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New Mexico is a southwestern US state bordered with Mexico in the south. This state has alluring features of wild and vast landscapes and stretches of open-spaces. You will find an abundance of picturesque nature, including the popular White Sands National Monument, and a view of the sunset from these white sand dunes in the middle of Chihuahuan Desert is a paradisiacal sight to behold.


Travelers are stunned by the enchanting tourist spots of the oldest inhabited establishment of Taos Pueblo, Bandelier National Monument, and Red Rock State Park. There is a myriad of beautiful natural wonders, and they offer incredible opportunities for sightseeing, especially during sunrise and sunset. Apart from its nature, the charismatic cities of New Mexico will also amaze you.


Top Destinations


New Mexico may have one of the most alluring natural marvels, but that’s not the only attraction for tourists. This land of enchantment is also crowned with fascinating culture and history, and you will find them preserved in many museums, galleries, and historical sites. New Mexico has something for everyone, and its diverse tourist attractions draw millions of travelers each year.


  • Albuquerque


You may recognize this city from the screens of Breaking Bad. Still, once you explore Albuquerque, you will recognize it for its marvelous tourist attractions and the amazing travel experience it offers. Let your journey begin by visiting quaint Old Town that exhibits a history of Spanish settlements and Mexican and Spanish culture. The cobblestone streets, cottonwood trees, and adobe buildings will take you back to the colonial era.


Another exciting attraction is the Anderson-Abruzzo Albuquerque International Balloon Museum that exhibits the ballooning history, and you can also visit Balloon Fiesta Park to admire the enthralling myriad of balloons in the sky. After your visit to Old Town and its historical attractions, transport yourself into the modern world by visiting ABQ BioPark Aquarium, ABQ BioPark Zoo, and ABQ BioPark Botanic Garden. You may also visit the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center, where you will be treated with Pueblo’s traditional dances, cultures, and histories. Other must-visit tourist attractions include the Albuquerque Museum of Art and History, Unser Racing Museum, and KiMo Theater.


  • Santa Fe


Santa Fe is not your regular monotonous capital city but a vibrant, bustling city with charming tourist attractions. From snowcapped mountains to various culturally influenced atmosphere and beautiful streets, adobe houses, and colonial architecture, Santa Fe offers an incredible travel experience. The foremost exciting activity to do is wandering the Canyon Road and looking out for fantastic attractions of galleries, art studios, and craft workshops.


Santa Fe Opera is the highlighted tourist attraction and a top performing arts center of Santa Fe. The delightful experience does include not only traditional performances but also a glamorous panoramic view of rolling hills. One of the fascinating tourist attractions is the studio of Liquid Light Glass. You can admire the classic glasswork and also witness the glass shaping process.


Top Airports


New Mexico is a vibrant state, offering a unique travel experience ranging from historical, cultural, and traditional attractions to natural and urban wonders. It boasts about its scrumptious food scene, magnificent festivals, marvelous cities, and quaint historic pueblo towns. New Mexico is home to diverse attractions, and thus, it is visited by over 8 million travelers, including both international and domestic tourists.


The Albuquerque International Sunport is the primary international airport in New Mexico, accommodating over 4 million passengers annually. It is also recognized for its fantastic passenger services, and it plays a vital role in developing the overall perception of New Mexico. On the other hand, Santa Fe Regional Airport also sees plenty of passengers from all over the country, and it has recently seen a substantial increase in airline flights.


Luxury Hotels


If you crave a bewitching travel experience, then you can visit New Mexico without any second thought. This state is home to unique tourist attractions ranging from its vibrant cities to small towns and natural wonders. When it comes to the travel experience of its visitors, New Mexico has no room for compromises, and along with such incredible tourist attractions, this state takes pride in providing some of the most alluring luxury hotels.


New Mexico offers one of the most comfortable nights in its luxury hotels. The charming staff will treat you with exceptional services, and the facilities of indoor and outdoor pools will provide you with refreshing mornings. Staying in such upscale luxury hotels will undoubtedly elevate your travel experience, and we have listed down the best luxury hotels you will find in New Mexico.




Top Festivals


New Mexico has a great colonial history, and an array of architecture, houses, artifacts, museums, and galleries reflect the influences of various establishments including Mexican, Spanish, American Indian, and Anglo American. These influences are also reflected in a plethora of historical and traditional festivals all year round. The diverse locality seeks every reason for celebrations and festivals. From traditional and cultural to modern and quirky festivals, New Mexico is home to more diverse festivals than days in the calendar.


  • Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta


Adult or child, this balloon fiesta is a fascinating festival for all ages. The grandeur of humongous and multi-hued hot-air-balloons on the ground offers a marvelous view, and once they are in the air, the sky crammed with vivid balloons is a picturesque sight.


  • Roswell UFO Festival


This festival is hosted every year in July against the alleged theory of UFO landings in 1947. However, this festival is much quirkier and enchanting, with contests of alien costumes and people transforming themselves into aliens. It’s like Halloween, but you can only transform yourself into an alien.


  • Santa Fe Indian Market


Santa Fe Indian Market is one of the biggest festivals of New Mexico, held in August as a summer market and November as a winter market. Around 200,000 people visit this fantastic festival at Santa Fe Plaza and admire the unique collections. This remarkable festival features workshops, lectures, artist award ceremonies, and live music.




The cuisine of New Mexico is comprised of a variety of influential colonial dishes. You will find the ingredients related to various cuisines in the world. However, New Mexican food is known for spicy dishes, and it resembles much of Mexican cuisine. You don’t need to fly all the way to Mexico to eat the best tacos, enchiladas, and burritos. New Mexico has got you covered with incredible dishes that will satisfy your palate and stimulate your taste buds.


Sampling and eating New Mexican food during your journey is a complete sensory experience. You won’t be able to get enough of the dining experiences, nibbling delectables, and flavorsome wines. For your next visit to New Mexico, we have listed down the most popular mouthwatering dishes for you to eat.


Blue Corn PancakesBreakfast Burrito
Carne AdovadaRed Cheese Enchiladas
Frito PieTacos
Green Chile Cheeseburger          Sopaipillas
Green Chile on PizzaCalabacitas