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When planning to travel, consider Middle Eastern countries for a visit, and there are many of them. If you are fond of rich history, old museums, powerful culture, and archaeological sites and your travel bug has bitten you; then it is time you visit Israel. This country has more tourist attractions than you can expect.


Israel is a blend of religious significance and modern lifestyle. Home to diverse cultures, cities, and climate, it is a must travel destination. While one metropolis possesses some sacred and holy sites of pilgrimage, the other cosmopolitan is home to Mediterranean beaches with the western lifestyle and beautiful nightlife.


The country is a land of three popular religions, such as Judaism, Islam, and Christianity. While there are several mosques, churches, and synagogues, Israel also has a diverse landscape and beautiful nature. From Mount Hermon to the lowest point on earth, the saltiest water with an enormous desert, Israel has something for every adventure seeker.


Whether you are on a long trip or a weekend getaway trip, Israel will amaze you as you explore it.


Top Destinations


Israel has a range of beautiful cities with incredible tourist attractions. From historical and archaeological sites to Manhattan-style city and Mediterranean beaches, every city has an array of surprises for visitors. You might want to explore the whole country, but if you cannot, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and Haifa are top destinations you must visit for a lifetime travel experience.


  • Jerusalem


Jerusalem is the capital city of Israel that has been a contested land with a very long history of ruling by different influential civilizations. It was invaded and conquered by the Romans, Ottomans, Persians, Babylonians, and the British Empire. The city is one of the holiest lands on earth, possessing the sacred significance of three religions, including Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. This long history has left behind some fascinating sites to visit.


First and foremost, intriguing tourist attractions are Dome of the Rock for Muslims, Wailing Wall for Jews, and Church of the Holy Sepulchre for Christians. You will be amazed by the fascinating history of such sacred sites, and you can also learn about their religious beliefs.


Jerusalem also has old cities named after religions such as the Muslim Quarter, Jewish Quarter, and the Christian Quarter. The Muslim quarter is the most bustling old city with a wide variety of shopping in its colorful streets.


You might enjoy a hike on Mount of Olives and a panoramic view of a city, or visit popular tourist attractions such as Israel Museum and Monastery of the Cross.


  • Tel Aviv


Tel Aviv is the complete opposite of Jerusalem with its modern lifestyle, and is also known as “Mediterranean Manhattan.” You may lay down on golden sandy Tel Aviv Beaches, soak up the sun, and shop till you drop.


Jaffa is a port town of old Arab, and you can have a lively evening in its bazaar area full of restaurants and artisans. You can also visit the most happening Flea Market full of stalls selling furniture, clothes, home goods and much more.


You might also want to visit the amazing Tel Aviv Museum of Art to admire the largest collection of artwork by Israeli artists, or you may enjoy a stroll over the waterfront boardwalk at Tel Aviv Old Port.


  • Haifa


Haifa is the third-largest city and a crowded port town. The primary tourist attraction is a city’s landmark monument known as Baha’i Gardens. You should also visit Stella Maris Carmelite Monastery and lookout for mesmerizing mural painting reliving the scenes of historical figures.


Adventure lover’s favorite spot is Bat Galim Beach for its thrilling water sports. You can also spend your quality time strolling into Downtown Haifa.


Top Airports


Jerusalem might be the most popular city in Israel, but it doesn’t have any airports. Israel has a total of 7 airports out of which Tel Aviv and Eilat has the best international airports of Israel. Despite having a small land, it accommodates millions of tourists annually with their two state-of-the-art international airports with guaranteed passenger services.


Tel Aviv International Airport is the primary and busiest airport in Israel. It is also considered to be one of the five best international airports in the Middle East. You can take a taxi or a train service at terminal 3 to travel to Jerusalem and Haifa. This airport is popular for its ultimate passenger services and fantastic comfy lounges.


Ramon International Airport is the second busiest airport in Israel, and it is proven to be an international gateway to Southern Israel for promoting tourism from Europe. While the majority of tourists land on this airport via Tel Aviv, many visitors of the Red Sea prefer to opt for a direct international flight to Ramon International Airport.


Luxury Hotels


Regardless of any blend of culture, lifestyles, or religions, top-notch hotels are found common in every city of Israel. Israel is promoting its tourism and enhancing their accommodation to provide better travel experience to its visitors. With deluxe hotel rooms, a range of facilities, and amazing amenities, luxury hotels of Israel and its comfy rooms play an equally important role in making an effective travel journey.


Jerusalem has a long list of luxury hotels, out of which the famous ones Sadot, Airport Hotel – An Atlas Boutique Hotel and Jacir Palace Hotel Bethlehem. With all relaxing and comforting amenities, these hotels also provide a rooftop terrace view of a city.


Tel Aviv is a primary destination with the western lifestyle and Mediterranean coast. Upscale Boutique hotels are essential to complement the luxury of this Middle Eastern city, and top-class hotels include Shalom Hotel & Relax, Tel Aviv – An Atlas Boutique Hotel, Carlton Tel Aviv Hotel and Royal Beach Tel Aviv.



Top Events


Israel has a diverse culture, temperate climate, and very lively people. It is a perfect combination of outdoor activities and fantastic festivals and events. From music festivals to pride week, tourists also travel to Israel for the sole purpose of attending their fascinating festivals and annual events. Regardless of any season of the year, Israel always has something going on for its people. Some of the most fascinating festivals and annual events are:


  • Jerusalem International Film Festival
  • Haifa International Film Festival
  • Olive Festival
  • Tel Aviv Gay Pride
  • Tour de Dead Sea
  • Karmiel Dance Festival
  • International Art and Crafts Fair
  • Jerusalem Beer Fest




Many powerful civilizations have ruled the land of Israel and they all came with their own cuisine. Just like a blend of old and modern culture, its cuisine mostly includes Middle Eastern dishes with a couple of European dishes. Though the Israeli cuisine is promoted worldwide, you can find Israeli restaurants in multiple cities of America and Europe. While you are planning to travel to Israel, you have the best opportunity to try out a list of their authentic and most popular dishes mentioned below.


FalafelBaba Ganoush          Jachnun
Shakshuka          KebabsMalawach

FAQs about hotels in Israel

Find answers to commonly asked questions about Israel hotels

what are the best rated hotels in Israel?

The best rated hotels in Israel are the Americana Eilat Hotel, also the Liber Apartments and the Jerusalem Tower Hotel.

what are the top budget hotels in Israel?

The hotels where you will find the best rates in Israel are the Kibbutz Country Lodging Afik.

what are the most luxury hotels in Israel?

The most luxury hotels you will find in Israel are the Beresheet Hotel, also the Sheraton Tel Aviv Hotel and the Isrotel Royal Garden Hotel.

what are the top airports to flight to in Israel?

The most popular airport in Israel is the Tel Aviv, Israel (TLV-Ben Gurion), also the Eilat, Israel (ETH) and the Haifa, Israel (HFA).

what cities are worth visiting in Israel?

The most popular cities in Israel are Eilat, also the Jerusalem and the Tel Aviv.

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