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Minnesota is a paradise of outdoor activities during every season. Although the winters become chillier, you will find outdoor ice-skating opportunities. This midwestern US state is all about natural attractions offering an array of outdoor activities. Minnesota is home to beautiful nature, and its scenic beauty draws numerous travelers from all over the world.


Bordered with Canada and possessing over 10,000 lakes, Minnesota has a pristine landscape with fabulous rolling mountains and lush forests. This state is home to the magnificent Mississippi River and Lake Superior that brings along exciting water activities like boating, kayaking, canoeing, and paddleboarding. Minnesota boasts about its remarkable wilderness where you can observe an exhilarating view of huge foliage during the autumn season.


Undoubtedly Minnesota has magnificent natural wonders, but it also has some alluring cities with fascinating tourist attractions. From a variety of exciting parks to lush gardens, Minnesota has got you covered with fantastic outdoor activities offering trails for hiking, trekking and walking. Stroll around its enchanting cities, and you will encounter eye-catching cultural landmarks, museums, and art centers.


Top Destinations


Minnesota is popular for its abundance of natural wonders and outdoor adventure activities. However, there are a lot more exciting and entertaining tourist spots in their urban cities. This state has some perfect family-friendly towns, and you will be amazed by its unique architecture. From parks, gardens, and waterfalls to museums, theaters, and art centers, Minnesota has a lot of pleasurable experiences to offer its visitors.


  • Minneapolis


Minneapolis is the largest city and one of the twin cities on the upper course of Minnesota. It is a modern metropolis that covers a plethora of urban tourist attractions, and it draws numerous families for vacations and travelers from many countries. Starting from the natural attraction of Minneapolis, Minnehaha Regional Park is the most visited park in this city, with over 800,000 visitors annually.


Minneapolis Institute of Art is a cultural attraction, and it is home to an extensive collection of magnificent paintings, photographs, sculptures, and drawings. You can also visit the Weisman Art Museum and observe a collection of modern and ancient artifacts. The Walker Art Center is also famous for having visual and performing arts. You will also find some sculptures of Walker Art Center displayed in Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, including a renowned sculpture of Spoonbridge and Cherry.


  • Saint Paul


Saint Paul is the capital of Minnesota, and it provides a blend of historical, modern, and unique tourist attractions. Como Park Zoo and Conservatory is one of the highlighted tourist attractions of this city, having wild cats and a variety of primates. St Paul has a long history, and you can learn about it by visiting the Minnesota History Center, State Capitol, and Landmark Center.


The favorite tourist attractions for families with children are the Science Museum of Minnesota and Minnesota’s Children Museum. You may visit and admire the fantastic architecture of the Cathedral of Saint Paul or visit the historic site of Fort Snelling, which was a significant strategic post for the military.


Top National & State Parks


Minnesota has gained popularity for various reasons, but the biggest draw for travelers is its alluring natural attractions and numerous national and state parks. You will find an abundance of outdoor activities, including hiking, trekking, swimming, canoeing, kayaking, and much more. The lush forests and rolling mountains provide a breathtaking view of natural scenery, and its astonishing waterfalls provide a sensational sight.


  • Voyageurs National Park


Voyageurs National Park is the most popular national park in Minnesota, and much of its part is accessible only by boat and plane. Its rugged terrain offers perfect trails for hiking, and its waterways provide the opportunity for canoeing, swimming, and fishing.


  • Itasca State Park


Itasca State Park is the oldest state park in Minnesota, featuring an astonishing landscape. Located at the Mississippi River, it is home to mesmerizing lush forest and pristine lakes. It is a perfect spot to experience tranquility, and you can spend quality time with your romantic partner.


  • Whitewater State Park


Whitewater State Park covers an area of 27,000 acres, and it is a paradise for adventure lovers. This state park offers an opportunity for various adventures, and its whitewater river is also a favorite spot for fishing trouts.


  • Jay Cooke State Park


Jay Cooke State Park has a rugged landscape and a marvelous view of waterways beds of rock. It offers a thrilling experience of whitewater rafting. It also has a 500-mile hiking trail that makes it a perfect natural attraction for adventure lovers.


Top Airports


Minnesota attracts travelers from all over the world. The urban cities of this state are enriched with modern attractions, including unique museums, art centers, and theaters.


These fabulous tourist attractions reflect the magnificence of this state, but airports play a significant role in establishing the first impression of the state. Therefore, Minnesota has marvelous international airports to accommodate both domestic and international passengers. Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport is the primary gateway to Minnesota for international passengers, and it serves the twin cities of this state. Providing state-of-the-art customer services and magnificent facilities for passenger’s comfort, this international airport thrives on delivering a fantastic travel experience.


Luxury Hotels


Minnesota may have one of the most alluring natural attractions and fascinating urban cities, but an exhilarating travel experience takes more than just some tourist attractions. It starts from landing on its territory until the end of the trip. After a long day of exploring nature and roaming around its vibrant cities, all a traveler asks for is a comfy bed for a comfortable sleep.


Minnesota has got you covered with its exuberant hotels with deluxe rooms. You will be treated with ultimate customer services, and you can benefit from the fantastic facilities and outdoor and indoor pools in its luxury hotels. The additional amenities of spas, saunas, body treatments, and massages are the cherry on top. Staying in their luxury hotels is an experience to remember, and we have listed some opulent hotels for your next visit to Minnesota.




Top Hiking Trails


A dominating drawing factor for travelers to Minnesota remains its natural wonders. This state is a paradise for adventure and outdoor activity lovers. Its beautiful landscape varies throughout the state, from rugged terrains to rolling hills. With over 10,000 lakes and a border of Lake Superior, combined with lush forests, offers a plethora of outdoor activities.

Along with watersports, Minnesota also has incredible hiking trails for all ages. From steep and challenging trails to easy trails, this state has something for everyone. You just can’t miss out on this amazing opportunity of varied hiking experiences, and we have listed some beautiful trails for you.


  • Superior Hiking Trail
  • Glacial Pothole Trail
  • Wolf Creek Falls Trail
  • Silver Creek Trail
  • Snelling Lake Trail