Cozumel Hotels & Attractions Savings Guide

Mexico’s largest Caribbean island is a land steeped in history and beauty. Cozumel’s charm stretches far beyond its white sand shores and dunes. The spectacular dive site serves as a serene oasis to all sorts of travelers, brimming with warm welcomes in just about every corner. That said, Cozumel is unlike any other, and you don’t have to spend a fortune to experience the spectacular site. 

Where to Stay in Cozumel

Much of the island remains unexploited, but expensive hotels in Cozumel run the gamut for foreign divers. During high season, rates can peak considerably, so try to book a room before early. Cozumel is well known for it all inclusive relaxing hotels. The nightly room rates are on the higher end but most of your needs are included in the cost like food, activities and sometimes even alcohol. When reserving your room consider these popular all inclusive locations: The Iberostar Cozumel has 5 onsite restaurants and 5 bars. The Secrets Aurora Cozumel is also an amazing all inclusive resort with beach side luxury and top of the line amenities. The Cozumel Palace is  another great option with 4 restaurants and multiple pool side bars plus gorgeous rooms. For more Cozumel hotels to fit any budget visit


Cozumel Attractions

For two million aficionados, Cozumel is a diving mecca, with its barrier reef counting as the world’s second largest. The colorful marine life of Palancar Reef remains untouched all thanks to Mexico’s protective laws. Nevertheless, the shores are ripe for exploration, many of which you won’t have to spend a buck to explore. Tourists on the once pirate-laden shores are dotted with Mayan ruins, crocodile-filled lagoons, and miles of empty white sand beaches. It is in Cozumel that travelers are encouraged to veer beyond the commercial streets and usual retail fares, and simply immerse in the island’s unique beauty. Such a natural adventure is rare, and unsurprisingly, it won’t cost you that much. From Playa del Carmen, travelers will reach Cozumel’s waters through ferries and waterjets. Tickets can be bought for a cheap amount. Taxis from Cozumel Airport can be cheaper, but when you have panoramic views of the sea any price should be worth it.