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If you are unsure where to travel for an upcoming vacation, then Maine is your lifesaver. From vibrant cities to dramatic coastlines and beautiful landscapes, including fascinating wildlife, Maine will provide you larger-than-life travel experience. Its vibrant cities are stuffed with modern and historical attractions, including various museums and art galleries.


Maine is also popular for having a plethora of islands and various fishing harbors in them. The Atlantic coastline also provides plenty of dazzling beaches and the famous rocky shores. You can also hop on the cruise for a whale-watching activity. On the other hand, the rugged landscape and beautiful coastal stretch of Acadia National Park is heaven with plenty of outdoor activities. Cadillac Mountain is the highlight of the park, with a summit of 1,530 feet.


From ocean, mountains, forests, and lakes, Maine is home to spectacular natural wonders, including amazing waterways perfect for rafting. While in winters, you get a delightful opportunity to ski and snowboard on snowy mountains, including Sugarloaf, Black Mountain, and Shawnee Peak. On the other hand, hopping islands is a favorite activity of locals and tourists in summers.


During your travel journey to Maine, treat yourself with the state’s finest food, especially lobsters.


Top Destinations


Maine’s popular tourist sites include rocky coastlines and beautiful islands of Acadia National Park. However, since your journey will start in one of Maine’s cities, you will find them equally impressive and attractive. Its major cities are crammed with art heritage, historical and cultural attractions, and lush gardens.


  • Portland


Portland is the largest city in Maine, located on the southern coast along Casco Bay. It is a major fishing and trading port in America, and visiting the Old Port District of Portland is something every visitor loves. Its waterfront area is packed with many ferries and sightseeing cruises, and tourists love to walk over its cobblestone pavement and stare at the historic buildings and galleries. On a bright sunny day overlooking the sparkling blue water, lie under a tree shadow at Eastern Promenade, and savor the beautiful view.


While you wander around the city, stop and view the magnificent, historic artwork and the beautiful collection of American and European paintings at the Portland Museum of Art. You may also visit a unique attraction of Maine, International Cryptozoology Museum, where you might find evidence of creatures known to be mythical, such as Bigfoot, Abominable Snowman, and Yowie.


  • Bar Harbor


Bar Harbor is a bustling coastal town located on Mount Desert Island with mesmerizing ocean-front pastel-hued buildings that see around 150 major ships landing, including Royal Caribbean and Norwegian cruise lines at its popular cruise-ship port. However, the major attraction of Bar Harbor is the Acadia National Park with lakes, caves, and all outdoor activities.


Bar Harbor also offers a fabulous opportunity for hiking the summit of Cadillac Mountain. Exploring often gets exhausting, and there is no better tranquil place than Shore Path and Ocean Path Trailhead. Witnessing humpback whales is an exciting activity to do, and if you get a chance, you can also visit the Mount Desert Island Oceanarium and the Bar Harbor Whale Museum.


Top Airports


Due to Maine’s geographical location, it sees millions of travelers every year. Maine has two major international airports and one popular regional airport in the north.


Portland International Airport is the primary airport of Maine, and it also accommodates the most number of travelers. With arriving international flights from Europe, Canada, and South America, this airport provides all standard, yet upgraded facilities of ATMs, cafes, restaurants, and duty-free shops. Its disabled facility makes it easily accessible for handicaps.


Luxury Hotels


Maine understands the drill to make its traveler’s journey a lifetime experience with its incredible hotels. After a whole day of exploring, you need a cozy bed that offers you a night of deep comfortable sleep, and Maine’s luxury accommodation provides just that.


From Portland to Bar Harbor and Augusta to Bangor, you can find opulent hotels in every city of this state. We have already made a list of high-end hotels with splendid rooms.




Top Beaches


Maine boasts about its Atlantic coastline, thousands of islands, and pristine beaches, which tourists love to visit in the summers. You will find a wide variety of sandy beaches with calm and rough tides. If you are sports enthusiasts, you need a beach with rough tides perfect for surfing, kitesurfing, and jet-skiing. For families, beaches with calm tides would do well.


Nevertheless, you will have an incredible beaching experience in Maine with crystal clear water and tropical winds. You may refresh yourself by dipping in the water or catch some sun lying on the warm sand. With over 3,000 islands along this wide stretch of coastline, there are numerous beaches, and we have listed down the best for you.



Best Time to Travel


Maine has something for you to do during every season. However, summer is the peak travel season of Maine, when a flock of people travels north for its amazing coastline and dazzling beaches. From Memorial Day until Labor Day, the weather stays sunny and warm, and its beaches draw plenty of people. Summer seasons are the best time to explore Acadia National Park, lush forests, and beautiful lakes.


If you want to savor the magnificence of Maine with fewer crowds, then you should visit during the fall or mid-spring season. You can enjoy pretty scenic foliage in the fall and blooming gardens in spring. On the other hand, the winter season makes it a perfect destination for skiing and snowmobiling on its dense snowy mountain.