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Missouri is a midwestern US state and a birthplace of a famous writer Mark Twain and 33rd President of the United States, Harry S. Truman. However, Missouri has gained popularity among travelers for offering an incredible travel experience with its fantastic natural wonders and urban tourist attractions. Missouri is a heaven of outdoor activities, which makes it a favorite destination for adventure lovers.


There is a wide range of options for outdoor activities with unique experiences in this state. Katy Trail used to be a railroad and is now a 240-mile trail for cycling. Lake Ozark and the Ozark Mountains offer a whole other thrilling experience with a variety of activities to do. Fishing trout is the most popular and fun activity but you can also opt for boating, water skiing, swimming, and scuba diving. Missouri is also home to fabulous state parks favorable for fishing and kayaking.


No doubt, Missouri has a fine natural landscape with scenic beauty to offer, but its urban tourist attractions are also the limelight of this state. The cities are crammed with cultural landmarks, monuments, museums, theaters, art centers, gardens, and parks that make it a favorite destination for families. Missouri also hosts plenty of festivals all year round, and its music is embedded in the air, varying from rock and pop to jazz and blues.


Top Destinations


Missouri is a decorated state with historical monuments and cultural landmarks that make it a popular destination among travelers. With a blend of natural and urban attractions along with various fun things to do, Missouri is also a favorite destination for family vacations.


  • St. Louis


St. Louis is the largest city in Missouri located at the junction of the Missouri and Mississippi River. This city is home to the iconic landmark of the Gateway Arch, which is a stainless steel structure erected in the 1960s. You can view this magnificent structure from the Missouri River on riverboat cruises, and you can also have a panoramic view of this fantastic city from the observation platform on the highest point of this arch.


One of the favorite activities of families is strolling in Jefferson National Expansion Memorial Park and staring at the beautiful architecture of the Old Courthouse. Missouri Botanical Gardens offers a refreshing sight of beautiful flowers, including a rose garden, Japanese garden, and herbarium. You may also visit Forest Park for various attractions, or simply visit St. Louis Children’s Museum, City Museum, and Laumeier Sculpture Park.


  • Kansas City


Kansas City is a straddling city between Kansas and Missouri located at the junction of the Missouri River and Kansas River. This city is home to exciting and unique tourist attractions for its visitors. The highlighted attraction of Kansas City is a monument of Liberty Memorial erected between the National World War I Museum. This museum contains a historical collection of artifacts, letters, and films.


The Nelson Atkins Museum of Art is a popular attraction among travelers for its impressive structure and a collection of antiquities from all continents. You should visit the unique attraction of Arabia Steamboat Museum and learn about the history of steamboats sinking with 400,000 pounds of supplies, discovered after 130 years. Other must-visit tourist attractions include the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art and the Science City at Union Station.


Top Airports


Missouri is home to many vibrant cities containing alluring tourist attractions, but the first place you will witness is their international airport. Missouri offers an astonishing facility that will accommodate and handle you with their professional services and provide you every facility you may need.


St. Louis Lambert International Airport is the primary gateway to Missouri, and it accommodates the most number of passengers and airlines. Another international airport of Missouri is Kansas City International Airport that serves over 11 million passengers annually, and it offers all kinds of splendid facilities.


Luxury Hotels


Missouri offers a wide range of natural and urban tourist attractions along with magnificent luxury hotels to stay. Missouri encourages its visitors to explore the best of it, starting from nature to its vibrant cities.


A travel journey to this type of destination, which offers an abundance of attractions to explore, is often hectic and tiring but, Missouri has a perfect solution for it in the shape of its marvelous hotels. These luxury hotels feature incredible deluxe rooms with comfy beds, all kinds of upscale facilities, and soothing amenities. Some of the top-notch hotels of Missouri are mentioned below.




Best State Parks for Fishing


Missouri is home to an abundance of state parks, and it boasts about offering a magnificent opportunity of fishing trouts. You will find a vast range of lakes, rivers, creeks, and streams that makes it one of the best trout-fishing destinations in the country. For year-round trout fishing opportunities, Missouri is a paradise for anglers. Some of the most popular places for fishing are mentioned below.


  • Bennett Spring State Park


Bennett Spring State Park has shallow and clear water filled with rainbow and brown trouts. The waterways of this state park offer a splendid opportunity for fishing trouts, provided that you have a fishing permit and daily trout tag.


  • Roaring River State Park


Roaring River State Park is an ideal trout fishing location for families and kids. This state park is divided into three zones, and each zone has its own specific regulations. It is an ideal location for both first-timers and expert fishers.


Top Outdoor Festivals


Missouri may have some incredibly vibrant cities with wonderful attractions, but it is mainly famous for its natural attractions and plethora of unique and adventurous outdoor activities. Apart from activities associated with lakes, rivers, and state parks, Missouri hosts alluring outdoor festivals that draw a considerable number of travelers from all over the country.


  • Balloon Race


Balloon Race is the world’s oldest balloon festival held in Forest Park. Once they are in the air, it offers a charismatic sight of the multi-hued sky. A firework show and skydiving show are additional entertainment for the crowd.


  • Singletrack Mind Festival


It is an annual three-day mountain bike festival help in Springfield. The mountain bikers from all over the country arrive and compete and also make new friends.