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Algeria is located in the northern region of Africa. The country is surrounded by Libya and Tunisia to the east, Mauritania, Niger, and Mali to the south, and Western Sahara and Morocco to the west and north. Algeria is the eleventh largest country in the world and the second-largest country in Africa after Sudan.


Algeria is an excellent destination to head to in northern Africa and is one of the most visited countries in the region. The country is regarded as an Islamic nation, although there are other religions in the country. Algeria is a desert country, but during the winter, the coast experiences some rain.  Algeria's government has invested in the tourist centers, hoping to increase the number of travelers that visit.


Algeria is famous in the handicrafts industry, and richness in the production of ceramics, carpets, lute making, leather, glass working, pottery, and silverwork. Some of the country's goods are sold in other foreign countries.


There are a lot of attractions and destinations you shouldn't miss when you visit Algeria. If you are looking to have the best vacation in Algeria, ensure that you visit all the must-see places, and book a quality hotel to relax after a long day.


Top Destinations


Algeria has different scenes and adventures to offer travelers, with many beguiling urban areas with winding lanes and staggering design, its Mediterranean coast, lavish scenes, and roman vestiges that exceed any other place on the planet.


The fundamental fascination here is the Sahara Desert, where the endless sand and the baffling and vivacious urban communities are sufficient to enjoy even the most prepared explorer's creative mind.


Algerians welcome vacationers with warm invites and are glad to impart their lifestyle to any visitors to their nation. Explore some of the top destinations to visit while in Algeria!


  • Oran


With each delightful design present in the astonishing city of Oran, it is one of the most energetic cities in Algeria, which is visited by a large number of individuals consistently. The way of life and the topic of Oran is excellent, and it is overwhelmed by the Rai music, which has its inventiveness in the city. The Casbah, Le Theater, and an incredible number of mosques are available in Oran, and you can also get a tour of the Cathedrale de Sacre Coeur.


  • Annaba


Annaba is acclaimed for the numerous remnants of towns and sanctuaries that were here during the medieval occasions. Various ports are accessible in Annaba, and it is considered a diagnostic port. Hippo Regius, Ain Achir Beach, Le Cours, and other cultures shape the principal area of the city.


  • Algiers


Algiers is the capital of Algeria and houses delightful mosques, a significant milestone of the Muslim people. Algiers is a metropolitan city with innovation emerging from all sides. There is a perplexing design that makes this spot worth visiting. Some of the fun places to visit are the Botanical Garden of Hamma, the Monument des Martyrs, and the Bardo Museum.


Top Airports


Algeria offers the best to its visitors and residents, ranging from top-notch hotels to accommodating airports.


The country is home to three major airports, which are


Oran International Airport Ahmed Ben Bella          ORN          Oran
Houari Boumediene AirportALGAlgiers
Mohamed Boudiaf International AirportCZLConstantine

Top Hotels


No one enjoys sleeping in an uncomfortable bed, especially when on vacation. To guarantee you get a good night's sleep, make sure you book a hotel with great accommodations so that you can be at maximum comfort. With the modernist architecture and evocative mix of colonial style, its preserved historical attractions, and dramatic coastline, Algeria is the best destination to head to when traveling to the northern region of Africa.


The country houses some of Africa's top luxury hotels, and we've made a list to streamline your decision making.






Language: The primary language of Algeria is Arabic,  while the second language of the country is French. Some regions in Algeria speak their local dialects of Berber.


Religion: The most common religion in Algeria is Islam; almost all the residents are Muslims. The other religions in the country are Jewish and Christianity, with Christianity being the more prominent one.

FAQs about hotels in Algeria

Find answers to commonly asked questions about Algeria hotels

what are the best rated hotels in Algeria?

The best rated hotels in Algeria are the Samir Hotel, also the Houna El Ferdaous .

what are the most luxury hotels in Algeria?

The most luxury hotels you will find in Algeria are the Royal Oran, also the Hotel El-Djazair and the Le Méridien Oran Hotel & Convention Centre.

what are the top airports to flight to in Algeria?

what cities are worth visiting in Algeria?

The most popular cities in Algeria are Algiers, also the Oran and the Sidi Bel Abbes.