6 Ways to Avoid Burnout and Get More Self-Care

1. Make time to think

Bill Gates is famous for plenty of innovations, but one of his lesser-known ideas is the “think week.” Twice a year, Gates spends a week in the remote Washington wilderness to read and sort out the big issues facing him, his company, and the world. Some of his most valuable ideas, both technologically and philanthropically speaking, have come from these self-imposed thought retreats. 

Think weeks aren’t just for the Bill Gateses of the world–and those who can’t get a whole week away should invest in a think day. In a guide inspired by Bill Gates and his “think week,” reports that individuals who disconnect from technology and immerse themselves in nature boost their problem-solving abilities by 50 percent. 

Though vacations are often seen as strictly relaxation time, they’re also ideal opportunities for critical reflection. Making your next vacation a think week–or your next day off a think day–can help you come back rejuvenated, reoriented toward your goals, and connected to creativity.