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Good for none, yet paradise for some, Utah is all about its abundance of natural wonders and the endless opportunities of outdoor activities. While the majority of travelers do not prefer this state for tourism, the adventure seekers and nature lovers wish to visit and explore its natural attractions every year. Although its major cities contain plenty of historical, cultural, and religious attractions, the mighty nature of Utah always takes the prize.


The rugged landscape features an ocean of humongous rocky mountains with canyons and scenic byways for amazing driving experiences. Ranging from national monuments to canyons and state parks to rock spires, the landscape of Utah contains all kinds of surprises for its explorers. While the bright shining sun illuminates the beauty of Utah’s landscape and offers a breathtaking view, the nights offer uncountable opportunities for exhilarating stargazing. You may revel in its outdoor activities of hiking, horseback riding, and mountain biking on your every visit to this wonderful state.


Top Destinations


Undoubtedly, Utah is crowned with the magnificence of natural wonders that offers uncountable possibilities of outdoor activities. You will want to revel in its varied landscape and savor its pleasure in every season. However, you will have to land in its cities first, and exploring its fantastic cities is also worth it.


  • Salt Lake City


Salt Lake City is the capital city of Utah, and is home to plenty of religious sites, as it used to be the religious center of Mormons. This city also provides endless opportunities for outdoor activities with mountains for hiking in the summer and skiing in winter. However, strolling in the city will take you to many fascinating tourist attractions. There is no better place to start your travel journey than exploring wonderful Downtown Salt Lake City and dawdling in Temple Square, a favorite tourist attraction.


You will be stunned by the marvelous architecture of the whitewashed Salt Lake Temple, the most iconic landmark of Salt Lake City. Apart from gazing upon the marvel of this temple, you can also visit the Natural Museum of Utah, home to intriguing collections including dinosaur fossils, digital globe, and a three-story indoor canyon. Families also visit the This Is The Place Heritage Park for its beautiful garden and to gaze upon the two sculptures and learn about the fascinating history of Mormon’s 1,300 mile-long trek.


  • St. George


St. George is located in southern Utah and is also surrounded by incredible natural attractions. The climate of this city is suitable for tourism throughout the year. St. George Utah Temple is the highlighted tourist attraction, but the entrance is restricted for everyone but Mormons. You may also visit Pioneer Park to witness its red rock landscape, which is ideal for family picnics and barbecues. Despite all the tourist attractions, you will find a plethora of trails for hiking in this city.


Town Square Park is a fantastic place for families with children featuring a massive garden and sculpture, along with many activities to do. For more exciting tourist attractions, St. George offers you an attraction of St. George Children’s Museum that features 12 rooms of interactive activities for children.


National & State Parks


The biggest attraction for all visitors of Utah is its enthralling natural wonders and variety of national and state parks. You will find an array of outdoor adventures, including hiking, climbing, mountain biking, trekking, and much more. The rugged and diverse landscape provides a picturesque view of nature, and its magnificent waterfalls provide a remarkable sight.


  • Zion National Park


The natural attraction of Zion National Park is a pride for Utah, and it reflects the literal meaning of nature. One of the most visited parks in the US, it features mesmerizing rocky cliffs and mountains, and its scenic byways offer a larger-than-life driving experience. You will find massive canyons, an abundance of thrilling trails, and sparkling waterfalls.


  • Bryce Canyon National Park


Visit Bryce Canyon National Park during sunrise to avoid scorching temperatures and savor the magical sight of sunlight striking the rusted towering stone spires and balanced rock formations. Rim Trail is the most popular hiking spot for adventure seekers. This national park features a surreal landscape, and it is home to some ancient bristlecone pines.


Top Ski Resorts


Utah is a treasure trove of natural attractions and outdoor adventures in all seasons. The summer may allure travelers to its cities and lakes for water activities, but summer cannot offer the winter treats. Utah is one of the favorite winter vacation spots for families and winter sports lovers. The snowcapped mountains provide a perfect opportunity for skiing, tubing, and snowmobiling.


  • Park City Mountain Resort


Park City Mountain Resort is the most popular destination for having extensive terrains and intermediate runs that makes it suitable for all kinds of skiers. The varied slopes of this resort attract both expert skiers and families with children.


  • Deer Valley Ski Resort


Deer Valley Resort is the preferable resort for families that offers plenty of top-notch facilities to its visitors. It is home to varied slopes that attracts both expert skiers and beginners. This valley is a prized destination for winter sports, and features more than 100 runs across 6 mountains.


Top Airports


Utah is brimming with incredible natural wonders, and it is all about thrilling outdoor activities. Nature lovers and explorers have listed Utah among the top destinations on their bucket list. The metropolitan cities feature plenty of cultural, religious, and historical sites along with many modern and exciting tourist attractions. As for now, since it is one of the least visited states, Utah has only one international airport.


Salt Lake City International Airport serves the capital city, and it is the largest airport in Utah, accommodating around 3 million passengers annually. On the other hand, St. George Regional Airport serves St. George, and it is the second-largest airport in Utah. This airport also handles plenty of passengers each year, and it offers every basic facility that a passenger could ask for.


Luxury Hotels


Utah may not be visited by several millions of international travelers each year, but it is certainly ready to accommodate them with its remarkable hotels. This state has also gained popularity for its amazing hospitality and is a perfect destination for families with children and school field trips.


Excited by natural wonders and urban attractions, plan your next visit to Utah for a fabulous travel experience, and you can choose any luxury hotel for your stay from the following list.