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No other US state deserves the nickname of “The Mountain State” more than West Virginia. Dolly Sods is the highest plateau in the US, with an elevation of over 1,200 meters. The miraculous landscape of this Mountain State is incomparable to any other state’s landscape.


From the New River Gorge Bridge to the Potomac River, you can enjoy all kinds of water activities ranging from kayaking, canoeing, white water rafting, and boating. You may start climbing the Seneca Rocks, glance upon the scenic sunset, and stay till night for stargazing. You may also visit the historic town of Harpers Ferry in Shenandoah Valley that is home to enthralling historical landmarks. You can go fishing at the astonishing streams of Babcock State Park, cleanse your body with the purest air in picturesque farms of the Potomac Highlands and savor the miraculous vistas of Blackwater Canyons from Lindy Point in Blackwater Falls State Park. West Virginia is a heaven on earth with breathtaking natural wonders.


Top Destinations


The amazing natural heavens of West Virginia are so predominant that its cities are concealed behind its magnificence. Although, West Virginia is home to some beautiful cities and fabulous small towns. Since Charleston is the primary gateway to this state, travelers tend to explore it along with other small towns, and they are amazed by the beautiful tourist attractions they possess.


  • Charleston


Charleston is the capital and the largest city in West Virginia, with a total population of just over 50,000. The city also boasts about its spectacular arts and performance scenes. The most prominent and beautiful building of Charleston is the State Capitol Building, located at the brink of Kanawha River bank with a lush garden that also makes it a scenic place to visit. Another interesting fact is that its dome is five feet higher than the US Capitol Building in Washington DC.


Another popular and exciting tourist spot is Clay Center for the Arts and Sciences, where the performing arts, visual arts, and concerts are held with a variety of musical genres, including jazz, rock n roll, classical, and swing. The West Virginia State Museum is a must-visit place that displays and exhibits the history and landscape of West Virginia. You can also visit the family-fun attraction of Avampato Discovery Museum, where the interactive and exciting science exhibits to intrigue the children to indulge in hands-on experience. Since this state is most famous for having heaven of natural wonders, Charleston also has the magnificent Kanawha State Forest where you can hike the trails and stare at the beautiful birdlife.


  • Wheeling


Following Charleston, Wheeling is the second most popular city in West Virginia for having some versatile tourist attractions. You can enjoy a sensational evening at Capitol Music Hall that is the largest theatre of West Virginia. You can witness the fantastic Broadway shows, live orchestras, and bands. Oglebay Park is one of the favorite tourist spots for families with children that is open year-round and offers plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities like tennis, hiking trails, and ski slopes.


Before you dive into the nature of this state, you should visit the amazing attractions of Cathedral of Saint Joseph, Wheeling Island Casino and Racetrack, and West Virginia Independence Hall.


Top Airports


The nature lovers, adventure seekers, and explorers have listed West Virginia among the top destinations on their bucket list. The beautiful city of Charleston, gorgeous and charming small towns, features plenty of cultural and historical sites along with many exciting tourist attractions. As for now, West Virginia has no international airport.


Yeager Airport is the primary gateway to West Virginia, serving the capital city of Charleston, and accommodating around 76,000 passengers annually. The state also has the Huntington Tri-State Airport, and it is the second-largest airport in West Virginia. This airport handles plenty of passengers each year, and it offers all the basic facilities a passenger could ask for.


Luxury Hotels


Millions of international travelers might not visit West Virginia, but it certainly has remarkable hotels to accommodate them. This state is also known for its amazing hospitality and the finest hotels perfect for families with children on vacation. Thousands of domestic travelers visit this state for multi-purposes, and this state always serves them with ultimate guest services in its luxury hotels.


With plenty of natural and urban tourist attractions, West Virginia is worth visiting and exploring. Intrigued by the natural landscape and urban treats of West Virginia, plan your next visit for a spectacular travel experience, and check out some of our favorite hotels listed below.




Trout Fishing Lakes & Rivers


West Virginia is home to an array of state parks, and it boasts about offering an enthusiastic opportunity of fishing golden, brown, and rainbow trout. You will find a vast range of lakes, rivers, and streams that makes it one of the best trout-fishing destination in the country. West Virginia is heaven for anglers, and it offers year-round trout fishing opportunities.


  • Elk River


Elk River is one of the most visited trout fishing spots that contain an abundance of golden rainbow, brook, and brown trout. It has multiple access points for visitors, and it also offers a gorgeous sight to enjoy while fishing.


  • Cranberry River


Cranberry River is a favorite spot of most anglers. Since trout anglers and experts only approach it, this river is less crowded with various catch-and-release and fly-fishing only sections. The 15-mile stretch of the Cranberry River is stocked with an abundance of golden, rainbow, brown and brook trout.


Top Outdoor Adventures


The majestic landscape of West Virginia is brimming with natural wonders, including beautiful canyons, river gorges, rocky cliffs, farmland, and national forest, creating uncountable possibilities of outdoor adventures. It also makes this place a favorite spot for adventure lovers. You will find various national forests and state parks located in the wilderness of West Virginia, where adventure lovers go for spectacular outdoor activities.


  • White Water Rafting


With an abundance of waterways, white water rafting is one of the most exciting outdoor activities to do in West Virginia. The thrilling rapids of this state include Potomac River, Cheat River, and Tygart River, and Gauley River. You may also go for rafting at the New River that takes you past the New River Gorge Bridge.


  • Hiking


Just like its nickname “The Mountain State,” the most popular outdoor activity in West Virginia, is hiking. The Appalachian Trails also run through this state, and you can also hike on the thrilling trails of Monongahela National Forest, American Discovery Trail, and Coopers Rock State Forest.