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Panama is a small but very prominent Central American country. Bordered with the South American continent and having the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans on either side, Panama is a significant country for transportation purposes. It is a convenient connecting point for international airlines with final destinations in South America, Central America, and the Caribbean Islands.


It is a vast country on a small land with diverse nature and ecotourism. This country is a natural treasure trove with rainforests, mountain forests, a large variety of plants, and fascinating wildlife.


Panama is a favorable country for adventure seekers with vast options of adventurous outdoor activities such as hiking, ziplining, and white-water rafting. The mountain summits will provide you a jaw-dropping view of this fantastic country.


Fortunately, it has a tropical climate, and you can use US dollar currency throughout the country. Panama has a long history of Spanish Colonialism, and it was a part of Columbia until 1903. You will find some historical glimpses in streets with colonial architecture, and it is also preserved in its museums.


Panama is a hot destination for tourism with numerous small islands and stunning beaches. You will fall in love with its delicious aromatic food and oh-so-awesome coffee. You may visit its marvelous shopping malls and enjoy Panama’s fantastic nightlife. It would be fair to say that you will be surprised by endless attractions in such a small country.


Top Destinations


Panama is a narrow isthmus of Central America with very few cities, but its tourist attractions can be found throughout the country. From its cosmopolitan metropolis to small cities, you can find all kinds of attractions such as mountains, forests, beaches, museums, galleries and much more. Since it is a small country, many tourists visit this country to explore its natural wonders and quaint cities.


  • Panama City


Panama City is a cosmopolitan metropolis and a primary destination for tourists. It possesses some of the top attractions of the whole country. With incredible skyscrapers and modern shopping malls, this city has also preserved its fascinating history in the charming historic district of Casco Viejo, also known as San Felipe. It is the most highlighted attraction of this city, with its narrow streets and mesmerizing pastel-hued colonial buildings.


Another top attraction of Panama City includes a visit to the Panama Canal that plays a vital role in transportation from the Atlantic to the Pacific. You can observe the freighters crossing the country, or you can take a boat tour of the same route.


Panama Viejo is a must-visit place for tourists. It is the remaining part of the original Panama City, with 14 remaining ruins in a span of 1.5 kilometers. Strolling is the most preferred activity in Panama City. During your visit to San Felipe, you may walk in the streets for historical attractions such as Metropolitan CathedralPanama Canal Museum, and Plaza de Francia.


Top Beaches


Panama has a wide variety of splendid beaches throughout its Caribbean and Pacific coastlines. You will find calm beaches with sparkling water perfect for refreshing yourself by swimming and dipping into it, and you can also find beaches with rough tides ideal for surfing.


You may enjoy some cool breezes off the calm water of Caribbean beaches, or you can make your way to golden sand beaches of the Pacific. These beaches also come with an array of water activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, jet-skiing, and kite surfing.


  • Red Frog Beach


Located in the Bocas Del Toro region, Red Frog Beach is one of the favorite spots of tourists. Its calm water asks for a seat under an umbrella, a fruity cocktail, and admiring the beauty of the ocean.


  • Starfish Beach


Starfish Beach is a postcard-perfect Caribbean-side beach, and it is popular for large-sized starfishes. It mostly draws families with children for starfishes, calm tides, and shallow waters.


  • Punta Chame


Punta Chame is not just a paradise for kite-surfing lovers, but a range of mountains alongside the long stretch of beach is a fantastic sight to behold. Families with children can laze on this beach while children can have fun in shallow waters.


Top Airports


Panama is a focal point for many international airlines from all continents. This also makes it one of the busiest international airports in Central America. Since Panama sees many international flights daily, whether flying into it or through it, it provides all kinds of passenger facilities and guaranteed customer services.


This small country has a total of two international airports, one in Panama City called Tocumen International Airport, and the other in David, called Enrique Malek International Airport.


Tocumen International Airport is the primary international airport serving Panama City. The airport accommodates millions of tourists and features its Business and VIP Lounges for travelers with several cafes and restaurants. Unlike many large countries, Panama has a runway where an Airbus A380 can easily land.


Luxury Hotels


Panama might be a small country, but it has proven to be the best destination after retirement. With its modern metropolis and long coastlines with dazzling beaches, Panama is also emerging as a favorite tropical destination and managing its way into the bucket list of globetrotters. Having a wide range of luxury hotels in its modern metropolis and coastal cities, Panama is all set to accommodate a flock of tourists.


The country offers both luxury hotels and resort-style hotels to provide the best possible travel experience. Staying in a hotel is one of the biggest expenses a traveler has to bear. Still, Panama is an economical country that you will find these upscale-boutique hotels very nominal. If you are done with selecting tourist attractions in Panama, it is time you choose Panama’s finest luxury hotels from our list below.




Best Time to Travel


Panama, with its tropical climate, is open for tourism all year round. In 2016, this country was said to be the best destination for retired people.


The country reaches a maximum temperature of 90 degrees and a minimum temperature of 70 degrees. Therefore, you will find a mild or hot temperature throughout the year with an absolute minimum chance of rain. However, there is a wet season and dry season in Panama. The ideal time to visit is between December to April. If you are planning a visit during Christmas and New Year’s Eve, it’s best to plan ahead because it is the peak season for tourism.


November should be an absolute miss because of its frequent rainfall. On the other hand, from April to October, you may find a tiny burst of rain, but a visit to Panama is still possible. A silver lining says that bathed lush forests provide marvelous scenery and breathtaking views.

FAQs about hotels in Panama

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what are the best rated hotels in Panama?

The best rated hotels in Panama are the Albrook Inn, also the The Beach House and the Holiday Inn Panama Canal.

what are the top budget hotels in Panama?

The hotels where you will find the best rates in Panama are the Hotel República, also the Hotel Fundadores and the Hotel Covadonga.

what are the most luxury hotels in Panama?

The most luxury hotels you will find in Panama are the JW Marriott Panama, also the Bristol Panama and the The Westin Playa Bonita Panama.

what are the top airports to flight to in Panama?

what cities are worth visiting in Panama?

The most popular cities in Panama are Panama City, also the Tocumen .