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Indonesia is a popular country located in the southeast of Asia with over 17,000 islands. Nestled between the Indian and the Pacific Ocean, it is the third-largest country of Asia and the biggest island country of the world. However, tourists have more than these reasons to visit Indonesia. The country draws tourists from all over the world for over a decade, and the number is increasing substantially.


Indonesia has a vast and diverse landscape of lush mountains and rainforest. Since it is located on either side of Equator, the climate is usually hot and rainy, and it makes it a perfect destination for adventure lovers where activities of hiking and trekking are very common, and it could be more thrilling if you hike on to active volcanic mountains.


Whether you stroll in the bustling environment of Jakarta or relax on the sandy beaches of Bali, Indonesia offers a combination of amazing tourist attractions to make your visit a memorable one. You may wander the tropical forests or land into an ancient temple, and if you get tired, unwind at the fabulous spas and receive spa treatments such as seaweed wraps, fish spas, and aromatherapy.


Visit the quaint villages, submerge into their local culture, and treat your taste buds with delicious Indonesian food. Book the luxurious hotels of the country for an additional pleasurable experience.


Top Destinations


Indonesia is one of the prime tourist wonderlands in Asia, and it possesses some staggering attractions that draw globetrotters from all over the world. With an array of beaches and an abundance of islands, Indonesia also has some vibrant urban cities with plenty of historic and modern human-made attractions. Its rowdy markets, monuments, cathedrals, and museums are fascinating tourist attractions. Before you plan to move on to islands, make the most of your travel experience in urban cities such as Jakarta, Surabaya, Yogyakarta, and Denpasar.


  • Jakarta


Jakarta is not just the capital and largest city of Indonesia; it is also a popular and fascinating modern city of the world. The city is a complex of long history, culture, natural beauty, and modern developments. You will thank yourself for visiting this amazing city of Jakarta, full of uniqueness and sightseeing.


Your journey will start indefinitely with a glance at The National Monument standing tall in the center of the city. Another popular tourist attraction is the brilliantly constructed and beautiful Istiqlal Mosque.


If you wish for a birds-eye view of this incredible city, then head on to the best theme park of the country known as Ancol Dreamland. Their cable car ride provides you with a 360-degree breathtaking view of the city. Don’t forget to visit the National Museum of Indonesia, Jakarta Cathedral, National Gallery of Indonesia, and Ragunan Zoo.


  • Yogyakarta


Yogyakarta is mostly famous for its magnificent Borobudur Temple. The temple offers an organized trip for its tourists to learn about its history, explore it in-depth, and watch the beautiful sunset. Another highlighted attraction is the huge Prambanan Temple. This temple has a mind-blowing design and architecture that makes it one of UNESCO’s World Heritage sites.


You may also visit and marvel at the architectural palace for ancient royalty and its series of swimming pools built by Portuguese, known as Tamansari. Lastly, don’t forget to visit an astonishing Kraton Complex made for Sultan Yogyakarta. Today, it has become a museum and cultural center with Sultan’s artifacts.


  • Surabaya


Surabaya is masked behind the glorious city of Jakarta and beautiful islands. However, Surabaya is the second-most populous city with a series of fabulous tourist attractions. Suramadu Bridge is the foremost tourist attraction that is more than just a bridge. It is the longest bridge of Southeast Asia and connects with Madura Island. You might want to stroll for a bit for sightseeing or take a round-trip of the bridge to take in its architectural beauty.


An actual warcraft Submarine Monument is a central attraction for locals and tourists placed in the middle of the city. You may also witness some amazing mosques, including Cheng Hoo Mosque, Surabaya Grand Mosque, and Al Akbar Mosque.


Top Airports


Indonesia has been a popular destination for tourism worldwide. Therefore, the country is already on the verge of upgrading the majority of its airports because they create the country’s first impression. Some of the most popular international airports in Indonesia have also been awarded for their services. Departing or arriving passenger’s comfort and convenience is the utmost priority of every international airport in Indonesia.


Jakarta International Airport is the busiest and primary international airport of the country. The airport is famous for its top-notch facilities, guaranteed services, and state-of-the-art architecture. Along with comfy lounges and wonderful amenities, the terminals and check-in counters are decorated with incredible carvings and sculptures.


Surabaya International Airport is popular for its elegance and magnificence, and well known as the world’s most punctual airport. The arriving passengers are greeted by very friendly staff, and they provide cafes, restaurants, and majestic dancing fountains.


Luxury Hotels


Indonesia is one of the popular tourist destinations, and it has been upgrading everything to promote its tourism and draw tourists. Undoubtedly, it also has one of the finest range of hotels one could wish for. While the majority of tourists prefer to stay in a budget hotel, there are many out there who wish to spend the extra dollar for a luxury hotel. Thus Indonesia offers a marvel of deluxe hotels in almost every city and famous islands.


Jakarta is a cosmopolitan country, and it possesses a treasure of marvelous hotels with outstanding amenities to make your nights more soothing and relaxing. The luxury hotels of Jakarta include Lumire Hotel and Convention Center, Hotel Mulia Senayan Jakarta, and Mercure Jakarta Cikini.


Surabaya has an equal variety of luxury hotels with fabulous amenities. The most famous luxury hotels include JW Marriott Surabaya, Hotel Santika Premiere Gubeng, and Singgasana Hotel Surabaya.



Best Volcanic Mountains


Indonesia is a country with the most numbers of volcanic mountains. Some of them are active volcanoes, and the remaining are not, although these mountains are top-rated and popular tourist attractions. The adventure lovers satisfy their cravings for hiking and trekking, and no place is better than volcanic mountains. They are not just mighty and active; they are magical, and a panoramic view from its summit is a sight to behold.


Since you cannot visit every volcanic mountain in your one precious visit, here is the list of eight best volcanic mountains worth paying a visit.





Indonesia has a wonderful cuisine, using locally grown herbs and spices along with plenty of rice. The majority of regular Indonesian dishes include rice, but their popular ones are finger-licking good. From fine dining gourmet restaurants to cafes, bistros, and street food, Indonesian cuisine has plenty of surprises for your palate. Some of the amazing Indonesian famous food are:


Babi GulingNasi Uduk
Beef RendangPempek
Indonesian Fried Rice          Indomie
BaksoSop Buntut

FAQs about hotels in Indonesia

Find answers to commonly asked questions about Indonesia hotels

what are the best rated hotels in Indonesia?

The best rated hotels in Indonesia are the Balisani Padma Hotel, also the Kusuma Resort and the BIG Hotel.

what are the top budget hotels in Indonesia?

The hotels where you will find the best rates in Indonesia are the Avira Hotel Makassar, also the Selorejo Hotel & Resort and the Flat06. Minimalist Residence.

what are the most luxury hotels in Indonesia?

The most luxury hotels you will find in Indonesia are the Banyan Tree Ungasan, also the Mahagiri Villas Sanur and the Kupu Kupu Barong Villas and Tree Spa by L'OCCITANE.

what are the top airports to flight to in Indonesia?

what cities are worth visiting in Indonesia?

The most popular cities in Indonesia are Jakarta.

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