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Illinois is one of the most popular states of the United States and a favorite tourist destination. It is mainly famous for its exuberant city of Chicago, but it contains a plethora of surprises, attractions, and fun activities to do. From Lake Michigan to vibrant cities and fabulous history, Illinois is home to diverse tourist spots. Moreover, this State is open for tourism all year round. You can thank this State for designing, constructing, and introducing the first and everyone’s favorite Ferris Wheel in 1893.


Illinois offers fantastic activities, including skating, skiing, and tobogganing in winters, whereas, in summers, you can burn calories with bicycling, jogging, and water sports. Illinois has a significant reputation with the best teams and numerous championship awards in basketball, baseball, and football.


Abraham Lincoln belonged to the State of Illinois, and you can see history preserved in his town of Springfield. This State will also treat you with its incredible cultural attractions, beautiful sculptures, and architecture. You will also find one of the best shopping centers and incredible nightlife.


You can stare at the beautiful high-rise buildings, or if you are drawn to nature, Illinois’s State Park is a fabulous spot with glistening waterfalls and amazing trails. If you are already drawn to its incredibility, it’s time you land on it and experience its greatness.


Top Destinations


Illinois is all about its amazing cities with fantastic attractions and fun activities all year round. Its major cities will provide you an amazingly diverse travel experience with its fascinating history, enticing skyline, and incredible nightlife.


  • Chicago


Chicago is the largest city in Illinois and one of the most visited cities in the world. Located at the shores of Lake Michigan, this “Windy City” is a big draw for all tourists. Chicago is a modern metropolis with the architecture of the 20th century, and it exhibits a variety of shopping options for its visitors.


Once you land in Chicago, Willis Tower, a 442 meter-tall skyscraper will remain in your peripheral vision, and it has an observation deck on its 103rd floor, which provides an exhilarating view of this incredible city. Furthermore, Millennium Park may seem very familiar because it has been covered in many Hollywood movies, but once you get closer to Cloud Gate, you will understand its charisma.


You may also visit the Art Institute of Chicago, the bustling attraction of Navy Pier and Field Museum of Natural History.


  • Springfield


Springfield is the capital city of Illinois and the birthplace of the 16th US President Abraham Lincoln. This city reflects Lincoln’s early life and his presidential tenure with historic attractions starting from Lincoln’s Home Visitor Center. You may also visit the historic site of Old State Capitol, where Lincoln was elected to the Illinois Legislature and new Illinois State Capitol, which is one of the tallest buildings in central Illinois.


Oak Ridge Cemetery is where Abraham Lincoln and his family are buried, but the greatest attraction is 117 foot-tall granite tomb of Abraham Lincoln with his sculpture.


Top Airports


Illinois is blessed with the charismatic city of Chicago, which is one of the most visited cities in the world. Flooded with more than 85 million passengers, Illinois has one of the top 10 busiest international airports. Chicago draws the most number of travelers, and this city has a total of 5 airports, including 3 international airports.


Chicago O’Hare International Airport has gained a significant reputation by accommodating more than 85 million passengers annually, and it serves every top international airline in the world. It is a magnificent facility with various terminals offering top-notch facilities to its passengers and guaranteed customer services.


Chicago Midway International Airport is the second largest airport of Illinois serving all kinds of low-cost carriers and popular international airlines of South America and Europe. This airport may be the second-best airport of Illinois, but this facility still competes with many of the world’s primary airports.


Luxury Hotels


Many people visit Chicago for business purposes. Moreover, it is a favorite destination for family vacations, romantic getaways, groups of friends, and field trips. On the other hand, Springfield attracts travelers with its treasure of exciting history.


Illinois has many cities with unique attractions, but something all of its cities has in common is its luxury hotels, making its visitor’s travel experience a remarkable one. Whether you stay in Chicago, Springfield, or any city, its luxury hotels are a special treat for you with opulent rooms, plenty of facilities, and attractive amenities. Below are some of our favorites.






Illinois is famous for several reasons, but when it comes to food, Chicago steals the show. Chicago is the premiere spot for foodies, with its large meals and its culinary deliciousness. Some of the most iconic dishes of Chicago may have originated on other continents, but this city has mastered it.


While you stroll the city, you will find aromatic streets with appetizing food stalls. With a strong gastronomic environment, you will naturally dive into the world of scrumptiousness. There is a huge variety of classic Chicago food, but you must savor some of its iconic dishes:


Deep Dish PizzaChicago-Style Hot Dog
Italian Beef Sandwich          Garrett Popcorn
Fat RiceCorned Beef
JibaritoPulled Pork

Top Festivals


Travelers are drawn to Illinois for many reasons, starting with the vibrant city of Chicago. Illinois also contains a marvelous state park and various magnificent monuments, landmarks, and skyscrapers. However, such attractions restrict its tourists to only a few major cities, but Illinois’s festivals intrigue travelers to visit its many other various cities.


The Shakespeare Festival, held in Bloomington, with staged dramas from Shakespeare Novels, is the most popular festival in Illinois displaying the finest of Illinois’s performing arts. Then there is Long Grove’s Festivals of strawberry, apple, and chocolate dedicated to such fruits and chocolate.


Being the largest producer of corn in America and having one of the best beers in the world, Illinois also hosts beer festivals and Urbana Sweetcorn Festivals.