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Denmark is one of the most tranquil and happy places to live in the world. Being a Scandinavian country, it is gifted with many different islands and boasts of the Jutland Peninsula.


Right from stunning cities like Havdrup, Roskilde, and Stubbekobing to urban havens like Copenhagen, Denmark is easily one of the best countries to explore. Honestly, Denmark has plenty of historic cities to visit, which you can explore during any year. However, your experience may keep changing with the different seasons. The best part is that this city is quite easily connected and you can access any city quite fast.


For people who want to go beyond the typical experience and want to explore a little more than just nature, Denmark offers many fun options too. Most of these Danish cities have spread out pedestrian zones that are situated right in the central districts, including shopping and soaking the ambiance of the town quite leisurely!


Right from the unique food of this place to the history it offers, Denmark has something hidden for all kinds of travelers. Explore this mystical location and have an unparalleled experience. If you are also planning a trip here, then here is some more important information about this city.


Top Hotels


Denmark has a very welcoming vibe. The people, the places- everybody would embrace you open-heartedly. The real charm of this place lies in the lovely hotels it has to offer to you.


You will find both kinds of destinations in Denmark-ranging from budget-friendly to luxurious indulgences; you can easily pick your experience. If you want to have a top-rated experience, then we recommend going to the Avenue Hotel Copenhagen, or you may even try out the Radisson Collection Royal Hotel. 


If you want to go for underrated cities, then try out Svebolle. It has terrific hotels like Hotel Strandparken,  Scandic Ringsted and many more. Another city we recommend you to visit during your visit to Denmark is Oreo. Here, you can check out comfortable stay options like Rørvig Centret and also Comwell Roskilde.

To make things better for you, we also recommend many budget options such as:



For people who want to enjoy luxury thoroughly, the following hotels are worth trying for sure:



Whichever city you pick, you will find several accommodation options there. Right from little comfortable tucked in hotels to large magnanimous hotels - you can have any experience you choose to in Denmark depending upon your budget. 


Top Airports


Even though Denmark stays a little away from the public eye, it is still quite a crucial point for the European economy. While Copenhagen airport steals the main spotlight for all incoming and outgoing from this country, there are nearly 35 more major airports, which are quite significant. Check hotels near CPH airport.


This place is quite well connected and has plenty of other major airlines flying in as well. You have frequent flights to Copenhagen from Asia, North America, and even the United States of America, but the maximum frequency here is definitely from all over Europe.


For Copenhagen alone, you have three different airports. One located in Hovedstaden while the other one is at Karlstrup. Some of the other airports situated here comprise of Aalborg and Aarhus, which take you to Northern Jutland.


For South Denmark, you can take a flight to Billund or Marstal. There are plenty of airports in Mid Jutland too. Some of the options you can go to here include Skjern and Skive. Check some hotels near BLL airport.


Additionally, Denmark has two operating military bases as well, which act like emergency hotels when needed. In our experience, Copenhagen is the most frequented airport with more than 100 airports flying in and flying out daily.


Top Destinations


While Denmark is easily the most popular for Copenhagen, there are plenty of other cities and little attractions that make this city extremely attractive! Here are some reasons why the destinations below deserve to be on your itinerary.


  • Copenhagen


Copenhagen is an absolute delight to visit! Right from the Tivoli museum to the bridges and lovely nestled restaurants awaiting to treat you; this place is full of amazing hotels. It is also the most frequented option in Copenhagen. Visit Nyhavn Amalienborg, and many more while you are here.


  • Aarhus


When in Aarhus, visit the Den Gamle by which is a beautiful open-air culture museum. ARoS Aarhus Art Museum is another place to visit. Two other areas that should find a spot in your itinerary include Tivole Frieheden and Marselisborg Palace.


  • Billund


Billund is most famous for Lego House. However, there is a lot more you can see here. Visit the Aquadome Park and the LEGOLAND too. There is plenty to have fun here for all age groups! So enjoy your visit and pair it up with Billund.

Top landmarks 


If we had one word to describe Denmark- it would be incredibly charming! It has caught up as one of the most attractive destinations in recent years! The magnificent buildings of Christiansborg Palace are sure to blow your mind over. While at the same time, traveling to the Oresund Bridge is another option you can include in your itinerary.


If you are a fan of literature, then Odense needs to find a place on your trip. Besides it, the must-see attractions include Tivoli Gardens at Copenhagen and also Nyhavn, which is known for being the go-to spot for travel postcard pictures and memories!


Apart from the mix of experiences that Copenhagen has in store for you, one landmark that you must visit is the Kronborg Slot Castle in Helsingor. We strongly recommend including the Rabjerg Mile in your list of attractions to see too. It is a coastal dune situated between Frederikshavn and Skagen. You can also consider visiting Gilleleje and Elsinore. For marine lovers, visiting the Maritime Museum at Helsingor is also quite an experience to have! On that note, even the little mermaid in Copenhagen is quite an underrated spot to visit!







Denmark has quite a pleasant and straightforward lifestyle. While Danish have their traditions and values very close to their heart, they are always moving ahead with the times and embracing the beauty of traditions and culture at the same time.


Historically, Denmark consisted of a lot of homogeneous people, which resulted in the three prominent stems of Danish life- being simple, being polite, and, most importantly, being equal.


Overall, Denmark is a happy and positive country. People here are not too greedy and the culture does not prioritize high income or possessions either. Bragging, in general, is considered impolite and rude here. One other significant aspect of this city is 'Hygge.' It is very cozy and snug during holidays.


When you meet Danish citizens, you will see culture in everything they do. Right from their polite greetings to the introductions they make! However, remember that do not just strike a conversation with a stranger or strike up a conversation with any local as people here may get a little offended for the same.

FAQs about hotels in Denmark

Find answers to commonly asked questions about Denmark hotels

what are the best rated hotels in Denmark?

The best rated hotels in Denmark are the Hotel Hovborg Kro, also the and the Avenue Hotel Copenhagen.

what are the top budget hotels in Denmark?

The hotels where you will find the best rates in Denmark are the Wakeup Copenhagen Borgergade, also the Wakeup Copenhagen Carsten Niebuhrs Gade and the City Hotel Nebo.

what are the most luxury hotels in Denmark?

The most luxury hotels you will find in Denmark are the Skt. Petri, also the Radisson Collection Royal Hotel, Copenhagen and the 71 Nyhavn Hotel.

what are the top airports to flight to in Denmark?

The most popular airport in Denmark is the Copenhagen, Denmark (CPH-Kastrup), also the Billund, Denmark (BLL) and the Aalborg, Denmark (AAL).

what cities are worth visiting in Denmark?

The most popular cities in Denmark are Copenhagen, also the Kastrup .

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