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The Middle East

Unlike America, Australia, and Europe, the Middle East provides a completely different, unique, and new travel experience. It is full of ancient monuments and sites along with incredible history preserved in their museums, archaeological sites, and galleries. They have a very strong culture, customs, and traditions, and they follow it religiously.


The local markets of all Middle Eastern countries will stimulate your senses of smell, sight, and hearing with their aromatic masalas, beautiful music, and fascinating jewelry and artifacts. Middle Eastern cuisine is popular worldwide, and you will find them in every country in the world. From the Dead Sea and ancient cities in Israel to famous deserts and shopping in the world’s biggest mall to sparkling beaches, the Middle East is favorable to visit for all kinds of tourists.


You will receive a blend of old and modern culture as well as very old and very modern cities in these countries. The only common thing you will receive from all countries is an amazing travel experience.


Top Destinations


The Middle East has many Arab countries ranging from Israel to Iran, and every country is known for its own distinguished attractions. Tourism to Middle Eastern countries has increased substantially, and few countries are known as tourism-giants. From all the countries, visit those where you could experience and learn a combination of the essence of the Middle East and its modernization.


  • United Arab Emirates


The UAE is the most popular tourist destination in the Middle East. Comprised of seven states, this country offers a mixture of preserved history and cultural exhibition, along with modern architecture. This country has vibrant cities with beautiful people and amazing beaches. A visit to their fantastic markets is strongly recommended, where you can shop the local artifacts, traditional apparel, and encounter locals.


  • Israel


Israel is one of the holiest lands on earth with a touch of a modern lifestyle. The religions of Christianity and Judaism originated on this land, and it is the second holiest land of Islam. If you are fascinated with interesting ancient history, ruins, temples, pilgrimage sites, monuments, and strong customs, then Jerusalem is where you need to be. On the other hand, Tel Aviv offers a completely modern lifestyle, and it is also known as a Mediterranean Manhattan.


  • Qatar


Qatar is one of the popular countries among tourists and the most visited peninsula of the Middle East. Offering an incredible travel experience with its sparkling beaches and skylines, Qatar has also relaxed its visa policies to attract more tourism. You will find a blend of old and modern culture in their local markets and vibrant downtown. Since Qatar is promoting its tourism, they showcase their greatest hospitality, delicious cuisine, historic sites, and exhilarating cities.


Top Cities


The Middle East possesses a wealth of incredible cities with great potential to draw tourists from all over the globe. The Middle East has gained massive attention from other continents. Their interesting history and pacey development excite tourists to make it their next destination. Undoubtedly every country has a couple of fabulous cities, but few top-of-the-line cities are offering an experience of a lifetime.


  • Dubai


The glorious land of Dubai is a hot destination for a short or long vacation all year round. Despite the scorching sun in summers, people still visit this incredible city for summer festivals with numerous fun activities to join.


As long as you stay outdoors, the mighty Burj Khalifa will remain in your peripheral vision. You should visit the largest shopping mall in the world known as The Dubai Mall. Don’t forget to visit the vigorous markets of Gold Souk and Spice Souk. You can also experience an amazing panoramic view of the city by reaching the Sky Deck of Dubai Frame.


  • Jerusalem


Since the Middle East offers a blend of modern and old lifestyle, you should visit the most modern and most historic cities. Jerusalem possesses a staggering history with ancient ruins, temples, monuments, and religious sites. You will learn about its old history and ancient lifestyle. Starting from Dome of the Rock and Wailing Wall to Church of Holy Sepulchre, you can visit various quarters based on religions, historic citadels, mountains, museum, and ancient valleys.


  • Doha


Doha is the capital of Qatar and one of the highlighted cities of the Middle East. Located on the Persian Gulf, you can stroll on a promenade between Doha Corniche and its skyline and observe a breathtaking view of the city. The most famous tourist attraction is their exhilarating market known as Souq Waqif with a variety of sweets, spices, fabric, potteries, and artifacts. Another marvelous attraction is a Museum of Islamic Art, and you can visit their magnificent Villaggio Mall for some shopping.


Top Airports


The international airports are essential to all countries. Many Middle Eastern countries already have one of the best and busiest international airports to cater to an ocean of tourists annually. They are not only focused on guaranteed services, comfort, and facilities, but they all host unique festivals to entertain arriving and departing passengers.


If the Middle East is your next travel destination, make sure you land on globally recognized airports.


Dubai International AirportDXB          UAE
Abu Dhabi International AirportAUHUAE
Manama International AirportBAHBahrain
Doha International AirportDOHQatar
King Khalid International Airport          RUHSaudi Arabia

Luxury Hotels


Arab countries are famous for their unique and ultra-luxury lifestyle. Their vibes, cruises, apparels, and cities are all luxurious. Since they are continuously striving to improve their tourism and attract tourists from all over the world, they possess some magical hotels for luxury accommodation with incredible facilities and amenities.






Middle Eastern cuisine is one of the most popular, favorite, and widespread cuisine in the whole world. Since the Middle East is vast, and almost all countries offer many common but delicious dishes, you will still find a difference in ingredients and taste. From meat to salad and healthy pastes, Middle Eastern cuisine has unique and remarkable dishes. Every country has its own specialty of food, but don’t forget to try the most popular ones mentioned below.


BaklavaBaba Ghanoush
Grilled Halloumi          Shish Tawook

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