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New Hampshire is one of the enchanting states of New England with a 13-mile coastline on the Atlantic Ocean. This state is home to one of the most eminent natural wonders in the US, and it allures plenty of adventure lovers to experience its plethora of outdoor activities. From varied landscapes, rolling hills, and rugged terrains to dramatic beaches, sparkling lakes, and vibrant cities, New Hampshire offers enthralling tourist attractions and exhilarating travel experience to its visitors.


New Hampshire is open for tourism all year round, and it boasts about its winter sports and summer recreations to attract families for vacations. With an abundance of surprises this state has to offer, you will thank yourself for choosing New Hampshire as your travel destination.


Top Destinations


New Hampshire is one of the smallest states in America, and it is mainly popular for its coastline on the Atlantic Ocean and the natural wonders in its north. New Hampshire also boasts about its fantastic cities that contain plenty of surprises for its visitors. You might be traveling to New Hampshire to explore its marvelous nature, but you will also be impressed by its alluring cities.


  • Portsmouth


Portsmouth is the most popular city in New Hampshire, and it offers a memorable travel experience. Along with wonderful modern attractions, Portsmouth has preserved a great history of colonialism in its museums and in the shape of historic Federal and Colonial Homes that are still open to the public in its original form. Much of this history is preserved and exhibited in the outdoor Museum of Strawbery Banke. This museum is comprised of beautiful historic houses, household furnishings, and gardens.


You can stroll in the city for more historical houses like Moffatt-Ladd House, Warner House, and Rundlet-May House. Roaming around the Market Square is a great activity to do where you will find a variety of shopping, food scenes, and art galleries. Prescott Park is a dazzling tourist attraction with vivid and fragrant flower gardens. If beer is your poison, you can sample some flavorful ones in Portsmouth Brewery and Red Hook Brewery.


  • Manchester


Manchester is the largest city in New Hampshire, and it is home to some quirky and fantastic tourist attractions. The Currier Museum of Art is a fascinating place to visit with a permanent collection of peculiar artwork of famous artists including Matisse, Monet, Picasso, Calder, and more. This museum also features the Zimmerman House designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, and you may tour the house and admire its cypress woodwork, concrete floors, and beautiful fabric.


Baseball enthusiasts are frequent visitors to Manchester, and they travel to witness a spectacular match at the Northeast Delta Dental Stadium. SEE Science Center features hands-on experiences and unique exhibitions, making it an intriguing tourist attraction that remains on top of the bucket list of families with children. You can visit the Palace Theatre for charming performances or learn about the culture and history of Manchester in the Millyard Museum.


Top Beaches


Among plenty of tourist attractions that allure a swarm of travelers every year, New Hampshire’s 13-mile Atlantic coastline features marvelous beaches that also draw numerous travelers. Regardless of how small they are, these beaches are always brimming with beautiful people relaxing or indulging in watersports.


  • Hampton Beach


Hampton Beach is the biggest and most popular beach in New Hampshire, and it is a favorite destination in the summer season. You may savor an exhilarating view of the Atlantic Ocean by strolling on the boardwalk or refresh yourself by dipping in the water.


  • Weirs Beach


Located on the shore of Lake Winnipesaukee, Weirs Beach is a favorite beach for families with children, and it is staffed with lifeguards. It often gets very crowded during the summer season by tourists and locals.


Top Airports


New Hampshire is a charming state offering a wide range of tourist attractions and exciting activities to indulge in. Its natural treasure allures people from many states and various countries during all seasons. Moreover, its Atlantic coastline also attracts travelers during the summer season to unwind on its beautiful coastline, and families frequently travel to its enchanting cities for summer and winter vacations.


New Hampshire sees a flock of international and domestic travelers. Portsmouth International Airport accommodates every international passenger and numerous domestic passengers. However, Manchester Regional Airport is the largest airport in New Hampshire, accommodating around 1 million passengers annually. Both airports feature splendid facilities and offer ultimate passenger services.


Luxury Hotels


New Hampshire has got you covered with its incredible natural and urban attractions, along with marvelous sightseeing opportunities and beautiful coastline. The state offers hotels for varied affordability, but it encourages you to upscale your travel experience by staying in their finest luxury hotels with deluxe rooms.


These luxury hotels provide soothing facilities of outdoor and indoor pools and gyms, along with amenities of spas, body treatment, massage, and sauna. We have listed some luxury, yet affordable, hotel options for your next trip to New Hampshire.




Top Trails


Northern New Hampshire is crammed with marvelous peaks, including a part of the Appalachian Mountains. This state has a beautiful landscape with lush rolling hills and rugged terrains, providing an abundance of trails to hike. It also makes this place a favorite spot for adventure lovers.


  • Monadnock Mountain


Monadnock Mountain is said to be the most frequently climbed mountain in the world. Located in Monadnock State Park, it features two thrilling trails. Pumpelly Trail is the most difficult, which may take 6 to 7 hours to reach the summit. On the other hand, White Cross Trail is located over moderate terrain that takes around 4 hours to climb.


  • Mount Washington


Mount Washington features the highest peak in New Hampshire’s northern region, and Ammonoosuc Ravine Trail offers a fantastic hiking experience of 9 miles round trip. The whole-day effort to climb the summit rewards you with a refreshing 360-degree view of mighty nature.


  • Mount Chocorua


Mount Chocorua provides the most scenic views from its rock ledge summit, and it provides the Champney Falls Trail to climb the top. You will find many spots for photography during your 10-mile roundtrip hiking experience, and after returning, you can unwind at the brink of a pond nestled in the base of Mount Chocorua.