Toronto Hotels and Attractions Savings Guide

Toronto has you covered if you prefer to explore the city’s attractions and landmarks on a budget.

As the cool cosmopolitan capital of Ontario province in Canada, Toronto offers a broad range of recreational pursuits and world-class attractions to travelers who come from all walks of life. Toronto is Canada’s biggest city and dominates as the hub for finance, entertainment, and culture. Sports and fashion are always riding a wave of change in Toronto as well. Conquer your Toronto vacation and stay in budget with these Toronto hotels and attractions. 

City Highlight:  Baseball fans can look forward to a Toronto Blue Jays game in its home stadium, Rogers Center, for under $15 during summer. Fans get an extra treat when the ball park opens its rooftop to bring a wondrous view of CN Tower.

Staying at reasonably priced Toronto hotels can help you control your spending while on vacation. Hotel X Toronto is on the pricier side but the roof top pool is magical and the lobby is gorgeous. If the nightly rate is a little too high at least pop in and take a quick pic. The Hilton Toronto is reasonably priced and offers travelers a central location and comfortable accommodation. The Sheraton Centre is also a great option. For more Toronto hotels to fit any budget visit

Toronto Attractions on a Budget

Toronto enables you to get more of your money’s worth with worthwhile activities that you can do while in the city. For fantastic views of the city skyline, hop on the ferry for just $6.50 to get to Toronto Island, which is filled with lush parks, beaches and nature trails. Toronto’s east end has more beaches to offer for those searching for more sandy playgrounds. Sightseeing on a budget can also be done at the Harbourfront Center, located on the shores of Lake Ontario near CN Tower. A regular schedule of cultural activities allows free performances and shows for the public. 

The city has its fair share of markets that are worth a visit as well. The place to hunt for bargains is undoubtedly Kensington Market. Vintage crafts, fair trade produce and charming encounters with the artisans are included in the day’s agenda in the market. Visitors with an avowed passion for culinary pursuits can look forward to dropping by St. Lawrence Market housed in of the oldest buildings in Toronto. Don’t forget to visit early during the weekends to grab the goods while they’re fresh!