, you can travel to more than one country, knowing that the weather is perfect.

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