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Kansas is a Midwestern state in the US, also known as the Sunflower State. If you ever want to escape the busy routine-life and land someplace relaxing, then you can take solace in Kansas. Besides having quite modern and beautiful cities, this state is popular for its tranquility. It is home to some amazing rolling hills and vast lands of agriculture. Walking through the massive fields of corn and wheat feels like a scene from a movie.


Kansas is the 15th largest US State with a great American Indian history and a fascinating cowboy culture. While its endless fields of tallgrass offer incredible scenery, you will also encounter many freely roaming Bison. Adding to its natural attractions, the vast lands of western Kansas contain eye-catching Monument Rocks, and the Kansas River trail offers exciting activities of fishing, kayaking, and canoeing.


The metropolises of Kansas draw tourists for many reasons. First things first, it is quite affordable, and it is home to vibrant shopping centers. The speed lovers are attracted by its speedways and annual NASCAR race weekends. With an array of museums and art galleries, Kansas is one of the best destinations for vacation and a casual trip.


Top Destinations


Kansas is mainly popular for its endless lands of agriculture. With mesmerizing lands of Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve and Mushroom Rock State Park, nature becomes the highlighted attraction of Kansas. As a matter of fact, the cities of Kansas are equally impressive, and they offer a plethora of marvelous tourist attractions.


  • Wichita


Wichita is the largest and most populous city in Kansas. This vibrant city contains a mixture of nature, history, and western culture. However, Wichita has emerged as a modern city dramatically offering unique and impressive tourist attractions, including museums and various landmarks.


The highlighted tourist attraction of Wichita is Keeper of the Plains, located at the mouth of two converging rivers. It has a mesmerizing 44-foot tall sculpture surrounded by walkways for pedestrians. Tourists also tend to visit the vivid gardens of Botanica Wichita, especially during spring and autumn.


Experience the western cultural scenes from movies in Old Cowtown Museum with 54 historic replica buildings, including costumed interpreters explaining the western lifestyle of the 18th century. You can also visit some fascinating attractions, including the Museum of World Treasures, Wichita Art Museum, and Kansas Aviation Museum, or you may visit the Arkansas Riverwalk and soak up the tranquility of this magnificent city.


  • Kansas City


Kansas City is home to diverse tourist attractions for all ages. The sports enthusiasts are enthralled by annual NASCAR racing weekends at Kansas Speedway, Major League Soccer at Sporting Park, and night matches of baseball at CommunityAmerica Ballpark.


You may also dive into thrilling and fun activities at Schlitterbahn Waterpark. This awesome attraction will consume your whole day, and it is well worth it. From unique water rides to the steep-drop water slide, this waterpark is ultimate fun for all ages. Kansas might not have a coastline, but Hot Springs National Park Aquarium contains unique marine life that makes it a top-rated tourist attraction for families.


Top Airports


You only have one chance to make an impression, and Kansas has taken it quite seriously. Its international airports fulfill this opportunity daily and make this state an incredible place to visit. Accommodating millions of passengers each year, these international airports have no room for compromise on their service.


Among all airports, Wichita International Airport is the largest facility serving the largest city of Kansas. This airport is a magnificent building with exuberant terminals offering amazing facilities of VIP lounges, restaurants, cafes, duty-free shops, Wi-Fi, and much more. Ranked 36th out of the top 100 airports of America, this airport serves as a primary gateway to Kansas.


Luxury Hotels


One of the major contributing factors in providing a lifetime travel experience is accommodation. One bad night can make the next day miserable, and this is why Kansas has built state-of-the-art luxury hotels.


These luxury hotels will ensure a VIP guest treatment with state-of-the-art facilities and luxurious amenities. Check out some of these hotels to enjoy on your next trip to Kansas.




Best Time To Travel


The best time to travel does not only depend on the weather of your desired destination, but it also varies with your specific requirements. During peak seasons of tourism, places are crammed with visitors and rates are at their peak, whereas during the normal or low season of tourism, it is way cheaper.


Kansas welcomes visitors in all seasons but discourages to visit during winters as it gets to chillier. The temperature falling lower than the freezing point makes it extremely difficult to roam around the city. Summer season is the peak time for tourism, whereas spring and autumn are also preferable, and they see less crowd and maintain nominal rates. You may also encounter some festivals during the summer season, whereas spring offers vivid sights of gorgeous blossoms and autumn provides a breathtaking view of the foliage.




If the natural attractions of Kansas have allured you and its amazing vibrant cities have impressed you, how could you refrain from its seducing cuisine? Kansas might not have invented any particular dish, but it certainly has mastered many. This agricultural land uses much of its grown ingredients in making a delicious cure for appetite.


Kansas’s culinary world is continuously booming and gaining popularity among other states. From its fresh beers from local breweries and fresh farm-to-table dishes, Kansas sharpens your taste buds with striking flavors. You cannot afford to destroy your magnificent travel journey by missing out on these delectables.


Barbecue Ribs          Cinnamon Rolls
Fried ChickenDonut
PiesPot Roast
SteakPork Meatballs