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Every person has their preferences for activities they’d like to do on vacation. It could be adventure sports, natural wonders, sparkling beaches, vibrant cities, historic sites, and more. It would be fair to say that Oregon is a destination where all types of travelers converge, as a melting pot for various activities.


While the Pacific coastline offers exciting opportunities for surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, and windsurfing, its diverse landscape featuring Hells Canyon National Recreation Area and Smith Rock State Park provides an opportunity for adventurous activities like hiking and climbing. The scenic drive along the Pacific Ocean and off-highway vehicle (OHV) riding at the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area is an exhilarating experience. It’s sufficient to say that Oregon has something for everyone, and no travel journey has ever gone to waste in this beautiful state.


Top Destinations


The sublime nature has decorated this state beautifully, with sparkling lakes, pristine beaches, wilderness, scenic drives, and natural monuments. Oregon is also famous for having the most number of electrifying cities and magnificent tourist attractions for its visitors. A visit to these alluring cities will have you wanting to come back time and time again.


  • Portland


Located at the mouth of Columbia Lake, Portland is the largest city of Oregon and one of the most alluring cities in the United States. The marvelous tourist attractions and skyline in Downtown Portland, backdropped by the lush rolling hills and majestic snowcapped mountain, makes this city an incredible tourist destination. You can capture this breathtaking view from the highest point of Washington Park, and you can also stroll in the blooming Portland Japanese Gardens.


Encompassing 40,000 square feet, the Lan Su Chinese Garden boasts about Chinese culture and history, and its serene environment comprised of plants, gardens, lake, and rocks make it a tourist attraction worth visiting. Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden, featuring blooming plants and beautiful waterfall, is a paradise of tranquility. Families also tend to visit the intriguing site of the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry for fascinating and eye-catching collections. Another fun-filled attraction is Forest Park, where adventure lovers hike on the 30-mile Wildwood Trail.


  • Eugene


Eugene is one of the three largest cities of Oregon located along the Willamette River. This marvelous city fascinates with its quirky tourist attractions, and you will find no shortage of fun activities. Alton Baker Park is the most tranquil attraction and the largest part of the city. Among a plethora of magnificence, Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art, Hult Center for the Performing Arts, and Cascades Raptor Center are must-visit attractions.


Tourists also tend to enjoy dawdling at the Saturday Market located in the center of downtown. Here you can enjoy various streetside entertainments.


Top Airports


Oregon is home to many natural wonders, a Pacific coastline, and vibrant cities containing alluring tourist attractions; enough reasons to attract globetrotters. Airports should be pristine for a fantastic start of your travel journey. Oregon offers magnificent airports that will accommodate and handle you with its accommodating workers and facilities.


Portland International Airport is the primary gateway to Oregon, and it accommodates over 12 million passengers annually and serves international airlines from all continents. The second busiest airport in Oregon is Eugene Airport, offering all kinds of splendid facilities, and serves many domestic and regional airlines.


Top Hotels


Regardless of the number of international and domestic tourists traveling to this state, Oregon’s focus does not shift on providing one of the best travel experiences. This state is already blessed with natural wonders, and the humanmade tourist attractions are an added advantage for the state’s tourism industry. Moreover, Oregon also boasts about its fantastic luxury hotels.


You will find a collection of marvelous hotels providing a lavish experience. The features of outdoor and indoor pools are perfect for fresh mornings, and their amenities are perfect for unwinding at the end of the day. Having an exhilarating travel experience on every visit to Oregon is a safe bet to make, and its luxury hotels help to upscale your travel journey. We have listed some of our favorites below, to make your search easier.




Top Beaches


Oregon’s 362-mile Pacific coastline features incredible beaches that also draw numerous travelers for fantastic beaching opportunities. Regardless of how large they are, these beaches are always crammed with people relaxing or indulging in watersports. Every beach is recognized for its distinguishing quality, where you will find unique and appealing spots to visit.


  • Cannon Beach


Cannon Beach is the biggest and most popular beach in Oregon, and it is a favorite destination in the summer season. You may savor the exhilarating view of the Pacific Ocean by lying on the golden-soft sand or refresh yourself by dipping in the waters. Haystack Rock is the hero of this beach and one of the top-rated natural landmarks in Oregon.


  • Nye Beach


Nye Beach is the perfect place for people seeking serenity. Far away from bustling Newport, Nye Beach is moderately crowded even at its peak season, where you can simply lay down on the sand and enjoy the music of the waves and catch a tan. The calm tides of the beach are also favorable for families with children.


Best Hiking Trails


The entire western part of Oregon is brimming with incredible national forests and wilderness. This state has a beautiful landscape with lush rolling hills and wilderness providing an abundance of trails to hike. It also makes this place a favorite spot for adventure lovers. Among plenty of trails, few of them are the most popular and preferable for a top-notch hiking experience.


  • Eagle Creek Trailhead


Columbia River Gorge is home to some beautiful trails, among which Eagle Creek Trailhead offers the best hiking experience. The trail also offers a breathtaking view of waterfalls, woodland, and mountains, making it a complete package.


  • Pacific Crest Trail


The Pacific Crest Trail stretches 2,650 miles, ranging from Mexico to Canada. It is one of the biggest trails to hike, and you may encounter some wild animals. The best time to hike this trail is between April and October. One of the best attractions en route to the Pacific Crest Trail is the famous Crater Lake. Making a small pause here is worth it.