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"I would like to say thank you, and wanted to give praise to EJ that she was extremely helpful. Perfect customer service." Review from: Frieda P

"I can't thank him enough for helping me. He is amazing and I'm happy." Review from: Erla N

"I will acknowledge John for an amazing job. He's a great employee and good representation of your company. He's very positive and absolutely the best." Review from: Max N

"I thank Ariel for helping me in cancelling my reservation due to bad weather." Review from: Thomas A

"Harry was tremendous and very kind. We will book our reservations with you guys from now on." Review from: Raymond Y

"Agent is patient, smart, and dedicated to his job." Review from: Ted O

"Agent is very patient, fantastic, and have explained my concern well." Review from: Lynn

"John is very patient and he's doing a great job." Review from: Noel R

"Noel was very helpful and he resolved the issue." Review from: Angel

"Patty has done a good job. He was very helpful and I'm very thankful that I got him. He was nice and awesome." Review from: Sara C

"Rona was exceptional, efficient, and polite. She knew her job and explained the process clearly and precise. I will definitely use your service again." Review from: Jaime M

"I had a wonderful experience with Mary Ann. is lucky to have her. Thank God for Mary Ann." Review from: Donna Q

"Paul has been the only person who helped me. He was polite and professional." Review from: Lloyd S

"Annie was excellent. I am going to give her 10 cross the board. She went above and beyond to help me with my reservation." Review from: Carole C

"Al was most helpful. He is a very good guy." Review from: Judith F

"Elma was so pleasant,nice, and patient. She is more than helpful. I really appreciate it. I got a little emotional with her help. I am grateful for the assistance." Review from: Barr C

"Elma is a fine young lady, which is very helpful, kind, courageous, knowledgeable. Don't ever let her go. I recommend her as a trainer. Her service is phenomenal." Review from: Joy W

"Elma is a very nice operator. She was able to meet my needs." Review from: Phillip M

"Rona did a great job, she understood the situation and help me reverse my refund. She is very helpful and I want to extend my satisfaction on her excellent customer service." Review from: Angela R

"Joevelle is a good employee, very professional and able to pay attention to details in what happen to my reservation." Review from: Liza F

"Ariel is very patient in handling my problem. I recommend you guys to hire people like him. He is very professional and knows what he is doing." Review from: Douglas C

"Noel was very helpful and he resolved the issue." Review from: Karen B

"I would like to Give Riz a wonderful compliment. He is polite, courteous, patient and very helpful. Your company is wonderful and provides excellent service." Review from: Shalom D

"Elma is very professional. I explained my situation to her and she handled the complaint perfectly. You need more people like her. She was able to explain it clearly." Review from: Bryan P

"Dave was great. He did an outstanding job in helping me with my concern. He is very friendly, very kind and generous. I am thankful." Review from: Kelvin C

"She is a very nice young lady, she was very helpful. From a scale of 1-10 I will give her 10. I think all of your employee should be under her care and she should teach them how to treat customers. Everything was done properly and I will make sure to ..."
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"Agent handled my situation very well. He handled my complaint in a proper manner and assisted me to cancel and rebook my reservation." Review from: Joseph S

"He was fantastic, cleared up a big problem for me. He was very helpful and please keep him in your company." Review from: Alexis G

"I would like to say how helpful and intelligent your agent, Sandra was assisting me on the phone with my recent reservation. She was thoughtful, intelligent, extremely polite and very nice to deal with. Based on my experience with her. I would defini ..."
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"Eric did a good job, very pro and patient in explaining with regards to my concern. And if ever I have reservation in the future I will still consider you for bookings." Review from: Lynette C

"John is excellent at work, 6 people before him let me hanging but John is the only one solved the problem. Everyone place me on hold but John always get back to me. I want to compliment him for giving resolution to my problem. He deserve lots of prai ..."
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"Riz did a remarkable job, very good at its job and very awesome, well trained and professional. He is a good representation of your company." Review from: Cathy B

"Excellent customer service for Fermina, she is courteous in resolving my issue. Good work!" Review from: Michelle R

"I wanted to say special thank you to gentlemen helping me change the reservation, thank you for I thought it’s not possible to change it without a charge. I will use your service." Review from: Barbara D

"Just to Inform how wonderful Nicole is, she is very polite and helpful, she’s the only one who assisted me with my concern. I would like to praise her for helping me." Review from: Barbara

"I just want to say that Annie is a phenomenal. She is very patience, very kind very professional and an asset to the organization." Review from: Julie G

"The young man was very helpful. He tried above and beyond to change our dates. We were pleased with his help." Review from: Johnnie W

"Perfect and excellent job from your rep. I am thinking to never deal with travel agency but after Riz assist me I'll be more than happy to book with you again. You have my email and let me know if I can send a survey for a good service and for Riz." Review from: Maria G

"I appreciate how helpful Eric and he is very professional. I will go to your website to wright something before the night ends and I will definitely use your service again." Review from: Amy L

"I want to say thank you and I really appreciate Elma, for assisting me on processing my refund. Very good customer service. And I want you guys to give her a high five for doing and excellent job." Review from: Timothy R

"Paul did a GREAT JOB to straighten out a screw up for me. Make sure he gets recognize for that." Review from: DeAnn M

"I just want to say thank you and let you know how amazing Krystyn was and how great worker she is. I was really having such a hard time but Krystyn stretched out her neck and did everything she can help me. So thank you!" Review from: John W

"Thank you for the good service! It’s been a struggle since this morning to change the dates since my guest will be coming tomorrow. He fixed it and I’m very happy. Appreciate what he did." Review from: Ariel U

"He was fantastic, cleared up a big problem for me. He was very helpful and please keep him in your company." Review from: Gerard L

"I will give compliment to Mary Ann, most helping lady, very pleasant. She deserve the praise!" Review from: Barbara M

"I want to give Riz a compliment. He walked me through to find my reservation. Riz did a very good job!" Review from: Sarah C

"I just want to say thank you to the agent. She was so helpful, patient and was incredibly accommodating to my needs." Review from: William B

"Diana was fabulous, she helped me get my refund." Review from: James B

"I just wanted to commend Diana for her thoughtfulness and consideration when I made my call to change my Nov. reservation from one to two people. She went above and beyond her duties in changing my reservation. You made the right decision in hiring ..."
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"Yesterday, I had to cancel an hotel reservation in Montréal and one of your employee named Krizza helped me with the cancellation. I would like to commend her for the excellent assistance she provided me with. Please extend to her the expression of m ..."
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"Michelle did a great job, very polite, and she assisted me very well. I just want to make sure that she will have a Kudos since it’s a tough job." Review from: Rich H

"Thank you for all you have done. I am very grateful for all your assistance." Review from: Don S

"I think that this a good outcome for both of us. It was a misunderstanding between me and your agent. I was thinking one hotel and she was talking of a different one. I appreciate your help and will continue to use your services. It is good to work w ..."
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"I just want to let you know how really great Gray was. Thank you!" Review from: Devan H

"I just want to say that I am super impressed that you were able to do this for me! I am very grateful for your wonderful customer service! Thanks again!" Review from: Colleen K

"I need to commend your employees for a wonderful job they did with handling my issue with booking a reservation. I wanted to bring to your attention that when customers are looking for a reservation in San Diego California and go to reserve a room a ..."
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"Thank you very much. I cannot express my appreciation for you working with me on this." Review from: Douglas H

"Thank you very much. I very much appreciate your flexibility in managing what was entirely my error. Certainly, your strong customer service should and will positively affect my personal usage and recommendations to others." Review from: Megan

"Harry was able to help me. Really great customer service." Review from: Sandra C

"I just want you to know that Jessel is wonderful, amazing, pleasant and kind. She immediately fixed the problem." Review from: Rebeca P

"Sunshine really did a great job, help me out a lot and way beyond extremely patient in finding a great hotel with a very good deal in the area and so I had to tell my Boss that there's a huge discount rate available wherein we can save lot. She did n ..."
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"This is my first time looking at rates online, so I called in. The agent is very responsive, patient and helpful." Review from: Debbie S

"Thank you very much for your assistance! Gail was absolutely wonderful in the way she spoke to me and her helpfulness. This is a business trip and the change of dates really messed up everything. Your willingness to work with me speaks volumes f ..."
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"Sounds great! Thank you very much for quickly resolving this issue. I work for an organization that has custom support and the agents are sometimes overlooked when they do a good job. So please pass on my feedback and thanks to all agents involved in ..."
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"Excellent. Thank you for your prompt response and for taking care of this matter. I am very impressed with your company and will definitely give you positive reviews and feedback." Review from: Kimberly S

"THANK YOU so much!.. Of course I will continue using your services because You have been very accommodating. thank you!" Review from: Don L

" Thank you again for the attention you and Jonathan have given to my request. I understand that your business is being hit hard with the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, so I greatly appreciate the personal attention your team has given. I pray fo ..."
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