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North Dakota is a midwestern US state bordered with Canada at its north and the Red River at its entire east. This state may not be recognized for tourism, but its treasure trove of incredible natural wonders and human-made attractions are worth exploring. From the rugged badlands and rolling hills of Theodore Roosevelt National Park to the Red River, Missouri River, and Lake Sakakawea, North Dakota does offer not only paradisiacal views but also a myriad of engaging activities to indulge in.


You can explore quaint historic sites or stroll through the vast fields of sunflowers. The Lewis and Clark Trail and Maah Daah Hey Trail attract uncountable hikers and mountain bikers. North Dakota offers a plethora of fascinating outdoor activities, ranging from an up-close encounter with wildlife, hunting, various water activities, and fishing. Moreover, the alluring cities of this state also offer the travel experience of a lifetime.


Top Destinations


North Dakota may not seem like a vibrant state, but once you explore this land, you will grant this state its right to brag about its incredible attractions. Crowned with an abundance of lakes and rugged landscapes, North Dakota also possesses some fascinating tourist attractions in its magnificent urban cities. North Dakota can be your next travel destination for the different and unique, yet fantastic, travel experiences.


  • Bismarck


Bismarck is the capital city of North Dakota and a great city for outdoor pleasures. The variety of tourist attractions range from heritage and historic sites to cultural scenes and modern shopping centers. Unlike mainstream state capitols with a dome, North Dakota State Capitol is a 21-story high-rise building and one of the highlighted tourist attractions in Bismarck. The North Dakota Heritage Center is one of the most popular tourist attractions, containing a brief history of this state. It features the Capitol Grounds Arboretum Trail, historic architecture, and galleries.


The Dakota Zoo is considered to be the favorite tourist attraction for families. The zoo has over 600 animals and offers a close-up interaction with them. You may also visit the historic theater of Belle Mehus Auditorium, where you can witness professional dances, children’s choir, and a live orchestra playing beautiful music.


  • Fargo


Fargo is one of the fastest-growing upper midwestern cities and the most popular city of North Dakota. You will find plenty of tourist attractions along with cultural and recreational activities to enjoy. Plains Art Museum is the foremost attraction for visitors featuring a permanent collection of renowned artists, including Goerge Morrison and Davis Bradley. Among many family-friendly attractions, Fargo Air Museum tops the list and teaches all about the aviation industry. Families also tend to visit the Red River Zoo, which is home to spectacular wildlife and exotic species, including reptiles, mammals, fishes, and birds.


Top Airports


Let’s face reality; the majority of the public has never recognized North Dakota for tourism. As a matter of fact, this state has seen a significant proliferation in its tourism during recent years. It is only a matter of time before this state becomes a top tourist destination. Its alluring attractions of picturesque landscapes with rugged badlands and various state parks are already gaining the attention of globetrotters. While people plan their next visit to North Dakota, this state is already set to handle the throng of international and domestic tourists.


Hector International Airport is the primary and largest airport in North Dakota, handling over 700,000 passengers each year. It features every facility for disabled passengers along with incredible lounges, restaurants, shops, and games room. The international visitors are mainly from Canada, and this airport provides the ultimate passenger services to them.


Luxury Hotels


No matter how many international and domestic tourists are traveling to this state, North Dakota is focused on providing one of the best travel experiences that all will remember. This state is already blessed with amazing natural wonders, and the human-made tourist attractions are an added advantage for the state’s tourism industry. Moreover, North Dakota also boasts about its magnificent luxury hotels, along with the fabulous tourist attractions and the abundance of fun activities to do.


You will find a superb collection of marvelous hotels providing an elevated experience. The features of outdoor and indoor pools are perfect for fresh mornings, and their amenities are fantastic to unwind your tired body. Receiving an exhilarating travel experience on your every visit to North Dakota is a safe bet to make, and its luxury hotels help to upscale your travel journey. We have saved you the hassle of finding accommodation and mentioned the best luxury hotels below.




Top Lakes


North Dakota is home to the Red River at its entire eastern border, and the Missouri River enters from its south. These long rivers have spilled a plethora of incredible lakes that provide not only scenic sights but also a fantastic opportunity for water activities. You may experience the best time of your vacation participating in activities of kayaking, canoeing, boating, swimming, and fishing.


  • Lake Sakakawea


Lake Sakakawea is a human-made 180-mile long water body that is lined with beautiful parks. The lake offers the opportunity for a great variety of water activities, including sailing, boating, kayaking, motorboating, and year-round fishing. Kayaking on these calm, shimmering waters with a partially clouded sky is a heavenly scene.


  • Devils Lake


Devils Lake is one of the perfect vacation destinations, and it provides great photo opportunities during the sunset. This lake does not only satisfy the cravings of water sports, but also offers fantastic opportunities for hiking, hunting, and golfing.


  • Des Moines Lake


Des Moines Lake is one of the favorite lakes of families with children, as its sandy shore intrigues children to build castles and have fun. Along with many water activities, you will find an array of fishing spots on this lake.


Top Festivals


North Dakota is alive with various celebrations and festivals all year round, but the locals and tourists wait for the summer season to enjoy the famous festivals of this state. You will revel in the grandeur of their amazing and unique festivals. These festivals feature the exhibitions of cultural heritages, parades, tractor shows, and gastronomic scenes. North Dakota hosts numerous festivals and celebrations, and we have listed down the most popular ones for you to attend.


  • Fargo Park Fall Festival


This wonderful festival is attended by a huge crowd of people, and it is held in the countryside of Fargo. It features an array of fun-filled activities and attractions, including carnival games, clown performances, and face paintings.


  • Potato Bowl


Potato Bowl is a festivity of a football match between North Dakota and Idaho that is attended by a huge flock of football fans. These two states have the largest potato growing areas, and thus this festival is named after the agricultural heritage of both states.