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Nebraska is a midwestern US state and an underrated tourist destination. Despite the fact of having a treasure trove of marvelous natural and urban tourist attractions, this state has been masked behind the magnificence of neighboring states. However, Nebraska is now emerging as a gem of a travel destination, possessing a beautiful natural landscape, over 3000 lakes, and exciting cities.


Nature and adventure lovers can delve into its remarkable nature and opt for various outdoor activities. Moreover, you can also explore its numerous historical monuments and landmarks. You will savor plenty of breathtaking natural sceneries at geological parks and sandhills, and you can also witness a marvelous activity of crane migration. Given a chance, Nebraska can prove to be a perfect destination for your next travel journey.


Top Destinations


Nebraska takes pride in offering a fantastic travel experience, and the reasons behind its significant rise in tourism are its beautiful natural attractions and vibrant cities with amazing tourist attractions. This underrated state has now made its way on to traveler’s bucket lists, and families also consider it one of the most beautiful vacation destinations.


  • Lincoln


Lincoln is the capital city of Nebraska, and unlike many monotonous capital cities, Lincoln is an electrifying destination for all ages. With no shortage of things to do, Lincoln also boasts about its museums, art centers, and cultural attractions. Wandering around the streets of Downtown Lincoln and strolling in the Historic Haymarket District is one of the main activities to do.


Unlike the conventional building of state capitols with a dome, the Nebraska State Capitol has an erected sky-soaring tower, and this marvelous structure of limestone is worth a glimpse. Another attraction worth visiting is the University of Nebraska State Museum with a highlighted attraction of a Mammoth. You may also visit the Sheldon Museum of Art for a stunning collection of artwork and historical artifacts, or you can also have a unique experience at the International Quilt Study Center.


  • Omaha


Omaha is one of the vibrant cities of Nebraska that guarantees a great travel experience, and it offers plenty of activities to indulge in. The most popular attraction of Omaha is the Henry Doorly Zoo that is home to exotic wildlife. It has the largest indoor desert in the world and the largest indoor rainforest of North America.


Omaha offers an array of unique museums, including The Durham Museum, Joslyn Art Museum, and Freedom Park Navy Museum. One of the most impressive tourist attractions is Spirit of Nebraska’s Wilderness Park that homes unique permanent outdoor art installations. Other fascinating tourist attractions for families with children are Lauritzen Gardens and Omaha’s Children Museum.


Top Airports


Travelers have overlooked Nebraska for quite a long time, but now it has made its way to their bucket list. This state has seen a substantial increase in its tourism, and it still boasts about its natural and urban attractions to potential visitors. As for now, Nebraska doesn’t have any international airport.


Eppley Airfield is serving the city of Omaha, and it is the largest airport in Nebraska, accommodating more than 4 million passengers annually. On the other hand, Lincoln Airport serves the capital city, and it is the second-largest airport in Nebraska. Lincoln Airport also sees plenty of passengers each year, and it offers every primary facility a passenger could ask for.


Luxury Hotels


Millions of international travelers might not visit Nebraska, but it is certainly ready to accommodate them. This state has gained popularity for its fantastic hospitality and most elegant accommodations perfect for families with children. Millions of domestic travelers visit this state, and Nebraska always serves them with ultimate guest services in its luxury hotels.


With such bountiful tourist attractions, Nebraska is worth visiting and exploring. Intrigued by Nebraska’s natural and urban treats, plan your next visit to Nebraska for an incredible travel experience, and you can choose any luxury hotel for your stay from the following list.




Top Historical Monuments


Nebraska has a collection of vibrant cities, but the biggest draw for travelers is its diverse landscape and natural wonders. Among a wide variety of rolling mountains, rock mountains, and an abundance of lakes, this state is also home to various marvelous historical monuments. These monuments are one of the most unique and attractive tourist spots for travelers.


  • Chimney Rock


Chimney Rock National Historic Site has a dramatic rock spire that rises 480 feet high, and a view of this monument amid the vast landscape is a marvelous sight to behold.


  • Scotts Bluff National Monument


Located in western Nebraska, Scotts Bluff National Monument is a remarkable 800-foot landmark, and it offers intriguing trails of Mormon, Oregon, and California for hiking. This tranquil site of nature also provides an exhilarating view of the beautiful landscape.


  • Agate Fossil Beds National Monument


Agate Fossil Beds National Monument is located on the Great Plains, and it offers a unique interaction with million-year-old mammal bones from the Miocene Era. You will find the fossils of carnivorous beardogs, stenomylus, and dinohyus.




Overlooked for quite a long time, Nebraska has now emerged as a worthy travel destination, and it offers a treasure trove of natural and urban tourist attractions to explore. Complimenting everyone’s travel journey and elevating its pleasure to another level, Nebraska’s food is a delight for your palate, and it electrifies your taste buds. You can’t get enough of Omaha’s food scene, and Nebraska encourages its visitors to delve into its long list of scrumptiousness.


You may find dishes from different cuisines, but Nebraska offers an upgraded version of every popular dish in the world. Even if you are a solo traveler, a delicious bite-to-eat could be your perfect companion. Apart from Omaha, you can savor the deliciousness of Nebraska’s popular dishes in every city. Below we have listed some must-have flavorsome dishes for your next travel journey.


Reuben Sandwich          Runza
Mac 'n CheeseOmaha-Style Pizza
Pork TenderloinCheese Frenchies