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Belize is mainly an unknown, unexplored, and one of the smallest countries in Central America. Although it contains a specialty that makes it a suitable traveling spot for all individuals—Belize is the only English speaking country in Central America.


The country is blessed with fantastic landscapes, seascape, and varied terrains. It is full of natural beauty, and the summits of its terrains provide a picturesque view of the land. The landscape offers the perfect opportunity for hiking, trekking, and cliff diving at some spots. You can stroll in its lush forests and jungles where you might also encounter its fantastic wildlife.


Belize is a perfect ecotourism destination, with its pristine beaches where you can snorkel and scuba dive to observe its beautiful nature underwater. It is also popular for its second-largest barrier reef and the Great Blue Hole. With incredible caves, Belize is an incredible place for spelunking and cave tubing.


Don’t forget to explore the history of this country. It has a long history of different civilizations, and you will find many ancient and archaeological sites and monuments. The mesmerizing ancient ruins of Mayans are worth visiting. You may also dawdle through the streets to learn about British colonial days.


Top Destinations


Belize has very small cities and an overall population of around 350,000. The country is mainly popular for its abundance of natural attractions varying from diverse landscapes to the beautiful seascape. Apart from the beautiful nature, Belize also has a couple of amazing cities to start your journey with. Apart from cays and beaches, the inland part of cities possesses classic colonial buildings and fascinating architecture.


  • Belize City


If you are to explore this capital city of Belize, you should know that you will not find much in its downtown, but its nearby attraction will stun you. However, a short trip to this city is mandatory, where you can observe the local culture, colonial architecture, and try their scrumptious food.


Whether you are interested in history or not, the Museum of Belize, located inside the historic prison of Queen Elizabeth, is a remarkable place to learn about its history and culture. Then you can head on to the oldest Anglican Church of Central America known as St. John’s Cathedral.


Some amazing attractions that will impress you include the Belize Zoo, Government House, and Tourism Village, but the stellar archaeological site of Altun Ha will amaze you.


  • San Pedro


San Pedro is arguably the best city of Belize if you wish to fulfill your venture of The Giant Blue Sink Hole located off the coast of Ambergris Caye. You can get the best bird’s eye view of the Blue Hole from a plane tour. You can also reach out to this fabulous miracle by sailing on a boat or joining a snorkeling trip.


Talking about a snorkeling trip, Hol Chan Marine Reserve is a part of the Belize Barrier Reef, and it is a perfect spot for snorkeling. You will gaze at vivid reefs and mesmerizing marine life, including giant stingrays, fishes, nurse sharks, and enormous sea turtles.


Belize is also home to ancient ruins of Mayan, and while you explore this city, you should visit Marco Gonzalez Archaeological Site to explore ancient ruins.


Top Airports


Belize is a small country and has not emerged enough to attract flights from other continents. Mainly North, South, and Central American countries have direct flights to this country. Since the traffic flow is not too much to handle, Belize does feel the need for more international airports. However, an increased inflow of traffic is expected, and Belize has already planned for another international airport.


At this moment, Philip Goldson International Airport is the only international airport of Belize, which is equipped with modern technology, and they are thriving to provide better-than-ever passenger services. This international airport serves the largest and capital city of Belize. Fortunately, you will land directly into the heart of Belize.


Luxury Hotels


Tourists from all over the world might not visit Belize, but it seems like they are already settled to accommodate them. It is only a matter of time when Belize will shine bright like a diamond. With hotels for all kinds of travelers, Belize encourages the world to explore its pristine beaches and unexplored natural beauty.


With a tropical climate, dazzling beaches, lush rainforests, and diverse landscapes, the accommodation has to be a waterfront resort-style hotel. To make the best of your amazing travel experience to a tropical land, you have to stay in a hotel room with tropical vibes.


Now is the time to travel to Belize and immerse yourself into its mighty nature. Book a deluxe room from your favorite luxury hotels mentioned below.




Best Time to Travel


Belize has a beautiful tropical climate with an average yearly temperature of 29 degrees. No one in the world would find it cold, but if it is too hot for you, Belize has some dazzling beaches to dive in. This nice weather also makes it a favorable tourist destination for the whole year.


The peak season for traveling to Belize is between December and the end of April, although the weather is cold in December and January but not too much. Since it drops to a minimum of 21 degrees Celsius, it is pretty much tolerable, and you can enjoy your outdoor activities with no weather constraints.


February and March bring you the driest weather of the year and the tourism is on the peak during this season. Whether you avoid the crowd and travel in December or you immerse yourself with foreigners and visit in February, the choice is yours.


You may visit this country at any time of the year, but it is preferred to skip the wet months of June until October.




No matter how luxurious your travel journey is going, there is always a huge gap that can only be filled by local cuisine. Moreover, Belize is proud of their delicious cuisine, and they have a wide range of dishes.


From meat to veggies and from spicy to desserts, you can have them all in the fine dining of Belize, or you can grab them from street-side food stalls. There is a very simple recipe for the complete cuisine of Belize—influence from the ancient Mayan settlements, history of the British colony, and many historic influencing communities. Here are some amazing dishes you can choose from:


Rice and Beans          Chimole
Stew ChickenPanades
CevicheBelize Fruit Cake
Cochinita PibilJohnny Cake

FAQs about hotels in Belize

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what are the best rated hotels in Belize?

The best rated hotels in Belize are the Ramada Belize City Princess Hotel, also the Rumors Resort Hotel and the Island Magic Beach Resort Ltd.

what are the top budget hotels in Belize?

The hotels where you will find the best rates in Belize are the Bachelor Inn Hotel.

what are the most luxury hotels in Belize?

The most luxury hotels you will find in Belize are the Matachica Resort & Spa, also the Belizean Dreams Resort and the Coco Beach Resort.

what are the top airports to flight to in Belize?

what cities are worth visiting in Belize?

The most popular cities in Belize are San Ignacio.