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When people choose a travel destination, Indiana is often overlooked, and they are certainly missing out. Indiana is a mid-western US state and a favorite destination for speed lovers. Its speedway racing tracks are a big draw for people having the need for speed. However, this is just one of the many reasons Indiana is a perfect destination for vacations.


Indiana is home to vibrant cities with incredible attractions, and its natural landscape with green rolling hills offers fabulous scenic views. This state also possesses plenty of lakes, including Lake Lemon, Patoka Lake, and Tippecanoe Lake. Moreover, Indiana is brimming with gorgeous state parks, and you will find incredible waterfalls and marvelous caves for spelunking. Adventure seekers tend to explore these state parks for their bountiful trails and hiking spots.


Indiana also boasts about its modern metropolises, which contain a variety of historic sites and incredible tourist attractions that attract families for any vacation. You can stroll in the downtown areas and stare at mesmerizing architecture or visit its historical, art, and cultural museums. For more fun and thrill, you can always head towards Indiana’s waterparks and amusement parks for exciting rides.


Finland might be the home of Santa Claus, but Indiana has a whole town named Santa Claus. You will be enticed by its Christmas theme, including Santa Claus museum, village, post office, and a huge Santa Claus statue.


Top Destinations


Indiana is a land of diverse nature and vibrant cities. Families with children make the most of their vacations in their various cities, and the nature-explorers end up in a beautiful landscape. You can wander around the city and gaze upon its gorgeous skyline, humongous monuments, and explore wildlife in the state’s nature-preserved parks.


  • Indianapolis


Indianapolis is the capital city of Indiana located right in the center of a state. It is a very family-friendly city and home to some amazing tourist attractions. You will find it brimming with tourists during the popular event of Indianapolis 500 at Indianapolis Metro Speedway. Although, if speed or racing doesn’t fascinate you, then you can visit its various attractions like the Indianapolis Museum of Art.


Children and adults become one in the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, which is the world’s largest children museum. Its exterior has the biggest entrance of a museum, with a huge dinosaur peaking on the top floor. You may also visit the Indianapolis Zoo, which also contains an aquarium and botanical garden. For more thrilling activities, you can always visit the Eagle Creek Park offering recreational activities on both land and water.


  • Bloomington


Bloomington is a fascinating cultural city of Indiana with exciting and fun things to do. People find it a perfect destination for both natural and modern attractions. Indiana University Bloomington is a foremost attraction of the city where visitors admire its park-like layout with fountains and academic history. The sports lover may also visit its Memorial Stadium on Saturday to witness a football game.


One of the favorite attractions for families with children is the Wonderlab Science Museum, where children are intrigued by its various hands-on attractions.


Best State Parks


Indiana is a combination of incredible nature and urban attractions. While its metropolises are glittering with modern attractions, travelers are even more intrigued by Indiana’s mighty nature. Indiana is home to numerous state parks, and every park contains a remarkable surprise for its explorer.


  • Brown Country State Park


Brown Country State Park is the largest state park in Indiana, covering an area of 16,000 acres. Its lush woodlands offer great opportunities for hiking, and its waterways call for kayaking and canoeing. You may also witness its magnificence of foliage during autumn seasons.


  • Pokagon State Park


Pokagon State Park is enriched with lush vegetation, and it remains incredibly beautiful during all four seasons. Moreover, you will find many wildlife species and blooming plantation during spring and autumn.


  • McCormick's Creek State Park


McCormick Creek State Park has easy access to Bloomington, and it is a favorite spot for families with its stunning waterfalls. It also has a fantastic rock formation with trails that provides great hiking opportunities.


  • Clifty Falls State Park


Clifty Falls State Park is one of the biggest state parks in Indiana with amazing lush forestlands, and it is popular for amazing waterfalls. Its hiking trails are the biggest draw for travelers, which also provides a breathtaking view of this state park.



Top Airports


Indiana has seen a significant increase in its annual visitors, and it is accommodating over a total of 10 million passengers each year. Indiana has many public and private airports, along with a total of 3 international airports.


Indianapolis International Airport is the primary gateway to this state for international and domestic passengers, and it is serving the capital city of Indiana. Currently, 18 airlines are servicing this airport, and it is accommodating over 8.5 million passengers annually. This airport has a beautiful modern structure, and it features fantastic facilities, including restaurants, cafes, shops, first-class lounges, and ground transportation.


Luxury Hotels


Indiana is emerging as one of the favorite destinations for family vacations, and it is open for tourism during all four seasons. Moreover, its diverse natural attractions are one of the biggest draws for nature lovers. Indiana has thrived and succeeded in attracting over 10 million visitors each year. With many alluring tourist spots and activities to do, Indiana has also built unbelievable hotels with amazing rooms to stay.


Indiana guarantees a remarkable travel experience with its diverse tourist sights, mouthwatering food, and luxury hotels with a comfy bed. These hotels will treat you with VIP services. You may also enjoy their amenities of indoor and outdoor pools and unwind in their spas. We have listed our favorite luxury hotels in Indiana below.


Conrad HotelIndianapolis
Le MeridienIndianapolis
Hilton Garden Inn     Bloomington
Hyatt PlaceBloomington




It often becomes difficult for tourists to decide what to eat in Indiana because the state has a wide gastronomic variety. From its abundance of dishes, every choice you make will be a winner. Indiana locals are fond of eating along with whatever they do, especially when it comes to fun.


Indiana has an array of fantastic restaurants, cafes, and street food, which features many favorite dishes of this state. This state has comfort for every palate, and you won’t want to miss out on any of these.


Coney DogBiscuits & Gravy
Pork Tenderloin Sandwich          Shrimp Cocktail
Roast Beef ManhattanSugar Cream Pie
German SausagesPersimmon Pudding
Reuben SandwichSweet Corn