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Maryland is famous for its waterways, Atlantic coastline, Chesapeake Bay, and the Potomac River, making it a spectacular place for water lovers. There are exciting opportunities for whitewater rafting, paddle boarding, and swimming. You will also find dramatic sandy beaches that draw people from different states during the summer season.


Having the Appalachian Mountains in the west with long trails and many state parks protecting waterfalls, Maryland offers a plethora of exciting outdoor activities, including hiking and trekking. The winter season makes it a perfect spot for skiing and snowmobiling. The state also has a vast landscape of lush rolling mountains that offers incredible sightseeing spots. Maryland is an exciting state with thrilling adventure parks, go-kart tracks, and sky diving.


Maryland has all four alluring seasons and astounding cities with magnificent theatres, museums, art galleries, and vivacious historic sites. This state has also prospered in various sports, including its most popular game of jousting.


Top Destinations


From its capital city to vibrant metropolises and quaint towns, Maryland is a fantastic state. Maryland is open for tourism all year round with its charismatic seasons. Be it a summer vacation or a winter vacation, Maryland provides you a lifetime travel experience with its magnificent attractions and exciting activities.


  • Baltimore


Baltimore is the largest city in Maryland, and this name is the forefront of American history. Visit the history-making site of Fort McHenry, where the American National Anthem was born after a continuous 24-hour bombardment by British forces.


You would love to visit Baltimore Inner Harbor that contains a historic warship of USS Constellation. This harbor is surrounded by various popular attractions, including the National Aquarium with exotic marine life and coral reefs. Adjacent to it, the Maryland Science Center with the planetarium is an intriguing attraction for children and adults. You will also thank yourself for making a pause at the American Visionary Art Museum and the Baltimore Museum of Art to admire incredibly artistic sculptures, paintings, and drawings. The stunning artistic creations are toothpick sculptures and enthralling embroidery.


You can also visit Maryland’s various theatres for enticing performances or simply head towards the Maryland Zoo to have fun with fantastic wildlife.


  • Annapolis


Annapolis is the capital city of Maryland and is brimming with historic sites and museums containing the history of this state. Unlike many boring capital cities, Annapolis will treat you with its interesting history and fascinating museums. Located right on the Chesapeake Bay, you will get plenty of opportunities for water activities. The highlighted tourist attraction of this city is the U.S. Naval Academy Museum with historic model ships and impressive history of naval operations.


You can learn about the vast colonial history and admire historical and colonial architectures by visiting William Paca House, Maryland State House, and Hammond-Harwood House. If your wardrobe calls for shopping, head straight to the Westfield Annapolis Mall, and later on, you can enjoy a pleasurable performance at the Ballet Theater of Maryland.


Top Beaches


Maryland has a long coastline of the Atlantic Ocean with several islands. Maryland has a wide variety of different beaches, and you can choose whichever suits you the best. You may visit a crowded beach for an exhilarating experience, or you can visit a secluded beach with your lifelong partner for a romantic adventure.


  • Ocean City Beach


Ocean City Beach is the biggest draw for travelers and a perfect spot for families. Its powder-soft sand allures you to relax and catch some sun, and its 3-mile boardwalk provides the ideal opportunity for a scenic walk. You may savor some delicious seafood or simply admire the graceful locals.


  • Sandy Point


Sandy Point Beach is located at the northwestern shore of Chesapeake Bay, with an incredible view of the humongous Chesapeake Bay Bridge while beaching. It is close to Annapolis and it has lifeguards. Therefore, it is a favorite spot for families with kids.


  • Breezy Point Beach


Breezy Point Beach is one of the popular beaches, and you will find it crammed with people during weekends. This sandy beach with a netted swimming area makes it a perfect playground for kids.


  • Assateague Island


Assateague Island offers the most exciting and unique beaching experience with an array of wild horses roaming freely. You can also swim and kayak in the calm blue waters of Assateague Island.


Top Airports


Maryland is visited by millions of tourists from all over the world. The glittering beaches with the sparkling blue water of this state are brimming with tourists during summers, and its Appalachian Mountains become popular skiing, snowmobiling, and snowshoeing spots for numerous families. Maryland accommodates its domestic visitors with its many regional airports, but international passengers get to land only in Baltimore.


Baltimore Washington International Airport is the only international airport in Maryland serving the city of Baltimore, and it is a primary gateway to Maryland. It accommodates around 20 million passengers annually, and it is recognized for its fantastic passenger services and facilities.


Budget Hotels


Maryland is comparatively cheaper than many other states. Nevertheless, accommodation can still be expensive, and a traveler would welcome every opportunity to save some bucks and make the most of their trip. Maryland has got you covered with its economic hotels at very nominal rates. Maryland’s budget-friendly, yet fantastic, hotels fulfill the need for a comfy bed and are pocket-friendly.


Below is the list of our favorite budget hotels in Maryland.



Luxury Hotels


With Maryland’s exuberant up-scale hotels, you will be treated like a VIP with ultimate customer services and spectacular facilities.


Lodging plays a vital role in shaping your travel journey, and for those looking to spend the extra dollar, Maryland offers some great luxury hotel options to make your stay in Maryland even more enjoyable.


We have listed some of the best below.