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Oklahoma is a popular destination for an array of reasons. Home to beautiful cities and marvelous natural attractions, Oklahoma offers one of the best travel experiences. This state is crowned with a portion of Route 66, and its entire south is confined by the Red River, creating fabulous opportunities for outdoor activities.


Oklahoma is home to many State Parks, and you will find plenty of caves for spelunking and tranquil waterfalls providing soothing music for your soul, and its cold fresh-waters are perfect for dipping. Anglers visit this state for a plethora of fishing spots, and nature lovers explore its Black Mesa, the Wichita Mountains, and Chickasaw National Recreation Area.


Top Destinations


Oklahoma is one of the most beautiful US states, with a large portion of historic routes, sports scenes, and marvelous downtowns that make it a popular destination among travelers. With a blend of lush rolling hills and prairie stretches in the north, along with urban attractions, including historic warehouse districts and a plethora of activities, Oklahoma is one of the favorite destinations for family vacations.


  • Oklahoma City


Oklahoma City, also known as “The Big Friendly,” is the capital and largest city of Oklahoma located on the southern Great Plains. This city is home to the museum and historic site of Oklahoma City National Memorial as a tribute to the 168 victims of the Oklahoma City bombings, which was also one of the initial reasons for this city’s fame. Another highlighted entertainment hub of this city is Bricktown, with fantastic dining and shopping scenes, and you can also attend a variety of concerts, or simply stroll along the riverwalk and soak up the magnificent surroundings. 


One of the favorite activities of families is strolling through the Myriad Botanic Gardens to view the beautiful horticultural displays and vivid gardens. The Oklahoma City Zoo is also an alluring tourist attraction, with over 500 animal species, including wild carnivores, and it also provides up-close interactions with grizzly bears and Asian elephants. Oklahoma City is home to an array of intriguing family-friendly attractions, including the Omniplex Science Museum, Oklahoma City Art Museum, and Museum of Osteology.


  • Tulsa


Tulsa has a portion of Route 66 going through it, and the majority of travelers prefer to reach this city by road for a long scenic drive. If you are a baseball lover, visiting ONEOK Field in Downtown Tulsa and watching a game should be your first activity. Tulsa boasts about its superb tourist attractions making it a favorable destination for school field trips and family vacations.


Unlike conventional museums of arts, the Philbrook Museum of Art contains not only a splendid collection of Asian, American, African, and European art but also a 23-acre garden with beautiful native plantations. You should also visit the exciting tourist attractions like Tulsa Performing Arts Center, BOK Center, and the Tulsa Air and Space Museum.


Top Airports


Oklahoma is a popular state of America, and millions of domestic and international passengers visit it. Along with wonderful natural attractions, vibrant cities, and long rivers, Oklahoma draws a huge number of families for vacations and travelers for a quick getaway trip. These vibrant cities also offer a wide variety of tourist attractions, including fun-filled spots that draw a massive crowd of families for vacations. Oklahoma is also visited for its scenic byways, natural bathtubs, waterfalls, and rolling terrains.


Such beautiful attractions develop an overall sense of a state, but airports are the places that create the first impression, and that matters a lot to any state. Gladly, Oklahoma has lavish airports, both domestic and international. These airports guarantee ultimate passenger services and marvelous facilities. Below are the two major airports serving the most visited cities of Oklahoma.


Will Rogers World AirportOKCOklahoma City
Tulsa International Airport          TUL          Tulsa

Luxury Hotels


The more visitors you attract, the more accommodation is required. Oklahoma is open for tourism all year round and sees millions of tourists annually. Moreover, Oklahoma’s luxury hotels equally contribute to making a remarkable travel journey. Exploring any state for a whole day is tiring, and all a traveler asks for is a comfy bed to sleep. Oklahoma provides more than just a comfy bed, including fantastic facilities, soothing amenities, and amazing guest services in its luxury hotels. To avoid any obnoxious moment during your precious nights, check out the hotels listed below.




Top Waterfalls


Oklahoma is famous for its charismatic cities that house some enticing tourist attractions. Oklahoma may not have vast lands of nature, but it does have long rivers, rocky terrains, natural recreation areas, and majestic waterfalls that offer magnificent sightseeing opportunities. These waterfalls also bring along a fantastic opportunity for outdoor activities, including white-water rafting, kayaking, canoeing, and swimming.


  • Turner Falls


Turner Falls is the largest waterfall in Oklahoma, and it is a perfect destination for families and children. Unwind and swim in the natural pool of splashing cold waters. Turner Falls contains various trails and caves, making it an exciting place for hiking and spelunking.


  • Natural Falls


Located in Natural Falls State Park, you can’t miss out on the magical Natural Falls on your journey to explore the nature of Oklahoma. With a 77-foot high waterfall, pristine natural beauty, and a perfect tranquil spot, Natural Falls is a must-visit place to relax.


Top Fishing Rivers


Oklahoma takes pride in its plethora of state parks, and it boasts about offering a superb opportunity for fishing trouts. You will find a vast range of lakes, rivers, creeks, and streams that makes it one of the best trout-fishing destinations in the country. For year-round trout fishing opportunities, Oklahoma is a paradise for anglers, providing unceasing fishing opportunities.


  • Lower Mountain Fork River


Lower Mountain Fork River is an ideal trout fishing location for professional anglers with a 12-mile stretch of waterways. A 5-mile stretch of this river is found in Beavers Bend State Park, providing easy access to this hot fishing destination. It is an ideal location for both first-timers and expert fishers.


  • Lower Illinois River


Lower Illinois River is a magnificent spot for year-round fishing with a treasure of brown trouts and rainbow trouts. You will find developed fishing platforms making it an ideal fishing spot, and you can also reach a specific spot on the Ohio River to avoid the crowd.