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Wyoming is home to the first national park, first national monument, and first national forest and these are enough reasons to convince any individual to plan a travel journey to Wyoming. The Yellow Stone National Park is brimming with craters, geysers, steaming hot springs and bubbling mud pots where you will also witness the diverse wildlife including grizzly bears, gray wolves, bison, antelopes, and elks. Moreover, the 1,200 feet high Devil’s Tower National Monument is a must-visit natural attraction and it offers a wonderful opportunity for amazing photography.


The Grand Teton National Park and Bridger-Teton National Park are the top-rated tourist attractions that offer an abundance of hiking trails and shimmering lakes where you can enjoy kayaking, canoeing, and boating. You may also drive on the scenic byways to admire the magnificence of mother nature. You would not regret missing an opportunity to gaze upon the majestic natural wonder of Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area from the cliff. You simply can’t get enough of nature’s pleasure on just one visit but you will be a completely rejuvenated person when you return home.


Top Destinations


The miraculous natural wonders of Wyoming are the only alluring attractions to draw travelers. Speaking of its cities, you will only hear about its two cities that contain very few urban attractions. Suffice it to say that Wyoming is all about mother nature and its incredible wonders. Although, your journey will inevitably start from one of its cities and exploring them may take you places you couldn't imagine.


  • Jackson


Jackson, more commonly known as Jackson Hole is a fantastic display of Wild Wild West. Jackson Hole is also home to the highlighted natural attractions of Wyoming including Grand Teton National Park and Bridger-Teton National Forest. Jackson Town Square is the magnificent tourist attraction where you can interact with the locals and other tourists and make some new friends.


You just can’t claim a visit to Wild Wild West town until you visit the Jackson Hole Rodeo Grounds and witness the cowboy culture and exciting games. Nestled in the wilderness, the National Museum of Wildlife Art is an enthralling tourist attraction to visit that has a wide collection of wildlife art. Moreover, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of Elk Refuge from the hills. You may also visit the Teton Theater and Center for the Arts for an enthralling experience of witnessing the performing arts.


  • Yellowstone National Park


Yellowstone National Park hasn’t been stocked since 1950 and still the anglers catch seven different types of fishes including brown, brook, rainbow, cutthroat, grayling, whitefish and lake trout. You may visit the Lewis River and Lamar River in October for amazing fishing experience whereas the Firehole River should be visited in the spring season.


  • Jackson Hole


Slithering through Jackson Hole, Snake River is the perfect fly fishing destination that contains plenty of cutthroat with small numbers of brown trout. Jackson Hole also provides spectacular fly fishing spots at Flat Creek, Hoback River, Buffalo River, and Pacific Creek.


Top Airports


It would be fair to say that Wyoming is not a modern state at all and it only has scenic beauties of its natural wonders to boast. Since the majority of travelers are drawn to modern urban cities with shimmering skylines and luxuries, they miss out on the treasure trove of natural wonders in Wyoming that can’t be found anywhere in the world.


Wyoming is brimming with incredible natural wonders and it is all about thrilling outdoor activities. The nature lovers and explorers have listed Wyoming among the top destinations in their bucket list. Only a few urban attractions can be found in the capital city of Cheyenne whereas Jackson is also all about nature and cowboy culture. Hence, Wyoming doesn’t see many tourists from all over the world but it is visited by people from different areas of the US, the Caribbean Islands and South America. Since it is the least populated state and one of the least visited states, Wyoming has only one international airport.


Casper/Natrona County International Airport is located in Casper city and it is the only international airport in Wyoming. On the other hand, Jackson Hole Airport serves Jackson city and it is the largest airport in this state. This airport also handles plenty of passengers each year and it offers every basic facility a passenger requires.


Luxury Hotels


Wyoming may not be visited by millions of tourists annually for not having urban attractions but it is very obvious that Wyoming cares for its every single visitor. The State is continuously thriving to boasts about its treasure trove of natural wonders and promote its tourism. If you are a true nature lover, Wyoming is a paradise for you and it ensures you a lifetime travel experience. Moreover, Wyoming’s luxury accommodations are an added pleasure to an on-going fabulous travel journey.


Its exuberant hotels offer deluxe rooms with all facilities and amenities and its comfy bed will unwind you and rejuvenate your energy for another adventure. During your trip to explore Wyoming, you will be continuously on the move and you will have to stay in different hotels. So you make the best possible plan for yourself because we have listed down the magnificent luxury hotels for your amazing travel journey.



Top Fly Fishing Destinations


Wyoming is a sparsely populated state of the US with an abundance of rivers and lakes. The untouched and unspoiled waters of Wyoming are perfect for fly fishing. Moreover, families with children find no reason to visit this state except for the incredible national attractions. Therefore, these fly fishing destinations only see the expert anglers and the tranquil environment complements the activity of fishing.


Best Hiking Trails


Wyoming is all about its rugged landscape including beautiful canyons, valleys, rocky cliffs, national parks and recreation areas providing an array of trails to hike. It also makes this state a favorite spot for adventure lovers. Among plenty of iconic hiking trails, few of them are the most popular and preferable for the amazing experience of hiking.


  • Cascade Canyon Trail


You can reach the Cascade Canyon Trail by hiking the two-mile trail starting from Jenny Lake Trailhead or take a ferry which is more preferable. Once you reach the Cascade Canyon Trail, this 7 miles of the hike will reward you with the sparkling shore of Lake Solitude and during your hike, you will savor the breathtaking vistas of Grand Teton National Park.


  • Upper Geyser Basin Boardwalk


The Upper Geyser Basin Boardwalk is only a 1.5-mile stretch but offers miraculous natural attractions that couldn’t be found anywhere in the world. Through this 1.5-mile boardwalk trails, you will come across 300 Yellowstone’s geysers. Witnessing the hydro-thermal features in the world is a remarkable experience and it gives you a bragging right to explain the magnificence of such incredible wonders.